Stop Ignoring Climate Change

by Evelyn San Miguel ‘26 Climate change, for decades, has been something inevitable but ignorable by those it affects the least. Until now, the year 2023 was the hottest on record, a record that will likely be broken in 2024 and the years following. We’ve known about the existence of climate change since 1896, when Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius predicted … Read More

Jo Koy’s Hosting Misfire

by Hannah Mushahwar ‘24 The 81st annual Golden Globes commenced on January 7 with stand-up comedian Jo Koy stepping on stage in front of millions. When he was officially announced as the host of the Golden Globes, Koy said in a statement that he was “so excited” to be hosting one of the entertainment industry’s biggest shows. The list of … Read More

Don’t Record Student Fights

by Katie Ng ‘25 At the end of lunch, a fight erupts or nearly erupts in the hallways every now and then at Sherwood. When this happens, students rush to film the fight instead of going to class and often end up arriving late to fifth period. Although Sherwood is not a school that has frequent fights, end of lunch … Read More

Performative Protests

by Devin Kosiorowski ‘24 On May 21, a group of climate change activists dumped vegetable charcoal into the famed Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy. The charcoal made the waters of the fountain turn a vibrant black, grabbing the attention of locals as well as journalists worldwide. Through this protest, Ultima Generazione wanted to bring attention to the recent flooding in … Read More

Games Should Be Free

by Maggie Reese ‘24 Imagine the stands of a high school sporting event packed with a crowd. Screaming students, worried parents, proud grandparents–all there to create a memorable part of the high school athletics experience for those on the field. Unfortunately, the reality is that there are only a handful of students in attendance for some games. MCPS charges students … Read More

‘The Flash’ Must Be Recast

by Noah Bair ‘24 With The Flash releasing later this month, the actor playing the titular speedster, Ezra Miller, is more in the spotlight than ever. Miller will earn upwards of half a million dollars for the film, in addition to a tremendous amount of publicity from the film. But, it is an understatement to say that Miller not only … Read More

Dilbert Deflects and Dodges

by Connor Pugh ‘24 Scott Adams, the creator of the comic strip Dilbert, has recently come under fire for spouting bigoted beliefs, such as labeling Black Americans as a hate group. This has led to his strip being dropped by many newspapers and other comics artists denouncing Adams entirely. Adams claimed that he was being “canceled”, stating his right to … Read More

TN Ban Isn’t Protecting Kids

by Sydney Wiser ‘23 On March 2, Tennessee became the first state to ban drag performances in public spaces and in the presence of minors. Those who break this new law could face a $2,500 fine or up to a year in jail. Governor Bill Lee justified the bill’s passage by claiming it protected children from witnessing “obscene, sexualized entertainment.” … Read More

MCPS Bathroom Policy Fails

by Audrey Farris ‘25 After many parents came out with concerns about student drug use in the bathrooms, MCPS implemented new steps to ensure bathrooms are being used only for their intended purpose. MCPS explained that restrooms will be checked regularly and monitored throughout the day and that during unstructured periods of time, like before school and during lunch, schools … Read More

Big Oil Should Give Back

by Payton Seppala ‘23 In 2022, oil companies reported record profits due to a combination of the sanctions over the Russian-Ukrainian war and the post-pandemic recovery economy. Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Exxon and Shell have made a combined $1 trillion in a year, prompting questions about the ethics of making so much money while the global population has suffered from record high … Read More