Interest Grows for Higher Level Math Courses

by Katie Gough ‘23 In a survey given to AP Calculus BC students, 16 juniors across the two classes expressed interest in taking a multivariable calculus course their senior year. The higher-level math classes currently offered at Sherwood are AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, and AP Statistics. Many Sherwood students who were placed on an accelerated math track in … Read More

Shaping the Setlist of Rock ‘N’ Roll 51

by Aidan Therrien ‘23 The process by which songs for Sherwood’s annual rock show, Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival (RRR), are selected is an enigma to most. From the cast’s perspective, a finished setlist is handed out before winter break, without fail. However, this overlooks the deliberation and careful consideration from the show’s directors, Jonathan Dunn and Alexander Silverbook. The directors … Read More

Former Sherwood Students Return, This Time as Teachers

by Ziv Golan ‘26 Sherwood has been around for over 100 years and although things have changed over the years, students who have returned as teachers have added to a state of continuity. Currently, nine teachers at Sherwood also attended the school: Dr. Gina Martin, Mr. Matthew Schneider, Mr. Thomas Nakamura, Mr. Ryan Burnsky, Mrs. Caitlin Thompson, Mr. Sean Hillman, … Read More

DECA Club Broadens Business and Networking Opportunities for Students

by Devin Kosiorowski ‘24 At the beginning of the this school year business education teacher Margaret Lynch decided to take a new approach to the business management club. While keeping the overall focus of the club the same, Lynch broadened the opportunities for club members and gave the club more structure by switching the business management club into DECA (Distributive … Read More

Students Begin To Question College’s Real-World Value

by Brian Wilbur ‘24 Whether the quality of a college education has changed over the years is a matter of intense debate, but no one disputes that the price of college has skyrocketed. This leaves prospective and current college students wondering if a degree is worth $102,828, which is the average four-year college price tag for in-state. Out-of-state students on … Read More

Falls Takes Students to France One Last Time

by Thomas Fenner ‘24 After contemplating his decision, French teacher John Falls has decided not to retire and will return to Sherwood next year. Falls has been teaching for 31 years, the last twenty of those at Sherwood. For most of those years, he was the head of the world languages department while also teaching French and Spanish. On January … Read More

Debate Strives for Success in Competitive Pool of Schools

by Lauren Frank ‘23 Despite its typically negative portrayal in movies or T.V., debate at Sherwood is quite the opposite. This close-knit and motivated group prides itself on friendly competition and implementing debate skills during the real meets, hoping to make it to county championships. Samantha Ager, the club’s sponsor, hosts club meetings every Thursday at lunch in Room C118. … Read More

Quiet Quitting Trend Crashes the Internet

by Naomi Bang ‘23 The media’s latest buzzword is a concept called “quiet quitting” which has taken the Internet by storm within the past few months. Though not an original concept, the term went viral on TikTok when user Zaid Khan shared his experience of finding a healthy work-life balance. Quiet quitting is the principle of sticking strictly to one’s … Read More

MCPS Relaxes Protocols And Moves on from The Pandemic

by Dylan Sondike ‘24 In each of the past two winters, the number of Covid-19 cases has dramatically increased in the United States. This raises the question of what should Americans expect from Covid-19 over the next few months as indoor gatherings increase during the colder weather and upcoming holidays. With new relaxed MCPS Covid-19 guidelines, slim numbers of reported … Read More

Some Users Wonder about The Authenticity of BeReal

by Gabi Admi ‘23 The social media app BeReal was released in 2020 and rapidly rose from 921,000 active users in July 2021 to 21.3 million users a year later, becoming the most downloaded free app. BeReal is designed to promote authenticity that other social media outlets lack. To implement this, at a random time of day, all BeReal users … Read More