Senior Assassin Pro-Con Piece

Senior Assassin is a popular game that high school seniors across the country play every spring. On May 8, MCPS sent an email warning families that the water guns that students use to play Senior Assassin can resemble actual weapons and that the game can lead to other unlawful behavior. The Warrior takes sides on whether the game is harmless … Read More

What Would Trump’s Second Term Look Like?

by Evelyn San Miguel ’26 As the chances of current President Joe Biden winning the presidency in November’s general election are proving to be a toss-up, the terrifying reality of another Trump presidency looms over a sea of concerns about America’s future. Biden’s approval ratings, especially among young people of color—who bolstered his way to the White House in 2020—have … Read More

DOJ in Right in Apple Antitrust Suit

by Ziv Golan ’26 On March 21, the Department of Justice sued Apple for violating antitrust laws and allegedly creating a “monopoly” on the smartphone industry. The lawsuit specifically points to how Apple only allows iPhone users to download apps made for iPhones. The lawsuit also alleges that Apple has banned the use of “super-apps,” apps that have a myriad … Read More

Ideas as Viruses

by Seph Fischer ’25 Over the past few years, most have become painfully familiar with the spread and proliferation of viruses. By infecting a single initial source, a disease like COVID-19 can quickly grow out of control and spread far beyond its point of inception. Considering the high levels of interconnectivity present in the globalized world of the 2020s, there’s … Read More

The Beauty Industry Targets Adolescents

by Aspen Weinberg ’25 For the past few years, many children, often aged eight to eleven years, have started to use skincare, health, and beauty products that are mainly aimed towards people decades older than them. Such products can be seen to decay the skin’s barrier against the sun’s ultra-violet rays and pollutants in the air. They have also proved … Read More

The Acceleration of Fashion Cycles

by Cliff Vacin ’25 Gone are the days of simple terms like “grunge,” “preppy,” and “goth,” and many styles now are full of buzzwords to bring fresh new titles to styles that in reality aren’t distinctive from past trends. Styles introduced through and made popular on social media, such as the “clean girl aesthetic,” “coastal grandma aesthetic,” “mob wife aesthetic,” … Read More

How Influences Feed Political Division

by Jordan Costolo ’25 As polarization between political and social ideas online becomes more of an issue, influencers who peddle their views within their respective spheres have risen in popularity. These influencers spread their opinions through posts on multiple different platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. These influencers’ online presence often spreads quickly, with their content moving across multiple … Read More

Who is going to win the 2024 Presidential Election?

Biden Has Hope for Second Term by Dylan Sondike ‘24 President Joe Biden’s worrisome approval rating and general election polling cannot be ignored; however, they should be taken with a grain of salt this far out from the November election. Biden’s current age of 81 has raised significant concerns among many voters. Despite being just four years younger, Former President … Read More

Let Patients Have a Choice with Their Assisted Deaths

by Randy Wang ‘24 Virginia lawmakers are considering legalizing physician-assisted deaths. Modern medicine, surgeries, and therapies can only delay illnesses such as terminal cancers and complex lung/heart or nervous diseases. Patients with these afflictions often end up in hospice care to ease their pain until they die from the disease. In these difficult and agonizing situations, these patients should have … Read More

Stop Obsessing over Celebrities

by Cliff Vacin ‘25 In the past couple of years, the relationship between celebrities and their fans has taken a huge shift. Obsessed fans of celebrities tend to have “parasocial” relationships, where a fan obsesses over a celebrity or online figure who doesn’t know they exist. The targets of these obsessions are typically media personalities, such as famous musicians, TV … Read More