Praneel Suvarna Elected SMOB

by Ziv Golan ’26     

On April 17 nearly 60,000 MCPS middle and high school students cast their ballots in the 2024 SMOB election between Sam Ross, a current junior at Montgomery Blair High School, and Praneel Suvarna, a current junior at Clarksburg High School. The election process began with the nominating convention on February 14 when the final two candidates were chosen by over 400 delegates from all MCPS middle and high schools. Since then the final candidates ran their campaigns, visiting different schools and posting heavily on social media to communicate their policy goals.

The election came to a close with Praneel Suvarna narrowly winning with 53 percent of the vote, according to an MCPS press release. Survana campaigned for a variety of policies including creating a more welcoming space for transgender and non-binary students along with offering more inclusive school lunches (Halal, Kosher, Vegan, and Gluten Free options). He also wants to work towards making sure funds are being sent to schools that are in need of repairs along with working to combat institutionalized bias and hate within the county. His experience includes serving as vice president of the county-wide SGA and president of the junior class at Clarksburg.

The election ended very cordially with Ross congratulating Suvarna on social media and offering him the best of luck as SMOB. Suvarna also released a statement thanking Ross as well as his campaign team, along with promising to represent all MCPS students, even those who didn’t vote for him. Current SMOB Sami Saeed will continue serving in the role through June 30, and Suvarna will take the reins on July 1 of this year. The SMOB serves as a full voting member of the MCPS Board of Education and the position comes with a $5,000 college scholarship, Student Service Learning hours, and one honors-level social studies credit.