Explore the Creative World of LARPing

by Adina Brenner ‘20 When one thinks of popular activities or hobbies of today, the first few things their mind may go to are probably sports, social media, or even video games. Although these may be some of the most common ways to keep busy in our 21st century society, they are certainly not the only pastimes. For many years, … Read More

Students Speak On Vaping Effects

 By Vendela Krenkel ‘20 and Christianna Tran ‘20 This year, the use of vapes such as JUULs and e-cigarettes has skyrocketed among minors even more than in the past years. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2019 has seen a sharp rise in vaping rates among high schoolers; one in four seniors has used an e-cigarette … Read More

Post, Talk, Write: How We Can Save Ourselves From Disaster

 by Sabina Jafri ‘20  Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas and Tropical Depression Imelda in Texas last month both caused devastation and death where they landed. They’re sending a clear message that some governments across the world are failing to recognize: climate change is unchecked and intensifying, and for our homes’ sake, we need to do something about it.   According to … Read More

Which Batch: Mix or Scratch?

by Kate Diuguid and Tori Newby ‘22  Many wonder if baking cookies from scratch is worth it: does the time and extra effort result in better cookies compared to a mix? My friend, Kate Diuguid, and I decided to put the age-old question to the test.   I made chocolate chip cookies from scratch using a recipe by Rosanna Pansino, the … Read More

Sherwood Student Will Graduate College Before High School

by Sarah Nove ‘20  When senior Michael Zhao stops by Sherwood, his classmates often ask “do you still go here?” Despite the fact that he has not taken a class here in over a year, the answer is technically “yes.” In fact, Zhao will be graduating from Sherwood this spring, a couple weeks after he receives his associate degree in … Read More

From the Ertzman to Broadway

by Carlee Malone ‘20  When he sang and danced on the Ertzman stage in Rock ‘N’ Roll, Noah Kieserman (‘14) never imagined that just five years later, he’d be performing on a Broadway tour for thousands of people each night. Now starring as Connor Murphy in Broadway’s six-time Tony award-winning musical, “Dear Evan Hansen,” Kieserman’s theatre journey began with a … Read More

Recent PB Grads Trekking Coast to Coast

by Lexi Kimmel ‘21  On August 10, Paint Branch Graduates Canyon Hunt (‘17) and Hannah Wood (‘17) set out on a mission to walk from Ocean Beach, California to Sunset Beach, North Carolina. They had been planning the trek since January. With a strong mindset and a bag full of supplies, they left California with one goal in mind- reaching … Read More

Social Media’s Role in the Resurgence of Film Photography

by Hannah Lee ’21  It is clear that all things hailed as “vintage” have made a significant comeback for teens today. Mom jeans, scrunchies, vinyls; the list goes on. The resurgence of film photography is no exception. Apps like Huji, VHS Cam (which make pictures appear as if they were shot on VHS)  and the use of disposable cameras have … Read More

Senior Ally Walsh Gains Experience Through Her Internship

by Christianna Tran ’20 Sherwood students are expected to come into the school and follow their schedules from 7:45a.m. until 2:30p.m.. However, this is not the case for many seniors who decided at the end of their junior year to take advantage of one of the wide variety of internship opportunities the school offers. Those with an internship get an … Read More

English Teacher Visits All 50 States

by Julia Robins ’20 Many know English teacher Lori Leonard for her vibrant personality and kindness- but many don’t know her love of traveling and how she has visited all 50 states. Until Leonard was 16, she had only traveled to places within Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and DC. But her upperclassman years in high school provided her the opportunity to … Read More