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After recent incidents of Sherwood students shouting abusive comments at sporting events, Principal Tim Britton  emailed the Sherwood community at 8:45 pm on October 7 with an attached file of a letter he sent to Einstein’s principal and school community. In the letter, Britton addressed the “racist and sexual” comments made by Sherwood students at both … Read More

 For the past year, MCPS has been conducting an Anti-Racist System Audit set to be complete in May 2022. As part of more frequent and continuing conversations about race in educational environments, Sherwood has been attempting to address bias and racism in schools as part of the larger county mandate. This effort has become more pressing due … Read More


 While still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, many students are wondering what  Sherwood’s homecoming will be like when it occurs on October 23. Will students have to wear masks? Will the dance be indoors? Will there be social distancing or capacity requirements?  In the September 15 issue of MCPS Quicknotes, the county released guidance … Read More

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