April 26th, My Turtles

by Katie Gough ’23 Right now, I am typing this into my notes app while I’m sitting on a concrete ledge next to a small pond in the park near my house. I couldn’t tell you how many books I’ve finished, decisions I’ve made, songs I heard for the first time- all sitting right here by myself on this ledge … Read More

Unleashing My Real Self to the World

by Gaby Caballero ’23 If there’s one word I would use to describe myself it would be “sporadic.” I’ve always been in inner turmoil, debating on whether or not I should say this or do that. I’ve done my best to manage this feeling of volatility but it’s tiresome. There have been many moments where the mismanagement of my big … Read More

The Best It Could Be

by Perri Williams ’23 I’m convinced the perfect school does not exist. Whether the students have behavioral issues, the school needs a renovation, the teachers are burnt out, the students tired, or the parents are not involved, every school has its problems. Let me preface this by saying that these are not significant issues that I’ve seen at Sherwood, with … Read More

Sell Out Now. Save Yourself

by Ella Scher ’23 The first thing you need to know about high school is that it sucks, and anyone who tells you that they actually enjoyed their time in high school is either a sociopath, a has-been, or a liar. It’s a hot mess of drama, complicated friendships, and forced assimilation. To be perfectly honest, my direct and honest … Read More

Surviving Hell and Back

by Jena Le ’23 For many of you, junior year may have been unbearable; but for me, it was absolute hell. When I first entered high school, I was an energetic bright eyed freshman whose sole focus was to use my next four years to earn a spot at a top university like my older siblings. So, I relentlessly tried … Read More

A Super Serious Letter

by Gabi Admi ’23 Hey Gabs, you’re practically done with high school–I mean we basically stopped trying. Before you judge me, I would like to inform you that senioritis is a real thing, so get off your high horse little one. I’m tearing up bro, we’re getting so old. Anyways, there was this pandemic thing that started in the beginning … Read More

This Season on Senior Year

by Nia Peake ’23 Before high school, one of the most influential ways that we are exposed to the “high school experience” is through glamorized teen movies and TV shows. Anyone who has ever stepped foot into a high school can agree that high school is nothing like the movies. But just because high school isn’t as romanticized as what … Read More

So Glad I Didn’t Quit

by Lauren Frank ’23 When I started Newspaper class in the fall of my junior year, I never thought I’d stay in the class long enough to write a senior column. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. Better yet, I didn’t really know that the class I initially disliked would become a passion I intend to … Read More

Forgoing the “Plan”

by Genevieve Mayle ’23 As a freshman, I remember receiving a graphic organizer to fill in our high school schedule for each year. I planned my entire high school schedule the day I received the form. I planned everything, from which AP classes and exams I would take to having a half-day schedule senior year. I decided I wanted to … Read More

Finishing High School Strong

by Nick Schade ’23 I had a mile left. Or was it more? I couldn’t tell, because every step I ran felt like a million, and every breath I took stabbed at my side. As my strength left my body in raspy gasps I began to doubt whether I could even complete the race. Yet I knew I couldn’t stop: … Read More