Tensions Brew at Boundary Analysis Public Hearing

by Sarah Nove ‘20 After months of anticipation, MCPS’s boundary study has begun, and members of the community are eager to share their thoughts. The auditorium of the Carver Educational Services Center (CESC) was packed during the November 18 Districtwide Boundary Analysis Hearing, where the Board of Education heard testimonies from MCPS students and family members regarding the goals and … Read More

School Bus Recall Affecting More Than 800 MCPS Buses

by Eve Schlegel ‘20 Daimler Trucks North America, a bus manufacturing company, is calling for a recall of 53,000 school buses nationwide after it was found the seat backs do not have enough padding to properly protect passengers in an accident. About 800 of the 1,300 buses in MCPS are impacted by this callback. The manufacturer said it will start offering … Read More

MCPS Conducts Systemwide Boundary Analysis

by Sarah Nove ’20 Last January, the Board of Education adopted a resolution introduced by former Student Member of the Board (SMOB) Ananya Tadikonda, which called for a re-evaluation of school boundaries across the county. According to MCPS’s website, the Board is using external consultants to “conduct an in-depth review and analysis of how existing school and cluster boundaries support … Read More

Students and Teachers Frustrated with New AP Registration Deadline

by Shirley Zheng ’21 Sherwood students were unable to start paying for their AP exams until Wednesday, October 23. Due to this delay, the originally announced November 1 deadline was pushed back to November 15, giving students a total of three weeks to register for their exams. However, Sherwood requires students to sign up by November 8 to allow extra … Read More

College Board Modifies Curriculum and Essay Rubrics for Numerous AP Courses

by Adam Levine ’20 College Board has issued curriculum modifications to several AP courses for this school year. Some of the biggest changes involve courses offered at Sherwood including World History, English Language, and English Literature. One of the largest changes was to the curriculum of AP World History, now AP World History: Modern. This “modern” comes from a new … Read More

Strict Policy on Ratings Poses Big Challenge for Film Class

by Andrew Waterfield ‘20 Literature as Film, taught by English teacher Christiane Lock, consists of watching films of ranging quality and genre and analyzing the technical aspects of each one in order to understand how movies are put together. At the end of the semester, students are able to make their own film using the various techniques that they have … Read More

Online Tools Consent Form to Students

by Graham Skinker ’21 In a Sherwood Homeroom period in mid-October, students received an online digital tools form to get signed by a parent and returned to the school. The form is similar to the YouTube access form that was sent home to students last year in that it essentially states that if students do not get it signed by … Read More

The Persistent Fear of a Nearly Irreversible Crisis

by Zach Seymour ’20 The three-year anniversary of the UN’s Paris Agreement going into effect is approaching. This agreement was a resolution between signatories that an effort would be made to ramp up efforts to contain climate change and prevent irreversible damage. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has stated that the international community has to restrain global climate … Read More

Sherwood Creates Space for Mental Health and Well-Being

by Lauren Hill ’21 The average 2019 high school student is faced with the pressures of school, sports, family and personal issues, and extracurriculars daily. All these things can have detrimental effects on students’ emotional and mental health. At the beginning of this month, Sherwood will take a step to help students cope with stressors and address their concerns about … Read More

Students Express Dissatisfaction About School Bathrooms

by Ella Casey ’21 Many students feel as though the bathroom conditions at Sherwood are subpar, according to a survey of 78 students conducted by The Warrior. Whether it be due to student behavior in the bathrooms or the school’s negligence to listen to complaints, there is a clear consensus that many would prefer to avoid the bathrooms. From vaping … Read More