Gillette’s ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Ad Receives Outrageous Pushback

by Sabina Jafri ‘20 The usual buzz this time of year, in the marketing world, is centered around Super Bowl TV advertisements. This year, it seems that another ad has stolen the spotlight just three weeks earlier and has been there ever since. Procter & Gamble, a multinational corporation that produces Gillette brand razors, released an approximately two-minute long video entitled … Read More

A Week at Maryland Boys State

by Nathan Lampshire ‘19 Waking up to an air horn screaming at 0445 hours every day of the week is difficult, especially when you only sleep 4 hours every night. Factor in getting yelled at by a Counselor in Charge, or CIC’s as we called them, and you are in for one hell of a week. What I am describing … Read More

Snapchat Filters Trigger New Mental Disorder

by Brynn Smith ‘19 For as long as people have had the tools, they have had the desire to change the way they look. It began with procedures like piercings, scarification, and tattooing and has evolved into the multi-billion dollar cosmetic surgery industry many people know today. Since the early 19th century, augmentation procedures have been used to enhance or correct physical … Read More

Pro v Con: DeVos Title IX Policy Change

This past fall, Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s publicly released changes to Title IX and Obama-era policies pertaining to sexual misconduct on publicly funded campuses. The changes included limiting the scope of colleges’ responsibility and requiring cross-examination of those involved. Two Warrior writers argue the merits of each side. Pro: DeVos Safeguards Rights of the Accused by Russell Irons … Read More

Affirmative Action Still Necessary in Admissions

Staff Editorial As is the case with many topics that include race and racial discrimination, the debate about affirmative action policies has been swamped by misleading and sometimes inaccurate claims. One of the most common misconceptions is that colleges and universities have racial quotas in which a certain percentage of each racial group must be admitted, when in fact, courts … Read More

Fashion and Pollution

by Maleeha Khan ‘19 We live in a world where fashion is a statement of who we are, and that image of ourselves is constantly changing. Thanks to large fast-fashion retailers, like Forever 21 and H&M, most of us can easily access affordable clothing to regularly refresh our wardrobes, and by extension, our image. Yet most don’t realize the catch to … Read More

Pro v Con: Sherwood Hall Sweeps

In an attempt to minimize the number of students late to class, Sherwood has instituted hall sweeps. After the late bell rings, teachers will lock their room for the first and last 10 minutes of class and not allow any students to enter class while administration and security round up any students not in class on time. The following two … Read More

Recent Bullet Finding Reveals a Lack of Adequate Procedure

Jonah Sachs ‘20  On Tuesday, November 27, students in an 11th grade English class found a .22-caliber bullet on the floor by a student’s desk. Minutes later, security arrived and the police were called, yet the handling of the situation as a whole was far from effective. Forty minutes after the bullet was found, an announcement was made over the … Read More

Catholic Sexual Abuse Scandal is Worrying Sight Worldwide

Liam Kennedy ‘19 Time after time it seems that the Catholic Church cannot get it together.  The Church in the United States has been hit with seemingly revelation after revelation of more priests accused of sexual abuse that were attached to some sort of cover-up or incorrect handling of the situation.  Prominent Church officials, two of which led the Archdiocese … Read More

Food Poisons

by Maleeha Khan ‘19  It’s very common for teenagers worldwide to choose prepackaged foods in place of a homemade snack. These prepackaged snacks are very convenient for students that have an overload of work or an extremely busy schedule, since they come cheap and are readily available. If a teen is hungry, they can simply buy a snack and satiate whatever … Read More