Senior Ally Walsh Gains Experience Through Her Internship

qaby Christianna Tran ’20 Sherwood students are expected to come into the school and follow their schedules from 7:45a.m. until 2:30p.m.. However, this is not the case for many seniors who decided at the end of their junior year to take advantage of one of the wide variety of internship opportunities the school offers. Those with an internship get an … Read More

English Teacher Visits All 50 States

by Julia Robins ’20 Many know English teacher Lori Leonard for her vibrant personality and kindness- but many don’t know her love of traveling and how she has visited all 50 states. Until Leonard was 16, she had only traveled to places within Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and DC. But her upperclassman years in high school provided her the opportunity to … Read More

Students’ One Act Inspired by Episode App

by Kate Diuguid ’22 Seniors Morgan Dunn and Ally Newby are writing a short play for this year’s Winter One Acts in January. Their one-act is based on the popular mobile app, Episode, an interactive story app that allows users to direct the story by choosing between different options to progress the storyline. The app has gained thousands of users … Read More

Stand Up 2 Cancer: The Story Behind It All

by Tori Newby ’22 Sophomore Emma Gross is one of four co-presidents of Stand Up 2 Cancer (SU2C), the Sherwood chapter of a global organization that raises money and awareness for scientific cancer research. Julianna Gross (‘19), Gross’ sister, began the club a year after they lost their father to stage four lung cancer. After Julianna graduated last spring, Emma … Read More

Sherwood Grad Didn’t Expect Hurricane to Be Part of His College Experience

by Reade Fenner ‘22 While navigating his first week of classes at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida, former Sherwood student Joe Diuguid (‘19) heard that Hurricane Dorian was headed his way.  “After hearing about the hurricane I had a mixed bag of emotions. I was a little nervous as I was new to the area and didn’t want … Read More

Maya Illanes Follows Her Passion to Chile

by Kat Mahoney ’20 Imagine traveling to a foreign country for almost two months in summer on your own. Now imagine having that opportunity to travel to that beautiful country to follow your passion. For junior Maya Illanes, this vision has become an exciting reality. She has the incredible chance to travel to Chile this summer to attend a ballet … Read More

A Trip to Reconnect with Jewish Roots

by Devon Goldstein ’21 Junior Alyssa Leventhal will be going on a trip this summer that will reconnect her with her Jewish heritage. She is attending the Ramah Seminar for a 10-day trip to Poland followed by six weeks in Israel. Alyssa has never been to Israel before and is hoping that this experience allows her to learn more about … Read More

Good Morning to a New Warrior Wake Up Live

by Christianna Tran ‘20 Warrior Wake Up Live is a large part of Sherwood’s culture as it is a source of not only information, but also entertainment for students around the school. Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, English teacher Samantha Ager will be taking over the TV Production class which is in charge of developing and creating the morning … Read More

Tech Teacher Forrest is Travelling Across the World to Make a Difference

by Jenna Bloom ’21 Jennifer Forrest is a Technology and Project Lead the Way teacher at Sherwood. Before that, she went to the University of Maryland and majored in civil engineering. Now, it is time for Forrest to pursue her passion and take a step towards the next phase in her life. Forrest recently announced to students that she is … Read More

Backyard Bash Proves to be Great Success

by Adina Brenner ’20 and Sophia Wooden ’20 The Olney community was shaken when news arose of 2018 Sherwood High School graduate Kathleen Rosendall and University of Maryland student being diagnosed with Leukemia. Rosendall made a huge influence around her and especially in the music department at Sherwood. When community members learned of Rosendall’s illness they looked for ways to … Read More