Flaherty’s Work to Keep the Community Informed

by Jenna Bloom ’21 The library is one of the most resourceful spaces at Sherwood, constantly hustling and bustling with students doing research or checking out books. Since the coronavirus pandemic, Sherwood’s media center staff have seen a major change in the work they do, but have continued to carry out their roles, benefitting both students and staff. Media Specialist … Read More

Sherwood Teachers Become ‘Vaccine Hunters’ To Help Others

by Evan Joseph ‘23 Upon the arrival of the Covid-19 vaccine, many elderly people in local communities have struggled to find appointments to get vaccinated. This includes the wife of an 88-year-old hospice patient who finally received the vaccine and now can be near her husband — thanks to the “Vaccine Hunters,” a group of MCPS teachers that includes four … Read More

Why Orangetheory Isn’t Any Normal Gym

by Lucy Sokol ‘21 Olney’s Orangetheory Fitness, located on Hillcrest Avenue, has been growing in popularity ever since the local gym opened back in the summer of 2015. Whether you know the studio from family and friends or its vibrant orange lights, Orangetheory has innovative features that could help anyone reach their fitness goals.  Orangetheory consists of one hour full-body … Read More

Health Teacher Makes Her Mark on Virtual Learning

by Jenna Bloom ‘21 Finding a way to make online school engaging while staying mindful of students’ mental health is no easy task. However, Health teacher Heather Giovenco seems to have it figured out. Using countless tools and strategies to accommodate her students, Giovenco has already won “teacher of the week” in her first year at Sherwood. Her passion for … Read More

Colleges Lower the Stress for Students Picking Their Future School

by Marissa Harris ‘22  As Covid-19 cases and deaths surge, stressed high school students still are searching for the college that is right for them. Colleges and universities are helping students and their parents stay safe with virtual tours and by allowing families to walk around alone on campuses.  While large and formal group tours are not an option at … Read More

Restoring the Blue Mash Trail

by Sudha Sudhaker ‘21 In partnership with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Sherwood’s Nature Conservation Club has taken the initiative to restore the Blue Mash Nature Trail. Located in northern  Gaithersburg and accessible from Zion Road, the trail is an integral part of Montgomery County’s natural environment. With 245 acres available for public use, the nature trails are an … Read More

Cameras Are Off, and Student-Learning Is Suffering

by Kate Diuguid ‘22 Remote learning during a global pandemic has meant attending classes via Zoom and completing assignments on My MCPS Canvas. During this daily routine of logging onto virtual classes, it has become starkly clear that, more often than not, students do not turn their cameras on. Evidence is emerging that virtual classes in which teachers cannot see … Read More

The Holidays Look Different in 2020

by Tori Newby ‘22 As the winter holidays approach, most families must rework their traditions. Thanksgiving resulted in a spike of coronavirus cases across the country, which is expected to reoccur as people congregate for Christmas and New Year’s. Large indoor gatherings are ill-advised due to the high transmission risk of the coronavirus, so many families will take part in … Read More

Performing in a Pandemic

by Brenna Henderson ‘21 The coronavirus pandemic has limited people’s abilities to volunteer and spend time together; however, one group has found a way to spread joy. Teen Angel Project (TAP) has been preparing since September for their first virtual performance. TAP is a non-profit organization where students in grades 5-12, including some who attend Sherwood, perform songs and dances … Read More

Junior Creates Club to Combat Homelessness During the Pandemic

by Reade Fenner ’22 Although homelessness has been an issue in the United States for decades, the coronavirus pandemic took it to another level. Shutdowns to prevent the spread of the virus led to intense economic hardship and unemployment for many. As people lose their jobs, they lose their income, meaning they may no longer be able to afford housing, … Read More