Reboot of ‘Party of Five’ Humanizes the Debate over DACA

by Julia Robins ‘20 What would you do if your parents suddenly were deported to Mexico? That’s what the five Acosta siblings, Emilio, Beto, Lucia, Valentina, and baby Rafa, must figure out in Freeform’s reboot of “Party of Five” that premiered on January 8. Fox’s hit teen drama that originally debuted in 1994 has been brought into the 21st century … Read More

No, I Don’t Like Dogs

by Sophia Wooden ’20  I am not a lover of animals. Specifically, I am not a lover of dogs. My mother is severely afraid of dogs: when she sees them on the street she will scream and push me in front of her. This has led me to not care for them either, and I think that’s ok. But, for … Read More

And the Oscar Should Go To…

by Adina Brenner ’20 The year has just begun and for many this beginning signifies the start of award show season; a time full of excitement and anticipation for both celebrities and fans. Just last weekend, millions of people across the country tuned in to watch their favorite musicians have the chance to be recognized for their achievements in the … Read More

“Meghxit” Is Long Overdue

by Ayana Antoine ’20 Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, have decided to step away from their royal lives. The announcement came after months of speculation but they finally confirmed their decision after the stress put on them by the British media. Since 2018, the couple faced extreme scrutiny, which added an unnecessary weight to their relationship. Both … Read More

Poem: A Bone to Pick

by Jonah Sachs ’20 I cannot think I cannot breathe or see or blink, For now, tonight, I start to sink, Down to a place beyond the brink. Below where I have been before, A new place with thoughts in store, Moving on from door to door, Breaking down within my core. Where comes this sense of breakage from? What … Read More

Social Media: Pandora’s Box of the Digital Age

by Carlee Malone ’20 Social media is an intractable part of adolescents’ lives. For many adults, this is a cause for concern and disapproval. However, these sites are ingrained in the day-to-day of today’s youth, acting as platforms for not just photos, but for seemingly everything: activism, humor, growing businesses, news. But perhaps teens shouldn’t be so dismissive about the … Read More

Change Grad Requirements

by Shirley Zheng ‘21 The state of Maryland has a set requirement of 21 total credits that every high school student must complete in order to graduate. Those 21 credits consist of three years of social studies, three years of science, four years of English, three years of mathematics, one year of fine arts, one year of technology education, a … Read More

The Flaws of Life360: Helicopter Parents Produce Sneaky Children

by Taylor Wallace ‘21 Parents these days are so quick to talk negatively about how new technology is ruining their children’s lives, yet use that same technology to invade their kids lives. Many parents have turned to numerous tracking apps in order to keep tabs on their kid’s location. One of the most popular is Life360. It is an app … Read More

Glorification of Drugs and Violence In Modern Music Is Very Dangerous

by Hannah Lee ‘21 Famous musicians are known for their high end and luxurious lifestyle. VIP lounges, private jets, expensive hotel rooms. Many people assume these musicians live a leisurely life whilst basking in such comforts. However, behind closed doors many of them are struggling with serious addiction and mental health issues. Their feelings are often conveyed through their lyrics … Read More

Making the Case for Who Should Win the 2020 Election

The Best Bet for Democrats by Lauren Hill ’22 For the past few months, several candidates have been on the campaign trail to become the 2020 democratic presidential nominee. On February 3, 2020 the first caucus will take place in Iowa, with the New Hampshire primary following on February 11.. Recent polls have shown former vice president, Joe Biden leading … Read More