Keep Your Biases

by Ella Scher ‘23 The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of the word ‘unbiased’ is as follows: “un·bi·ased | /ˌənˈbīəst/ adjective | showing no prejudice for or against something; impartial.”  Sounds good, right? True neutral. Completely free of opinion and preconceived notions, laying out only the facts for a reader to take them as they may. However, the media has a long-running … Read More

Plastic Bottles Got to Go

by Lucy Sokol ‘21 What do you think about when you grab a soda from the store? Do you think about which brand to buy from? The flavor? The fizziness? Or is it the material of the container that simply “pleases” the eye?  According to Coca-Cola, the company refuses to stop producing plastic bottles simply because consumers prefer plastic over … Read More

Why All Minorities Should Support the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement

by Hannah Lee ‘21 Asian Americans are often referred to as a “model minority” after the presumption that they are more socioeconomically successful than other minority groups. Although this generalization may come off as positive, it actually winds up having detrimental effects on how Asian Americans are percieved in American culture, erasing the diversity within the Asian community and downplaying … Read More

Turn. Your. Cameras. On.

by Lexi Kimmel ‘21 Senior year for me started by sitting in front of a computer, staring at an error message telling me that the website that had my Zoom link on it had crashed. No senior breakfast, no decorating cars in the parking lot, no senior privileges. And while I do indulge in a little self-pity, I understand that … Read More

Hogan’s Suggestion To Reopen Schools Is Impractical

by Reade Fenner ‘22 As the 2020-21 school year begins, students and teachers are adjusting to the new online learning structure made necessary by the coronavirus pandemic plaguing the world. By an August 14 deadline imposed by the state, Montgomery County, alongside other Maryland counties, made the decision to move school online for the entire first semester. However, a few … Read More

Black is Beautiful: Defining Your Own Beauty

by Taylor Wallace ’21 I once watched this experiment where they put two different dolls in front of a series of young black kids. One of the dolls was white and the other was black. They then proceeded to ask the kids a series of questions in regards to the dolls. When they asked questions like, ‘which doll do you … Read More

Is Quarantine Finally Over?

by Avery Prudenti ’22 We have all been out of school for 83 days now, and it has taken its toll on many. People spent those months waiting, and hoping for quarantine to finally be lifted. Maryland has had 55,858 confirmed cases over the past couple of months, and although that number is flattening, we’re still not in the clear … Read More