MCPS U.S. History Classes Do Not Shy Away from the Topic of Slavery

by Dinah Aguilar ‘19  Around the country, stories have surfaced describing the different methods teachers have used to teach the history of slavery in America that may be surprising. In California, a teacher supposedly reenacted slave ships, and in New Jersey a teacher created mock slave auctions.  A Teaching Tolerance report done by the Southern Poverty Law Center showed that … Read More

Debate Club is Looking to Build Team

by Sabrina Rickert `19  In Debate Club, students research topics to argue with other schools, but our school’s club is lacking members. And people don’t really know what the debaters do in the club.   During lunch meetings, debate club researches the upcoming debate issue and discusses potential sources to use as evidence in defending our side of the topic.   “We need … Read More

[Did You Know . . .] What’s Inside Your DNA?

by Russ Irons ‘19 23andMe is a service that allows you to discover more about yourself through your DNA. For $99, you can get detailed breakdowns of your DNA composition. I opted for the genealogy only kit, but for $40 more you can get a health report that uses your DNA to determine if you are more prone to certain … Read More

Walmart Removes Cosmopolitan From Checkout Shelves

by Mallory Carlson ‘19 Walmart announced in late March that it will stop selling the popular women’s interest magazine Cosmopolitan in its checkout shelves in all of its locations across the country. The move was made in collaboration with a non-profit anti-pornography group called the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, which has for many years had targeted the magazine due … Read More

Exchange Student Spends Junior Year at Sherwood

by Adam Levine ’20 Starting at a new school can be difficult, especially if the school is in a different country. Junior Pablo Ortuño, an exchange student from Chile, is spending his junior year here in the United States. Though he was born in Toledo, Spain, and raised in Barcelona, Ortuño comes to Sherwood from Chile, where his family moved … Read More

Cornhole Club Makes Impact

by Jared Schwartz ’18 A cornhole craze has taken over Sherwood this year, as students have flocked to competitions organized by the cornhole club. Founded last year by current juniors Benny Rubin and Chris Ryan, the Sherwood cornhole club has exploded this school year with the introduction of competitive “cornaments,” which are held on the tennis courts at lunch. So far, … Read More

Project Change’s Dodgeball Tournament a Small but Enjoyable Success

by Natalie Murray ’18 Several newspaper staffers took to the dodgeball court this past Sunday for Project Change’s sixth annual charity dodgeball tournament. The “Huck Yeah!” dodgeball team finished in second place in the tournament, with a 2-2 record. They sadly fell twice to team “Woah Woah Woah Woah Woah,” a group of senior boys who all dressed in basketball … Read More

Teens Losing Sleep From School

 by Kelly Sullivan ’19  Staying up past midnight at their desk, shoulders hunched and heavy eyes, students struggle with keeping up with school, while sacrificing the much-needed sleep their brain requires. Lack of sleep has been an issue for years, and more recently, cell phones have been a contributing source of sleep deprivation. But the addictive nature of the blue-light … Read More

Forensics Team Placed Fifth in County Competition

by Colleen Yates ’18  Most people hear the word “forensics” and think that it refers to the science of examining crime scenes. However, the Sherwood Forensics team is a public-speaking team comprised of a small group of students from every grade. After getting third place in the county last year but losing several seniors, the team was hoping to pick … Read More

Student Finds Entertainment in Reading For Fun

by Izzy Pilot ’18 From book fairs to summer reading contests to the infamous “Read” posters in school libraries, we’ve been encouraged to read for fun since Kindergarten. But between intense course loads, lots of extracurriculars, and distracting electronics, fewer and fewer teenagers are reading in their free time. Many students don’t even read the assigned books for their English … Read More