by Maddie Tringone '22

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News: MCPS responds to Omicron

by Emory Gun ‘22


The new Covid variant, Omicron, is spreading rapidly all over Montgomery County and the world. On December 30, MCPS put out a statement on their website addressing Covid concerns in which it was announced that all schools would open on Monday January 3 after winter break. Other updates included in the announcement were that the Montgomery … Read More

Many students can attest that fictional books helped them as children and young adults learn things about themselves and their world that they never had the personal experience to understand on their own. However, efforts to censor what students may access and read has intensified in recent months. Across the country, parents and even some school … Read More


True crime has become the new craving of the current generation of young people. The thrill of watching or listening to cold cases unfolding right at your fingertips–who wouldn’t be enthralled? But it seems that we forget the lost lives and the loved ones that still mourn that are the real stories behind the entertainment of … Read More

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