Ruby Chocolate Debuts in Time For Valentine’s Day

by Adam Levine ’20  This Valentine’s Day white, milk, and dark may not be the only type of chocolates you see. Ruby chocolate, the recently discovered fourth type of naturally made chocolate, was unveiled by its creators, Swiss chocolate company Barry Callebaut, on September 5 of last year. Made from the ruby cacao bean, ruby chocolate stands out from the … Read More

Museum Celebrates Local Artists’ Talents

by Mallory Carlson ’19 The Sandy Spring Museum has a central location in the community, and most Sherwood students pass it going to and from school every day. Yet many of them do not take advantage of the art and culture offered there. Although the Teen Coffee House is popular among some students, the central purpose of the museum is … Read More

Nnabue Documents Medical Trip to Nigeria

by Alex Nnabue ’18 Every year, a committed team of medical doctors and volunteers, ranging from optometrists, plastic surgeons, and physicians participate in a three-day medical outreach project at Egwedu Health Center in Imo State, Nigeria. The mission is led by my father Dr. Alex Nnabue, Dr. Stanley Okoro and sponsored by Atta Nwanbiri Central Union USA. The doctors, natives … Read More

Did You Know That It’s Possible To Be Allergic To Cold Weather?

by Riley Whelan ’18 Some people really hate the cold. They can’t stand the icy winds, the snowfall, or the constant chill. However, not that many people can say they are actually allergic to the cold. Cold urticaria, or “cold hives,” is a disorder that causes a person’s skin to break out in hives or large red welts after coming … Read More

Students Pass AP Exams without Taking Corresponding Classes

by Leah Peloff ’18 In hopes of getting into the college one prefers, students are encouraged to do everything they can to build the best possible resume. This usually comes hand in hand with a schedule full of AP courses and hours upon hours of homework. The stress of taking a rigorous course load, maintaining good grades, and receiving college … Read More

Students Campaign to Fight Depression

by Sarah Nove ’20 After the suicides of two MCPS students in the Fall, condolences flooded social media and many Montgomery County residents voiced their concerns on the ‘epidemic’ of teen suicide. Though many of these concerns faded after a few days, some sprouted into movements. Jonathan Mortman and Rachel Herman, students at Richard Montgomery, are two of the individuals … Read More

Student Faces Barriers To Become First-Generation College Student

by Anika Mittu ’19 As a first-generation college applicant, senior Jose Arevalo exhibits a passion for opportunity that seems to have dulled in the majority of other second-semester seniors. “What inspired me [to apply] was the desire to succeed and excel in this country,” said Arevalo. At the age of 14, Arevalo and his parents left their home in El … Read More

Forensics Participants Build Various Skillsets

by Mallory Carlson ’19 Though there are many clubs at Sherwood, Forensics is a popular choice and is not only enjoyable for members but also helps with public speaking skills. Sometimes confused with debate club, it is important to note that students in Forensics competitions choose pieces to recite, often poems or their own speeches. These oral presentations either can … Read More

Black Students Celebrate Culture This Month

by Lucy Kuchma ’18 Twenty years ago, Sherwood did nothing more than putting up a few posters to celebrate Black History Month, although the school’s demographics were almost exactly the same back then as they are now. This year, students from the Black Student Union (BSU) are combining their passions for the appreciation of black culture to really show their … Read More

Student Coaches Allied Sports Teams

by Danielle Katz ‘18 Many MCPS students enjoy being a part of sports teams, whether they play or manage. However, Junior Jett Clarke took his managing role to the next level, serving as Sherwood’s first ever student head coach. After participating in handball freshman year, Clarke decided to join the basketball team, which resulted in his ineligibility to play handball … Read More