Schools Take Desperate Measures in Confronting Sub Shortage

By Ella Scher ‘23 Many students and teachers were surprised and pleased when the MCPS Board of Education voted to close schools one day early for the Thanksgiving holiday. However, it was only a small indicator of a much larger problem. MCPS is experiencing an extreme shortage of substitutes, with hundreds of open positions, forcing teachers to take on the … Read More

MCPS responds to Omicron

by Emory Gun ‘22 Updated Jan. 11 MCPS put out an updated statement on its website on January 9 addressing the steep rise in Covid cases and announced that all schools will distribute KN-95 masks and rapid test kits to all students. Results from the rapid tests should be reported by January 14, through the MCPS Covid-19 Reporting Form, whether … Read More

Cultural Celebration Week Will Showcase Student Diversity

by Yusra Husain and Rachel Klein ‘22 Sherwood is hosting One Sherwood Cultural Celebration Week during the week of December 13-17. The lead coordinators, Spanish teacher Tanya Aguilar, music teacher Jonathan Dunn, and staff development teacher Catina Wist, are hoping to highlight the diverse set of cultures that unite Sherwood students and staff alike. Although many have perceived this event … Read More

Student-run Instagram Accounts Take a Hold

by Tori Newby ’22 The Instagram account frenzy of Sherwood High School began with @shsstupidparking. Accepting photos via DMs, the account exposes cars that have parked over the lines in the school parking lot. After the first post on November 12, the account now has 610 followers and counting. Students interact with the account, commenting on the posts and tagging … Read More

Sherwood Updates Protocols as Covid Pandemic Evolves

by Avery Prudenti ‘22 Since the beginning of the year, Covid protocols have been constantly changing and shifting. The state, county, and individual schools have been merging their plans together to create a cohesive system designed to create the safest environment possible for students and staff.  At the beginning of the year when students enrolled, their parents were given the … Read More

Hall Sweeps Begin

by Bryan Kim ‘23 The first hall sweep began during the fourth period on Wednesday, November 10.  As students adjust to in-person classes, an increased number of unexcused tardiness and absences have become an issue, according to Principal Tim Britton. In order to get students to class on time, the administration has implemented hallway sweeps during the beginning of classes.  … Read More

Fans Trampled To Death in Human Stampede at Astroworld

by Selene Ashewood ‘22 and Rachel Klein ‘22 Famous rapper Travis Scott faces legal and media backlash after at least 10 deaths, including that of nine year old Ezra Blount, occurred at his concert on November 5–the first day of Astroworld Festival in Houston. Tight spaces and often-encouraged rowdiness of the crowd created conditions which injured some of the 50,000+ … Read More

Following Uproar, Administration Works To Improve School Climate

by Reade Fenner and Tori Newby ‘22 Following events at the girls varsity soccer game on September 30 and the subsequent scrutiny of Sherwood’s climate, the school administration is taking steps to address and remedy the situation involving racist and transphobic language. An investigation concluded that Sherwood students shouted derogatory comments at Einstein soccer players on September 30, followed by … Read More

Students and Teachers Feel Stressors of Being Back in School

by Audrey Farris ‘25 The start of this school year was a huge change for many. Transitioning back into full-time in-person schooling after over a year of primarily being virtual was a huge change for students and teachers. No one really knew what was going to happen and how everyone would handle the change. Now that students are more than … Read More

MCPS Gets through First Quarter without a Covid-19 Outbreak

by Jay Joseph ‘22 During the first marking period, MCPS has not had a Covid-19 outbreak that has caused a closure of any K-12 schools. There have been about 789 Covid-19 cases and 7,941 quarantines throughout between MCPS buildings in total since the beginning of August. At most, there have been 23 cases at one time in a school. According … Read More