Sherwood Alums Return to Teach

by Kara Thompson ’20 and Kat Mahoney ’20 For most high school students, the last time they step into their school is at the end of their senior year; however, if you look closely at Sherwood’s staff directory, you’ll notice a trend: many of the teachers here are Sherwood alumni. Mostly found in the social studies department, these educators have … Read More

Did You Know How Classical Music is Affecting the Brain?

by Kelly Sullivan ‘19  In recent years, research has shown that all types of music can affect the brain, but especially, classical music. In the past, the positive effect on the brain has coined the expression of the Mozart effect, the increased intelligence on someone if they listen to Mozart as a baby or child. More recent studies have shown … Read More

Rose Returns as Guest Speaker

by Danielle Katz ‘18  At the end of last school year, Sherwood bid farewell to Assistant Principal Karen Rose, the grade level administrator for the Class of 2018. To congratulate her students, Rose will be speaking as a guest speaker at graduation.  Rose has missed the Sherwood community greatly in her retirement, and she is excited to visit students and … Read More

Amazon Considers MoCo for Their Second Headquarters

by Katherine Sperduto ‘19  The popular company, Amazon, is on the hunt for a place to locate its second headquarters and Montgomery County is among the 20 city finalists determined this past January. With its main headquarters currently located in Seattle, Washington, the company recently announced in September that it wants to build what it is calling “HQ2,” a project … Read More

11 Days in France: The Journal of a French Exchange Experience

by Katherine Mahoney ‘20  Airport On April 13,  I drove to Dulles airport to meet 16 Sherwood students, Mr. Falls, and Ms. Coogan. In delirious moods, we flew from Virginia to Amsterdam and finally, Marseille.  Day 1 Once in Marseille, after many excruciating months of waiting, I met my exchange correspondent Emma Campigli and her mom. We then drove about … Read More

Maryland Legislators Fail To Pass Child Sexual Abuse Bill

by Sydney Henry ‘20  Maryland’s 2018 legislative session ended with multiple bills suspended in the House and Senate. One of these bills in particular might have made a major change in legality surrounding sex crimes in Maryland.  Known as House Bill 500, “this bill makes it a misdemeanor for a worker to knowingly fail to provide a required notice or … Read More

MCPS U.S. History Classes Do Not Shy Away from the Topic of Slavery

by Dinah Aguilar ‘19  Around the country, stories have surfaced describing the different methods teachers have used to teach the history of slavery in America that may be surprising. In California, a teacher supposedly reenacted slave ships, and in New Jersey a teacher created mock slave auctions.  A Teaching Tolerance report done by the Southern Poverty Law Center showed that … Read More

Debate Club is Looking to Build Team

by Sabrina Rickert `19  In Debate Club, students research topics to argue with other schools, but our school’s club is lacking members. And people don’t really know what the debaters do in the club.   During lunch meetings, debate club researches the upcoming debate issue and discusses potential sources to use as evidence in defending our side of the topic.   “We need … Read More

[Did You Know . . .] What’s Inside Your DNA?

by Russ Irons ‘19 23andMe is a service that allows you to discover more about yourself through your DNA. For $99, you can get detailed breakdowns of your DNA composition. I opted for the genealogy only kit, but for $40 more you can get a health report that uses your DNA to determine if you are more prone to certain … Read More

Walmart Removes Cosmopolitan From Checkout Shelves

by Mallory Carlson ‘19 Walmart announced in late March that it will stop selling the popular women’s interest magazine Cosmopolitan in its checkout shelves in all of its locations across the country. The move was made in collaboration with a non-profit anti-pornography group called the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, which has for many years had targeted the magazine due … Read More