President Donald Trump and his opponent in the 2020 election, former vice president Joe Biden, have completely different views on all aspects of the Coronavirus Pandemic, including the arrival of the virus in the United States, the seriousness of it, how it should be handled, and a national strategy for testing and treatment. As almost 220,000 Americans have died and are still counting, the American people seek answers. ... Read More


In Sports: Club Sports Put Safety First

by Victoria Martinez ’23

At a time when MCPS schools are doing virtual learning and there are no in-person high school sports, club/travel teams have taken on even more significance for many student-athletes. However, with sports categorized as a low, medium, and high risk, these athletes have to decide how comfortable they feel playing sports with the current safety protocols.   … Read More


While the typical (non-pandemic) college application process is filled with tours, in-person interviews, and being able to talk to your counselors and teachers at any time of the school day, it’s quite obvious that this year looks … a little different. Seniors this year are facing an entirely new experience, which involves deciding from our bedrooms … Read More


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