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Students in all grade levels were asked by the school administration last month to complete an electronic Student Voice Survey to provide feedback on engagement, classroom community, student well being, and equity at Sherwood. Certain questions asked students to rate their stress as a result of being back in the building and list factors that contributed … Read More

Last school year during virtual learning, students received a homeroom lesson that focused on anti-racism and equality. At the end of the lesson, a survey asked students if they wanted to learn more about the issues raised in the lesson. Sherwood health and PE teacher Heather Giovenco then emailed the students who answered yes, asking if … Read More

Opinions: My Covid Experience

by Avery Prudenti ‘22

As a senior, I have been witnessing Sherwood’s Covid-19 precautions being put to use for a year and a half. I was even one of the rare students who chose to come back to in-person last spring. These precautions have been constantly changing and shifting based on the number of cases, Maryland guidelines, and so much … Read More

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