MCPS Plans School Boundary Analysis

by Sarah Nove ’20   Last January, The Board of Education adopted a resolution introduced by former SMOB Ananya Tadikonda, which called for a re-evaluation of school boundaries across the county. According to MCPS’s website, the Board will use external consultants to “conduct an in-depth review and analysis of how existing school and cluster boundaries support or impede the effective … Read More

MCPS Proposes Changes to School Boundaries

Ayana Antoine ’20  and  Sydney Henry ’20 MCPS is conducting a study to change school boundaries for its school cluster. The process is furthest along in looking at the clusters for Clarksburg, Northwest and Seneca Valley High Schools. Through looking at these schools it was discovered that some schools are projected to be go as high as 40 percent above … Read More

Student Data Exposed In Total Registration Security Incident

by Vendela Krenkel ‘20 On April 11,, an online tool used to register for AP and PSAT testing, was notified of a potential security breach in its data storage platform. Total Registration is used by 22 of the 26 high schools in MCPS, Sherwood being one of them. This security incident was brought to light by a journalist that … Read More

Students Who Cheat Show A Disinterest in Learning

by Noah Corman ’19 The anonymity used throughout this article allows students to more freely discuss this subject, because it may be damaging to a student’s social status if they are interpreted as drawing more attention to cheating or implicating classmates. Some students overwhelm themselves with AP classes and extracurriculars. Others want to get a leg up on their peers. … Read More

Backyard Bash To Raise Money for 2018 Graduate

by Adina Brenner ’20 Last spring, Kathleen Rosendall graduated alongside her Sherwood Class of 2018, excited for what the world had to offer her. The following fall she would start her college career at University of Maryland (UMD) to study Public Health Science. Unfortunately, life took a very different turn on February 23 of this year. Rosendall was diagnosed with … Read More

MCPS Grade Inflation Won’t Hinder College Admission, Counselors Say

by Anika Mittu ’19 During freshman year, the Class of 2019 faced a grading policy that considered quarterly grades and a final exam to determine semester grades. But, for the next three years, these students experienced the new grading system—one that meant no more finals and an upward trend (an A as a grade for one quarter and a B the … Read More

Block Schedule Impacts Instruction for APs

by Mallory Carlson ’19 In March, a buzz started going around about a new schedule following spring break and continuing through May. The “block schedule,” as it is now commonly referred to, details the adjusted bell schedule to comply with standardized testing that has been taking place in the building for the past month. Though the testing had an impact … Read More

Damascus’ Principal Departs, MCPS Modifies Its Policies

by Sydney Henry ’20 Damascus Principal Casey Crouse stepped down after controversy that she waited to report a sexual assault incident to the authorities. MCPS also placed the JV Coach, Vincent Colbert, and the school’s athletic director, Joe Doody, on administrative leave until further notice. The county is reviewing the status of the football program at Damascus. Controversy about the … Read More

Teachers Left To Decide Whether To Use myMCPS or Google Classroom

by Kara Thompson ’20 Every year, MCPS revampssome aspect of its communication platform. Two years ago, it wasthe switch from Edline to Portal as a method of checking grades. The most recent addition has been MCPS Classroom, a similar site to Google Classroom, which is commonly used by teachers. According to MCPS Chief Technology Officer Peter Cevenini, teachers a few … Read More

‘All Gender’ Bathrooms Soon May Be Available in MCPS

Christianna Tran (‘20) Montgomery County Public Schools is looking into creating ‘all gender’ bathrooms in schools that will be inclusive of a variety of nonconforming and transgender students. A parent, Julie Greenstein, urged the MCPS board to consider more inclusive bathrooms within their schools at a recent board meeting. She, being a mother of transgender and nonbinary children herself, mentioned … Read More