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Over the past two decades, The Warrior school newspaper has become an integral and renowned part of the Sherwood school community. For a minimum donation of $25, you will support the efforts of more than 20 students on the 2023-24 Warrior Staff.

During the previous challenging school year, the Warrior staff persisted and published more than 300 articles on its website  With the return to in-person instruction, The Warrior once again will distribute copies of 4-5 print issues in addition to its online content. Stay apprised of what is happening at Sherwood High School, as well as support the efforts and enthusiasm of the students on The Warrior staff who make The Warrior one of the best school newspapers in Montgomery County and Maryland.

The Warrior newspaper is a largely unsubsidized publication that offsets printing costs through advertising sales and the financial support of its patrons.  The Warrior and its staff rely on the tremendous support of Sherwood’s generous parent community. 

Thank you,

Peter Huck (English teacher, Journalism instructor, Newspaper advisor)


Donations may be made here through MCPS Online Payment System, also available from the SHS website.

Or, mail in a check or cash with this form.