Census Should Remove Questions about Race

by Cliff Vacin ‘25 Every 10 years, the census asks a question that reads “What is your race?” The provided options are “White,” “Black or African-American,” “American Indian or Alaska Native,” “Asian,” and “Native Hawaiian or some other Pacific Islander.” For Hispanics, there is an additional item, where the respondent marks their origins and what other race they identify with. … Read More

You Should Support the Hollywood Writers’ Strike

by Noah Bair ‘24 In the last decade, movie and TV studios have seen their profits rise by 36 percent, while writers’ pay has gone down by 4 percent in the same period. On May 2, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) announced that they would be going on strike. The WGA represents over 11,000 film, radio, televisions, and online … Read More

Sherwood Needs All Digital Exams for Next School Year

by Thomas Fenner and Dylan Sondike ‘24 While Covid-19 has declined, its effects on testing are still being felt throughout the country. During the height of the virus in the spring of 2020, the College Board pivoted to put modified AP exams online. As students started returning to the classrooms, most of the exams initially returned to their original format. … Read More

Business and Politics Don’t Mix

by Brian Wilbur ‘24 Huge controversy and ensuing boycott threats engulfed Bud Light’s sponsorship of Dylan Mulvaney, a well-known transgender rights activist, in a world where social divisions appear to widen daily. While promoting tolerance and supporting underprivileged groups is noble and needed, corporations must also carefully consider the repercussions of getting involved in such sensitive cultural topics. Regardless of … Read More

Students Deserve the Freedom To Choose Their School

by Seph Fischer ‘25 The current system of public education, in which money from tax paying adults is used to fund the public schools in their district, is often presumed to be the most logical solution which provides every student with access to high quality free education. What many people don’t realize is that there is a wide range of … Read More

TikTok Unfairly Targeted

by Ziv Golan ’26 The popular social media platform, TikTok, has been under fire recently. Government officials have accused the app, owned by Chinese company Byte Dance, as being spyware for the Chinese Communist Party. A bipartisan group of Senators introduced the RESTRICT Act, which allows the federal government to regulate and even ban foreign-produced technology, with the aim clearly … Read More

Desantis has Gone Wild

by Ziv Golan ’26 Recently, Ron Desantis, the Governor of Florida, and Disney have been in a heated back and forth after Disney publicly objected to the Desantis-backed so-called, “Don’t Say Gay Bill” last year. This bill would discourage teachers from discussing their sexual orientation in class. Desantis responded to Disney by attempting to effectively take over the Disney World … Read More

It’s Time to Repatriate Historical Artifacts

by Solaiman Hassanin ‘23 It’s no secret that many museums worldwide depend on artifacts from other places. For example, the British Museum in London boasts a collection of 8 million different artifacts from nearly all corners of the globe. Two of the museum’s main attractions, the world-famous Parthenon Sculptures and the Rosetta Stone, originate in Ancient Greece and Egypt respectively. … Read More

UMD’s Many Programs Divide Rather than Unify Students

by Alex Braun ‘23 Most college acceptance letters are very similar. They start out by congratulating you on being offered admission to the university, detail how you stood out among the tens of thousands of applications they received this year, and try to list some of their school’s opportunities to “sell” you on accepting their offer of admission. If you … Read More

Missed Chance To Shine a Spotlight on Sustainability

by Briana Sisler ‘24 Fashion Week is a week-long event taking place in the “Big Four” fashion capitals of New York, Milan, Paris, and London. Artists and companies show off their latest collections and lines to millions of people around the world, who watch in person or follow the trends after the fact, in hopes of selling them to collectors … Read More