Happily Unoriginal

by Hannah Mushahwar When reflecting on my time at high school it is easy to hope that I stood out. After thousands of assignments that my peers completed just like me, I still hoped for a way to make myself original and unique. But the truth is, I’m not. One of my favorite quotes from Chuck Palahniuk says, “nothing of … Read More

Forming Connections

by Elsie Rozario Walking around the blacktop in elementary school, I never expected to make friends. Most other classmates had already found companionship, playing four-square or tag during recess with their peers. I preferred the isolation of walking. To me, it was better to be bored alone than stressed attempting to introduce myself to others. Eventually, another person started walking … Read More

Finding the Confidence

by Mauricio Altamirano Early in my senior year, I began to feel overwhelmed by everything: college, academic pressure, self discovery, and the impending end of my carefree life. I often felt stuck because I hadn’t yet figured out how to be myself or manage my life. There were times when I felt negatively about my situation. However, I no longer … Read More

Leave the Regrets Behind

by Randy Wang It’s difficult to not experience some form of regret. Nobody is perfect. It could be an easily avoidable mistake or a missed opportunity you wish you had taken. I’m no different. After COVID-19 and the year of virtual learning, I returned to school as a very quiet person. I was unable to bring myself to join clubs … Read More

Looking Back and Moving Forward

by Gael Rebu Looking back on my last four years that I spent in high school I find myself having mixed feelings about my experience. These years have taught me so much about who I am and the kind of person I want to continue to be. I’ve learned how to manage a lot of work and the stress that … Read More

Take Care of Yourself

by Connor Pugh I spent much of my time in high school going through the painstaking process of trial and error. Many times I signed up for a class or joined a club or some other extracurricular with a genuine interest, only to come out the other side beaten and battered. A particularly eye-opening experience for me was when I … Read More

Taking a Leap of Faith

by Noah Bair Entering high school, I had planned out exactly which classes I would take and which years I would take them. After two years of taking classes that I essentially chose as a 13 year old, I decided I wanted a change. Instead of taking AP Spanish, a class that I would have dreaded every day, I switched … Read More

Live the Larry David Way

by Ben Schoenberg In honor of Curb Your Enthusiasm ending its 25-year run on television, I decided to end my four years at Sherwood High School. After watching all twelve seasons in two months I learned that it is important to live life with a raw authenticity and unwillingness to change the core of who you are. Ideally, try not … Read More

Let Yourself Miss a Couple in a Row

by Thomas Fenner Throughout most of high school, I was terrified of failure. I spent far too much time in high school caring about how my peers viewed me. It took me finding the right group of friends, finding my place on the basketball team, and building relationships with coaches, teachers, and classmates to realize that the people who care … Read More

How Little I’ve Learned

by Liam Trump I remember when I was in middle school and I was first introduced to the idea that all of the work I would be doing during my time in school would be contributing to a final grade, a letter that would represent the weeks of hard work I would put into each semester. The idea of getting … Read More