Former President Donald Trump was impeached in the House of Representatives for inciting an insurrection on January 6, when he held a rally outside the White House, continued claims of fraudulent voting results, and urged his supporters to march down to the U.S. Capitol, where they turned violent and breached the Capitol. While Trump is no longer president, the impeachment process is still significant because if convicted in the Senate, he could be prohibited from holding public office again, and he won’t receive several post-presidency benefits.… Read More

Upon the arrival of the Covid-19 vaccine, many elderly people in local communities have struggled to find appointments to get vaccinated. This includes the wife of an 88-year-old hospice patient who finally received the vaccine and now can be near her husband — thanks to the “Vaccine Hunters,” a group of MCPS teachers that includes four … Read More


Finding a way to make online school engaging while staying mindful of students’ mental health is no easy task. However, Health teacher Heather Giovenco seems to have it figured out. Using countless tools and strategies to accommodate her students, Giovenco has already won “teacher of the week” in her first year at Sherwood. Her passion for … Read More


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