Feeling Adventurous? Why Not Join Adventure Club?

by Will Unger ‘19  Before you read on, I challenge you to take a minute and count how many clubs you know at Sherwood.  Got a number?  Well I’ll bet it wasn’t 60, which is the official count from the list of clubs on the Sherwood website (A list anyone can access, if you’re interested).  I’m a senior who’s been … Read More

Let’s Talk a While: How Spanish Teachers Lead Us To Fluency

by Sabina Jafri ‘20  The fundamentals of linguistic education can be summarized in one, simple goal: to teach students how, when, and why to say what to whom.  For years after MCPS declared that students could no longer be graded on their verbal performance in language classes, Spanish teachers at Sherwood and all over MCPS sought new ways to realize this … Read More

Senior Graduates Early To Pursue Mission Overseas

by Zachary Weisenthal ‘19  While the typical high school senior looks forward to spending their second semester of their senior year tapping the breaks and relaxing, Emma Bartoo has not slowed down. Bartoo will be graduating in January to travel to Guatemala, where she will spend the entirety of the semester and beyond volunteering in a girls’ orphanage.   Bartoo has … Read More

Merging A Dream And A Career

by Sarah Nove ’20  “Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way.”  You may have heard this quote before, delivered by a voice enveloped in static––the voice of the late  American philosopher, Alan Watts. It’s an excerpt from his lecture, entitled “What If Money Was … Read More

The Lottery: Worth the Risk?

by Jonah Sachs ‘20  Every day, millions of people around the world gamble through casino trips, horse races, and the lottery system. This low-risk, high-reward pastime seems too good to be true, yet the odds of just breaking even in these scenarios are slim to none. With such a low possibility of winning, what makes this gamble so appealing? Investigators … Read More

Schlutz Takes Over as Sherwood Yearbook Advisor

by Adam Levine ’20 This year, Sherwood’s yearbook has a new sponsor, English teacher Kelly Schlutz. After 16 years at Northwest, spending five as the sponsor of the newspaper, Schlutz is taking over the yearbook program, previously led by English teacher Lori Leonard. Schlutz’s biggest goal for this year is to remove lots of the copy, or words, from the … Read More

Wearing a Hijab in High School

by Hena Hussain ‘20 and Anjali Verma ‘20 According to Pew Research Center, 1.1 percent of the US population identify as Muslims (people who follow the religion of Islam), which is expected to double in percentage by 2050. A common practice among Muslim women is wearing a hijab, or a headscarf worn to project modesty and moral character. However, this practice … Read More

Senior Earns EMT Certification

by Maleeha Khan ‘19 Emily Hesse is a normal student by most standards: she’s a busy senior; she hangs out with friends; and she’s planning on attending college. But one thing that sets her apart from other students is that she’s a certified emergency medical technician (EMT). EMTs work together in ambulances as they work together to save lives. Before … Read More

Sherwood Alums Return to Teach

by Kara Thompson ’20 and Kat Mahoney ’20 For most high school students, the last time they step into their school is at the end of their senior year; however, if you look closely at Sherwood’s staff directory, you’ll notice a trend: many of the teachers here are Sherwood alumni. Mostly found in the social studies department, these educators have … Read More

Did You Know How Classical Music is Affecting the Brain?

by Kelly Sullivan ‘19  In recent years, research has shown that all types of music can affect the brain, but especially, classical music. In the past, the positive effect on the brain has coined the expression of the Mozart effect, the increased intelligence on someone if they listen to Mozart as a baby or child. More recent studies have shown … Read More