Which ‘AHS’ Seasons You Should Watch First

by Joseph Oscilowski ’22 “American Horror Story” (AHS) is a very popular show, known for actress Sarah Paulson’s whale-crying, as well as its fairly graphic scenes involving everything grisly, gory, and gruesome. As fall is coming up right around the corner, this is the perfect show to watch to get into the Halloween mood. Each season, including those titled Murder … Read More

Here’s Why the New Mulan Is So Controversial

by Ella Casey ’21 Disney recently released its live-action “Mulan” onto Disney+, but the film immediately received extensive backlash. The controversy had nothing to do with problematic scenes or deviations from the original story. In fact, the animosity was actually sparked by a statement in the end credits thanking Chinese government entities for letting them film part of the movie … Read More

The ‘Glee’ Cast Is Cursed

by Tori Newby ’22 While the 2010s musical comedy-drama “Glee” is iconic among today’s teens and young adults, the TV show is notorious for its lack of adequate script writing, a realistic plot, and convincing acting. As if the quality of the show isn’t enough, the cast seems to be burdened with a continuous track of disaster.  On Wednesday, July … Read More

‘Da 5 Bloods’ Is a Vital Piece of Political Filmmaking

by Jack Miller ‘21 The first thing viewers will notice while watching “Da 5 Bloods,” the latest from prolific filmmaker Spike Lee, is how timely it is. The film, which was released by Netflix on June 12, opens with a rousing montage of archival footage sprawling the state of America through the 1960s and 70s. Set to Marvin Gaye’s stirring … Read More

‘Gretel & Hansel’ Bores More Than It Scares

by Jack Miller ’21 Oz Perkins, the writer/director behind “The Blackcoat’s Daughter” and “I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House,” continues his streak of divisive horror films with “Gretel & Hansel,” a retelling of the Grimm Brothers’ classic german folklore “Hansel & Gretel.” The film follows the familiar story of the two young siblings who, after being … Read More

Not Worth the Curse

by Joseph Oscilowski ‘22 “Antrum” is a horror film made in 2018, said to be cursed. The movie starts off with a brief documentary about how the film is known to cause death. The documentary describes how the theater that the original showing of the movie took place at mysteriously burnt down, killing and injuring numerous people. It continues by … Read More

‘Becoming’ Hopeful with Michelle Obama

by Emily Siansky ’22 Former first lady of the United States  Michelle Obama released a documentary with Netflix on May 6 following stops on her book tour for her memoir, “Becoming.” The memoir recounts her experiences growing up in Chicago, going to college, married life, campaigning, and of course her time in the White House. The documentary, also titled “Becoming,” … Read More

“Dangerous Lies” Just Another Mediocre Mystery

by Reade Fenner ’22 “Dangerous Lies,” a Netflix thriller released on April 30 provides a means of entertainment for an hour or so but could hardly be called captivating from beginning to end. With a tedious exposition, “Dangerous Lies” fails to grab the audience’s attention until the latter half of the movie. However, once the action picks up, the film … Read More

‘Never Have I Ever’ Made a Netflix Hit

by Selene Ashewood ’22 The Netflix show “Never Have I Ever” that came out just last week is the coming of age comedy teenagers need to feel more normal in these unusual times. The show follows Devi Vishwakumar, an Indian American who recently lost her dad to a heart attack. After his passing, her legs unexplainably stopped working for three … Read More

Blast from the Past Movies

by Devon Goldstein ’21 Being stuck in the house during quarantine can become very boring after a long period of time, but watching movies is a great way to pass time and relive moments from our childhood. Here are some of my favorite throwback movies to watch at home during quarantine. High School Musical movies: The first of the High … Read More