MCPS Students Take the Lead on Activism

by Carlee Malone ’20 Modern protest movements involve today’s youth like never before. From March For Our Lives, a movement spearheaded by student survivors of gun violence, and Fridays for Future, a protest movement started by teen activist Greta Thunberg, younger generations have been taking an active role in making their voice heard. Though the names Greta Thunberg and Emma … Read More

Sherwood’s Club for Nature Enthusiasts

by Sudha Sudhaker ‘21 The Nature Conservation Club has begun at Sherwood, and its aim is to empower students to take action in order to maintain a cleaner environment and preserve wildlife and nature. “The environment has always been a passion of mine, and the club is just another way it can be a part of my everyday life,” said … Read More

Sherwood Teachers Inspire Others to Reach Their Health Goals

by Adina Brenner ’20 From the keto to the paleo diet, when it comes to losing weight there are what feels like hundreds of trends to try. But the biggest issue for those trying to change their physical health habits is finding the right method that works best for them. Whether you or someone you know is looking for a … Read More

Olney Theatre Opens Its Stage to Unique Summer Program For Teens

by Zach Seymour ’20 This past summer, Olney Theatre Center hosted a new program designed and executed by a Sherwood senior, Sabina Jafri. The program, New Voices, is a completely student-run show produced as 4 one-acts. These one-acts were written in response to a prompt given out to student writers months before. The scripts were then given to other students … Read More

Valentine’s Day: Explained

by Ella Casey ‘21 Valentine’s Day is known as the day in which millions of people celebrate their relationships with loved ones. Yet most people do not even know anything about the holiday besides spreading love. Valentine’s Day is actually an extremely old holiday with origins in the era of the Roman Empire and developed as a Catholic holiday celebrated … Read More

Rock ‘n’ Roll Alumnus Recounts the Original Performance

by Adam Levine ‘20 Rock ‘n’ Roll has been a tradition at Sherwood for as long as many of its students and faculty can remember. But it wasn’t always the near three hundred person operation it is today. In 1971, the year of the first Rock ‘n’ Roll, the whole cast consisted of only 25 students, including Pat Sieg. During … Read More

Spotlight: A Generation of Open Dialogue

by Zach Seymour ’20 and Kara Thompson ’20 By most older generations’ standards, Millennials and Gen Z have a tendency to overshare. Typically, something considered private or personal to a Boomer or even Gen Xers is something any teen would talk to their friends or even strangers about unprompted. Growing up in the age of social media most likely has … Read More

Student Gains Massive Following on TikTok

by Malec Fahmy ‘20 TikTok, as many Sherwood students know, is one of the most popular social media platforms around today. The app is a video-sharing network that allows its users to create short videos (15 to 60 seconds) that can include dancing, lip syncing, and comedic acts. It just so happens that junior Katie Feeney is one of TikTok’s … Read More

Students Rise to Fame Through Video-Sharing

by Adam Levine ‘20 TikTok’s algorithm, which comes to fruition with the “For You” page, makes it easy for aspiring TikTok-ers to find quick fame, as more likes, shares, and views sends out the TikTok to lots of users. Sherwood has a number of these famous TikTok users, those who gained fame through comedy and dancing videos alike. Among these … Read More