Kids Around the Country, Including Me, Are Saddened by the News of No Camps

by Marissa Harris ’22 Sleeping in bunks, tie-dying at arts and crafts, overnight trips, and hugging your best friends are all things kids look forward to each summer when they go to camp. However, with the Coronavirus pandemic, the vast majority of camps have shut down this summer.  I go to a Jewish summer camp called Camp Louise in Cascade, … Read More

Small Businesses, Like My Parent’s One, May Not Survive

by Hannah Lee ’21 The current Coronavirus pandemic has brought worldwide suffering, causing many lost lives and putting a pause on everyday normal life. One of the more hidden tragedies behind this global struggle are those of small businesses. With no income and landlords still expecting payments, the virus has threatened many small businesses into possible permanent closure (even after … Read More

Senior Issue: Destinations

compiled by Adam Levine, Kara Thompson, Adina Brenner, Kat Mahoney, and Sophia Wooden ’20 During these unprecedented times, The Warrior attempted to include as many seniors as possible on the list of post-secondary plans and apologizes to those seniors that we missed or couldn’t contact for a response.  Radhika Abeywickrama Ohio State University Grace Aceto Montgomery College Annabelle Adams St. … Read More

Senior Issue: All Senior Team

by Malec Fahmy and Adam Pfeiffer ’20 Michael Boyd (Football)  Boyd was a three year member of the varsity football team, and also played varsity lacrosse his junior year. In his senior season, he was named first team All-County, while helping lead the football team to a Division championship. He also was a team captain and won the team Lineman … Read More

Senior Column: Looking on the Bright Side

by Kara Thompson ’20 One thing pretty much everyone can agree on is the fact that the Coronavirus sucks. It has taken so many things away from so many different people. High school and college seniors have finished school with no real graduation, and high school students across the country are missing out on many end-of-the-year activities, like prom and … Read More

Senior Column: Making Movie Memories

by Vendela Krenkel ’20 Sitting down to write my final words for the newspaper, I can’t help but feel the pressure to write a real tearjerker and blow all the readers out of the water, but I’m going to try to get through this eulogy without making it too depressing. Throughout my time at Sherwood, I made memories that will … Read More

Senior Column: Wait, Do I Need a Headline for This One?

by Nick Stonesifer ’20 Why is it that the most beautiful things are cut short? The lives of brilliant people, true love, my time on the Warrior staff as a humor writer? It’s all so tragic to think in an instant the most wonderful things in life can just be taken away without warning. That’s why during these uncertain times … Read More

Senior Column: Thanking the Teachers who Inspired Me to Teach

by Julia Robins ’20 It’s 6:20 a.m., Monday morning. My alarm blasts. Like a jack-in-the-box, I pop upright, my first thought being “Yay! School!” All my life I have always been that student who is sad when it is time for school breaks, who asks a million questions, and is fascinated by the idea of learning. It has been a … Read More

Senior Column: The Incredible Ordinary

by Anjali Verma ’20 I remember hearing about the infamous Warrior Newspaper from my brother growing up, knowing that one day I too would want to be a part. It is strange to look back now, as a “big kid,” wondering where all the time went. The lunches in the back room every day, distribution days, and endless laughs were … Read More

Senior Column: An Ode to The Warrior

by Sarah Nove ’20 Through thirteen years of school, I have not tried out for a single sports team. I have never been, nor do I think I ever will be, a sports person. Before high school, just the thought of being on a team could send me spiraling into anxiety. I was always worried I would let my friends … Read More