Bell finds Medium between Modeling and School Career

At school, Bell is often seen sporting casual jeans and a t-shirt or even her Medical Careers hospital scrubs; however, for a photo shoot Bell revels in the excitement that is the “glamification” process. “My favorite part is the enjoyment you are rewarded with,” she explained. “Getting dolled up, putting on some new, up-and-coming couture, and finally working with the photographer to create an image is so exciting.”

November Was One Heck of a Brodeo

“Brovember” could only be desrcibed by an original bro as “a time where everyone who’s a bro just gets together and we just sit around and be bros. There’s no arguing, there’s so fighting, no mentioning of girls or anything. It’s just hang out, have a good time, do things that bros do. It’s some good, old fashion male bonding.”