In Our Words: Security Must Enforce Parking Lot Regulations

by The Warrior Staff Every day during the first week of school, there was at least one car accident caused by Sherwood students. Collisions all took place on Route 108 as students turned left out of school or within a two-mile radius of Sherwood at the end of the school day.  One possible cause for the frequency of car crashes … Read More

In Our Words: Sherwood Should Adopt a Block Schedule

As MCPS transitions to what will ideally be a full in-person school year next fall, Sherwood must reconsider its traditional seven-period schedule. After a year of block scheduling and one asynchronous day each week, students have adjusted to longer class periods, longer breaks between classes, and longer deadlines. The following schedule should be considered by the Sherwood administration for the … Read More

Climate Action Must Cross Borders

by Jay Joseph ‘22 The Marshall Islands, a chain of coral atoll islands in the central Pacific Ocean, declared a national climate crisis facing rising sea levels in 2019. A study by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Deltares, and the University of Hawaii (UH) found that some of the Marshall Islands will be … Read More

Going Meatless Is a Personal Choice (But It’s the Right One)

by Rachel Klein ‘22 About 5 percent of adults in the United States have made the decision to completely cut meat out of their diets and become a vegetarian. There are many different reasons why someone would choose to do this. When I first decided to become a vegetarian back in 2018, I did it for the sole reason of … Read More

Colleges Mandating Vaccines Is the Right Thing To Do

by Riley Sandoval ‘22 As Covid-19 vaccinations are becoming increasingly accessible to people ages 16 and older in all U.S. states, several colleges are making it a requirement to be fully vaccinated before students can return to campuses in the fall. Mandating Covid-19 vaccinations is a necessary step for colleges to take in order to ensure a safe return to … Read More

Pausing the Vaccine Rollout Could Prove Deadly

by Kate Diuguid ‘22 When the Johnson & Johnson vaccine rollout for Covid-19 was put on pause, some Americans were sent into a frenzy of questioning the safety of the vaccines. Much of the public already had doubts about the Covid-19 vaccines, citing the quick production time as evidence of malpractice. The FDA and CDC lifted the recommended pause following … Read More

‘No, They Are Not R&B Singers or Rappers’

by Martholdy Pierre-Canel ‘21 Music allows artists to express themselves in different ways their listeners can connect to and enjoy. As the music industry expands, many artists find it difficult to label themselves as the music they make cannot fit in one genre. When black artists, especially, are constantly boxed into the genres of R&B and Rap, it is limiting … Read More

Women’s Clothing Sizes Need a Makeover

by Emily Siansky ‘22 Countless movie montages show teen girls sauntering through the mall with arms full of shopping bags. However, the stereotype that women love to shop is not the reality for many. Oftentimes women are unable to find the dress that fits like a dream or the perfect pair of jeans. A major issue with not finding the … Read More

The Fix: Conspiracy Theories and Fake News

by Apurva Mahajan ‘22 The Trump presidency was marked by an era of rampant fake news and conspiracy theories spreading across the internet. However, in a post-Trump time period, many have been left to wonder if these conspiracies have been rendered a permanent aspect in the new digital era of politics, or if fake news can be combated once and … Read More

SuperStraight Intends to Hate

by Joseph Oscilowski ‘22 Hate against the LGBT+ has always been present, and continues to rampage in our society, from verbal hate crimes to anti-LGBT protesting to murders to discrimination, we never really see an end to it. One of the most recent forms of hate and discrimination is the “SuperStraight” movement. The exact origins of this movement are yet … Read More