Exchange Program Offers an American Cultural and Educational Experience

by Charlotte Koderhold ‘23 Through a high school exchange program, I am spending the second semester of the school year at Sherwood after coming to Maryland from my native country of Austria, where I live in the capital city of Vienna. The unforgettable experiences have allowed me to make my very own American high school movie and they have provided … Read More

Students Negotiate Right Speaking Voice To Fit In

by Timaya Pulliam ‘23 Code-switching is when someone goes back and forth with the type of language/speech/voice that they use around different groups of people. This alteration of language is most common in minority communities and often occurs in school even if it is unnoticed. It is a learned behavior often used to assimilate in different spaces. Code-switching can be … Read More

Sherwood Fashion Club ‘Recycles The Runway’

by Lauren Frank ‘23 Sherwood’s Fashion Club held its first ever fashion show during lunch on May 26, featuring numerous handmade outfits designed and modeled by the club members. Spending countless hours on the project in English teacher Ashley Graham-Bell’s room, this creative group met almost every week preparing for the show. Junior Arya Sharma, the club’s president, wanted to … Read More

Beloved Bookstore Closes Its Doors

by Anna Haas ‘23 Cricket Book Shop has been a cornerstone of the Ashton and Olney-Sandy Spring community and has now, after five decades, decided to close its doors. In late July of 1969, Nan Yarnall, then a teacher at Sandy Spring Friends School, opened Cricket Book Shop in its original location, a building that is unfortunately no longer there. … Read More

Rock ‘n’ Roll Cast Prepares for First Show in Two Years

by Matt Kauffman ‘23 One year and ten months after the closure of MCPS schools due to the Coronavirus, the setlist for Rock ‘n’ Roll 50 has been released and rehearsals have begun. This year’s show, named Timeless, will be the first in two years, and the band and cast members have been eager to get back into the process … Read More

Teachers’ Sweet and Savory Holiday Favorites

by Riley Sandoval ‘22 The holiday season is a great time to come together with some tasty food and baked goods. Here are some of Sherwood teachers’ favorite holiday recipes!  Culinary teacher Lisa Gilbert’s favorite holiday recipe is for golden pecan tassies. For Gilbert, the holidays were filled with baking holiday cookies, including these tassies that her mom would only … Read More

Read This Before Ordering a Starbucks Holiday Drink

by Hailey Sepulvado ‘22 It’s that time of year again; Starbucks has released its collection of holiday drinks with their warm and delicious festive flavors! Since there are a plethora of drinks, I taste-tested all of them for you to order the one you think you’ll like best.    Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte If you like sweet drinks, this … Read More

Student-run Instagram Accounts Take a Hold

by Tori Newby ’22 The Instagram account frenzy of Sherwood High School began with @shsstupidparking. Accepting photos via DMs, the account exposes cars that have parked over the lines in the school parking lot. After the first post on November 12, the account now has over 600 followers and counting. Students interact with the account, commenting on the posts and … Read More