Senior Column: Thanking the Teachers who Inspired Me to Teach

by Julia Robins ’20 It’s 6:20 a.m., Monday morning. My alarm blasts. Like a jack-in-the-box, I pop upright, my first thought being “Yay! School!” All my life I have always been that student who is sad when it is time for school breaks, who asks a million questions, and is fascinated by the idea of learning. It has been a … Read More

Senior Column: The Incredible Ordinary

by Anjali Verma ’20 I remember hearing about the infamous Warrior Newspaper from my brother growing up, knowing that one day I too would want to be a part. It is strange to look back now, as a “big kid,” wondering where all the time went. The lunches in the back room every day, distribution days, and endless laughs were … Read More

Senior Column: An Ode to The Warrior

by Sarah Nove ’20 Through thirteen years of school, I have not tried out for a single sports team. I have never been, nor do I think I ever will be, a sports person. Before high school, just the thought of being on a team could send me spiraling into anxiety. I was always worried I would let my friends … Read More

Senior Column: Letters From the Past

by Jonah Sachs ’20 Not everyone gets the opportunity to watch themselves grow from year to year. Usually it’s those you don’t see too often that can see the difference between Thanksgiving you and Quarantine-Zoom-call you (“my, how big you’ve gotten!”). I, however, have had the rare opportunity to watch my own development. For the past five years, I have … Read More

Senior Column: How They Filled the Pages

by Adam Levine ’20 As I stare at this blank page, I think of all the blank pages I’ve stared at over my past three years in Newspaper. The countless articles written, though rarely, if ever, turned in on deadline (sorry about that, Mr. Huck), and the stories that come along with them all started from a blank page. And … Read More

Senior Column: ‘I Couldn’t Help It…It Had to Be You and I’

by Adina Brenner ’20 and Kat Mahoney ’20   ‘I Couldn’t Help It…’ by Adina Brenner ‘20 Every year, each senior is allowed and encouraged to write a little blurb talking about themself as a way to end with a bang and really make their mark on the newspaper. After lots and lots of thinking, I came to the realization … Read More

Senior Column: If I Wasn’t In Class, I Was Probably Sick

by Sydney Henry ’20 I don’t know that I personally believe in myths and superstitions, such as if you break a mirror, you’ll have seven years of bad luck, or if you don’t hold your breath when going by a cemetery, the spirits will haunt you. However, there is one speculation that I do believe, and that is the fact … Read More

Senior Column: Finding My Family

by Sophia Wooden ’20 Reflecting on my time here at Sherwood, I find that some of my fondest memories are in the few classes that I truly found a family. In these “family classes” I either instantly felt comfortable among the company of friends, or in time, with shared experiences and interests, I gained an inexplicable connection with some of … Read More

Senior Column: My Greatest High School Story

by Alex Cohen ’20 It seems only fitting that as a senior in my final days before graduation, I talk about my greatest high school memory and my best advice for incoming freshmen that goes along with it.  Going into high school, I had my heart set on making the basketball team. My whole childhood I loved playing for travel … Read More

Senior Column: Finding the Silver Lining

by Anna Squiers ’20 Right now, we are living through the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s easy to be negative in a time like this. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying, we’re all stuck inside, I can’t see my friends, and I can’t see my classmates. For now, I have no idea if we’ll ever have a prom or graduation. This … Read More