Maya Illanes Follows Her Passion to Chile

by Kat Mahoney ’20 Imagine traveling to a foreign country for almost two months in summer on your own. Now imagine having that opportunity to travel to that beautiful country to follow your passion. For junior Maya Illanes, this vision has become an exciting reality. She has the incredible chance to travel to Chile this summer to attend a ballet … Read More

A Trip to Reconnect with Jewish Roots

by Devon Goldstein ’21 Junior Alyssa Leventhal will be going on a trip this summer that will reconnect her with her Jewish heritage. She is attending the Ramah Seminar for a 10-day trip to Poland followed by six weeks in Israel. Alyssa has never been to Israel before and is hoping that this experience allows her to learn more about … Read More

Good Morning to a New Warrior Wake Up Live

by Christianna Tran ‘20 Warrior Wake Up Live is a large part of Sherwood’s culture as it is a source of not only information, but also entertainment for students around the school. Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, English teacher Samantha Ager will be taking over the TV Production class which is in charge of developing and creating the morning … Read More

Tech Teacher Forrest is Travelling Across the World to Make a Difference

by Jenna Bloom ’21 Jennifer Forrest is a Technology and Project Lead the Way teacher at Sherwood. Before that, she went to the University of Maryland and majored in civil engineering. Now, it is time for Forrest to pursue her passion and take a step towards the next phase in her life. Forrest recently announced to students that she is … Read More

Backyard Bash Proves to be Great Success

by Adina Brenner ’20 and Sophia Wooden ’20 The Olney community was shaken when news arose of 2018 Sherwood High School graduate Kathleen Rosendall and University of Maryland student being diagnosed with Leukemia. Rosendall made a huge influence around her and especially in the music department at Sherwood. When community members learned of Rosendall’s illness they looked for ways to … Read More

Chambers’ Trip ‘Czech-ed’ Off All the Boxes

The main focus of the trip was to share music we’ve learned at memorable places, such as various chapels, cathedrals, theatres, town squares, dinners, and yes, we even sang on a river boat. Backtrack to the weeks leading up to the trip. In the choir room, we studied and learned an impressive repertoire that includes songs in English, German, Italian, … Read More

ASL Integral to Student’s Life

by Vendela Krenkel ‘20 and Anjali Verma ‘20 Approximately two million people in the United States are deaf. For junior Drew Scott, the deaf community is not only part of life, but of his household. With both of his parents being deaf, Scott’s first language was American Sign Language (ASL); he says him and his sister learned how to communicate … Read More

Teachers Make the Most of Their Summer Vacations

by Jenna Bloom ’21 As students, we spend the end of the school year itching for summer. We make countdowns on our phones, waiting for the time when we can spend all day outside at the beach or pool, getting tan and having fun. But, we aren’t the only ones getting a break from school. Teachers also have three glorious … Read More

Senior Column: The Things I Have Learned

by Lauren Hesse ’19 Don’t mess around with your classes: If you don’t understand something in a class, don’t just sit and let yourself not understand it. You will feel worse, fail, and keep feeling worse until you have zero confidence in yourself. The higher up you go in your classes, everything builds on everything. You’re going to have to … Read More