Eighteen Dollars a Family

by Sabina Jafri ‘20 I recently sat in a Youth Peace Conference workshop at Blake High School and listened to a student lecturer, aged sixteen, speak on an issue that was immeasurably important to her. She began by asking everyone in the room this: though it is illegal everywhere, in how many of the world’s 196 countries does slavery still … Read More

Teacher Uses Lunch to Encourage Students

by Brenna Henderson ’21 At the start of the second semester, chorus and piano teacher Johnathan Dunn started an open-door lunch where students who do not have a place to be at lunch can sit in his classroom. Held in room E150, the lunch is a safe and friendly place for students to meet new people and talk to Dunn. … Read More

Interesting Jobs to Earn Cash This Summer

by Zachary Weisenthal ’19 As summer quickly approaches, many students are searching for a job to earn some extra money and fill their time. However, finding a job that meets one’s interest can be difficult, and starting a new job in a new work environment can be daunting. The Warrior has compiled a list of top 5 jobs for Olney … Read More

A Fun DC Destination That’s NOT A Museum

by Will Unger ‘19 If you’re a stereotypical Olneyite like me, you probably haven’t spent much time in DC, despite the fact that it’s a vibrant and active city, it’s only 45 minutes away, and it’s the nation’s capital. Most people who don’t live a quick afternoon drive from arguably one of the most powerful cities in the world, would … Read More

Film Club Provides Creative Outlet

by Kat Mahoney ’20  If you scan the sidelines at almost any major Sherwood sports game or pep rally, you will see the president of Sherwood’s Film Club, Jake Hahn, taking pictures and videos. This creative club, of around 17 people, is dedicated to cinematography as an outlet for students to express themselves in a fun way. Hahn joined the … Read More

The Science Behind Racism

by Julia Robins ’20  Discrimination is wrong; simple as that. However, we may not be completely in control when we choose to accept or reject others.  The amygdala, the area in the brain responsible for fear, decision making, and empathy automatically makes subconscious observations about others and quickly turns those simple observations into judgments that lack a situational attribution. Our … Read More

Find Your New Clique in a Sherwood Club

by Will Unger ’19  Before you read on, I challenge you to take a minute and count how many clubs you know at Sherwood. Got a number?  Well I’ll bet it wasn’t 60, which is the official count from the list of clubs on the Sherwood website.  I’m a senior who’s been part of a fairly diverse number of groups. … Read More

Keiran Ferro Gives ‘Cool’ a Whole New Definition

by Noah Corman ’19 Some know senior Keiran Ferro as the guy who walks around school wearing all black. Others know him because of his Super Smash Bros skills. However, he is probably best known as the monotone, seemingly disinterested co-host of the morning announcements. Because he is viewed by most as just a face on a screen, few are … Read More

Unity Week Essay Contest

As a part of Unity Week, students were encouraged to submit a writing about a time in their lives when they experienced unity. The first place essay is listed below, along with excerpts from second and third place. At the very bottom are highlights from other entries. Prompt: Write a short memoir about a moment when you felt included or … Read More

MoCo Snow Achieves County-Wide Recognition

by Anika Mittu ’19  MoCo Snow has become a defining brand in Montgomery County: a website and various social media accounts that students and teachers alike check for predictions on school cancellations because of severe weather. But for Alex Tsironis, the MCPS middle school teacher behind the brand, a thriving online persona all began with a bulletin board.  “[The MoCo … Read More