Opening Up Maryland Jobs

by Apurva Mahajan ‘22 Governor Larry Hogan recently announced that four-year college degrees will no longer be a requirement for many Maryland state jobs. This will allow more residents to work without the massive debt that comes with acquiring a four-year college degree. The Maryland state government currently employs 38,000 people, and the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) estimates … Read More

Harm of ‘Don’t Say Gay’

by Sydney Wiser ‘23 On March 8, the Florida Senate voted to pass the controversial “Parental Rights in Education” bill, more commonly known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The bill will restrict educators from including topics pertaining to gender and sexuality in grades kindergarten to third. Parents also have legal grounds to sue if they feel educators are engaging … Read More

College Decisions, Come Sooner

by Tori Newby ‘22 High school seniors pour out their heart and souls into countless essays in the hopes that some college admissions reader finds them worthy of acceptance. However, all this work is piled up within the first few months of the semester, only for students to have to wait months until the spring for a decision. Many regular … Read More

No-Fans Policy Too Restrictive

by Madison Tringone ‘22 As a student-athlete, I want to keep athletics open and also want to keep everyone involved safe. MCPS recently released a statement declaring that spectators are not permitted at sporting events. With the rise of the omicron variant, limiting COVID-19 exposure is more important now than ever. However, the parents of student-athletes should be allowed to … Read More

Swim and Dive Deserve Better

by Peyton Blumenfeld ‘22 Over these past two years, winter sports have gotten the short end of the stick, especially the swim and dive team. In 2020, there was no season at all, and this year, meets are either getting canceled or there are no spectators allowed. New MCPS Covid-19 protocols following the spike in cases over the break have … Read More

Black Men Wrongly Convicted

by Tatiana Rodriguez ’23 According to the Innocence Project, an organization working to put an end to wrongful convictions, a black person is “seven times more likely to be wrongfully convicted of murder.” Even worse, it is often years before it’s found that a person has been put in prison for a crime that he didn’t commit. Recently, a black … Read More

MCPS Puts Athletics First

by Timaya Pulliam ‘23 As the Omicron variant of Covid-19 continues to spread, the appropriate education of students, as well as the parity of extracurricular activities are in question. This past December, it was announced that though athletic activities would continue as normal, after-school non-athletic activities, which include all forms of the arts, would be paused until January 7. On … Read More

Congress Must Amend the ECA

by Nicholas Schade ‘23 On Wednesday, both Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Minority Whip Jon Thune expressed desires to work on revising one lesser known but seriously flawed presidential election certification law: The Electoral Count Act of 1887 (ECA). This law determines on what grounds members of Congress can object to state results, but it’s vague words allowed … Read More

Planes Need Vaccine Requirement

by Marissa Harris ‘22  Covid-19 cases have been surging tremendously with the country reaching one million cases in a single day on January 3. Currently, negative tests are required to travel internationally, but neither tests or vaccination cards are required to fly domestically. In a recent study posted by medRxiv, evidence showed that there was enhanced transmissibility from the unvaccinated, … Read More

Guns are a Responsibility

by Sydney Wiser ‘23 As the legal case continues against the parents of the Oxford High School shooter, James and Jennifer Crumbley, even more disturbing evidence has come out about their inattention to his life and mental health needs. However, at the root of the issue is the fact that they bought their adolescent teen a gun and kept it … Read More