NBA All-Star Game Voting And Its Flaws

by Evan Joseph ’23 Most NBA fans were looking forward to the all-star weekend, and especially the game itself. Over the past few months the NBA’s fans, players, and media had decided who’s participating in this year’s game.  The NBA all-star game gives the fans 50 percent of the vote, and the players and media split the other half with … Read More

Sherwood’s Swim ‘Family’ Tackles Metros

by Kat Mahoney ’20 At Metros on February 5-8, Sherwood swim and dive team plunged into the pool at the Germantown Swim Center to go up against swim and dive teams from all over the metropolitan area. Metros are not the typical swim meet and swimmers must place in the top 20 in individual and relay events to advance to … Read More

Two Sherwood Students Race to State Meet

by Brenna Henderson ‘21 The 4A West Indoor Regional Championships took place on Thursday, February 6, at the Baltimore Armory. With an unusual surface choice of the track and a highly competitive field, Sherwood raced well but still placed 13th and 14th out of 16 teams for the boys and girls, respectively. Senior Sean Enright and sophomore Katie Kaneko both … Read More

On Sports: WNBA Takes on the Fight for Equality

by Jimmy Yates ’21 In January, 2020, the WNBA took a huge step for women’s equality in sports. According to The New York Times, the WNBA put into place a seven year contract, allowing players to receive as much as $500,00 compared to the $125,000 of the previous deal.  Early last year, the US National Women’s Soccer Team (USWNT)  filed … Read More

The Top 5 Storylines from the 2019-20 NFL Season

by Matt Rosenthal ’22 The NFL’s 100th season was one for the ages. For starters, the Patriots didn’t make the Super Bowl. The referees are still absolutely awful. The new ability to challenge a pass interference call failed miserably. Ravens’ quarterback Lamar Jackson won the MVP. He became the youngest player to do so and the second unanimous winner. With … Read More

Change Is Coming For The Redskins

by Evan Joseph ’23 The past few weeks have been more promising for the Redskins than anything during the past five years. With the hiring of a new, experienced coaching staff, a promising young core, the upcoming draft, and a strong defense, the Redskins should show be much improved starting next year. Over the off-season, the Redskins have already made … Read More

Female Firsts in Major League Sports

by Emily Siansky ‘22 Alyssa Nakken and Katie Sowers have made history: set a “first” in their respective sport. Nakken has been hired as the first full-time female coach in MLB history with the San Francisco Giants. Sowers will be the first female and openly gay coach in Super Bowl history. Ironically, Sowers coaches for the 49ers, another San Francisco-based … Read More

Poms Are ‘All In’ Ahead of Counties

by Adam Pfeiffer ‘20 After winning the Northwest Invitational by 117 points, the Blake Invitational by 49 points, and the Damascus Invitational by 51 points, the Sherwood pom team heads into counties as the heavy favorites, with the closest competition being Damascus.  The girls have been performing very well, but of course not perfect. “We have done really well throughout … Read More

Despite Tough Loss to Damascus, Boys’ Season Still Looks Promising

by Jackson Hongtong ‘21 The boys varsity basketball team have proven themselves as contenders this season up until this point, putting together a solid 5-4 record. Along with being tied for second in the 4A East division for their 2-1 divisional record, they are also third overall in overall record in the division. “We are all hungry and competitive to … Read More

Girls Basketball Team Off to a Very Dominant Start to the New Season

by Malec Fahmy ‘20 After posting one of their best regular seasons in years, the girls basketball team suffered a disappointing loss 50-48 to Blair in the second round of the playoffs last season. With a bitter end to what was a great 2018-2019 season, in which girls basketball finished with a regular season record of 18-4, this year’s squad … Read More