Senior Column: Do What My Laziness Never Could

by Noah Corman ’19 I never channeled my energy into much of anything productive. Throughout my high school years, I took issue with academic cheating, the education system’s inefficiencies, vaping, and certain aspects of capitalism among other problems. In my head, I was fixing those problems left and right–creating the perfect honor code, revamping the school system, etc. In reality, … Read More

Senior Column: United We The Students Meme

by Russell Irons ’19 Every teen nowadays is familiar with memes. They are a key source of entertainment even if they are often an abstract concept to adults. For the first time in Sherwood history, students (myself included) started making Instagram accounts to share memes about life at school and under MCPS. Through these memes, Sherwood students found common ground … Read More

Senior Column: I’ll Come Up with a Headline Later

by Katherine Sperduto ’19 Throughout my high school career, my life has changed in many ways. My friend groups changed, my classes changed, fashion trends changed, my responsibilities and freedoms changed, my interests and hobbies changed. But, the one thing that never changed in my life, is my awful disease of procrastination. Even to this day, I sit here, three … Read More

Senior Column: My Take on Excellence

by Nathan Lampshire ’19 Little did Dr. Minus know that I was practicing excellence before his time here at Sherwood. Before I decided to pursue a military career, I had a schedule that honestly couldn’t have been more beneficial for my success. I’d wake up around 5 am every morning, eat a pop tart and stick my head in the … Read More

Senior Column: Learning Through Experience

by Kelly Seganish ’19 In high school the stereotypical thing for students to do is take the sport that they played when they were younger, and carry out playing it throughout high school. Whether it be soccer, hockey, or even football, there is usually one sport that a student becomes passionate about, and ends up playing in high school. In … Read More

Senior Column: Embarrass Yourself More Often

by Anika Mittu ’19 During the freshmen year musical, my skirt fell off in front of an entire audience. Sure, I was wearing a leotard under the skirt, but cast members still tried to move around me and hide me from the glaring stage lights. You can’t exactly laugh onstage when something like that happens; you have to keep dancing. … Read More

Senior Column: Flaking Out on Plans Is Okay Sometimes

by Mallory Carlson ’19 “I’m so sorry !! I just realized I told my parents I’d have dinner with them, my dad gets home from working in VA today.” This is, almost to a tee, my standard flaking-out-of-evening-plans text. Sometimes, if I work on a Saturday afternoon and into the evening, I’ll realize that I actually don’t really want to … Read More

Senior Column: The Value of Being Informed

by Nick Hermosilla ’19 The 2020 Presidential Election will be the first election where all of our class will be able to vote. And it goes without saying that the upcoming election will be the most contentious and monumental election in recent American history. If we want to act as good citizens and patriots being involved in our democracy, then … Read More

Senior Column: Andrew’s Poems

by Andrew Ventura ’19 Moon Under Water the space whale smells like gas chicken nuggets made of gold if i were to change the world id swim in the endless lagoon sometimes the moon may seem under water but hold tight the cosmic birds will sing so beautifully smile and laugh let the oozing mind bind with the eyes see … Read More