Montgomery County Looks to Avoid Disaster

by Noah Corman ‘19  With summer fast approaching, students look forward to weeks of carefree fun and make little effort to remember what they learned in school. But are they forgetting anything important?  The Montgomery County Board of Education says yes. Due to how easy it is to avoid anything with educational value, students are at a higher risk to … Read More

It’s Obvious: The Sun Is Cold

Do you believe in the various conspiracies on Buzzfeed Unsolved, think Bush did 9/11, or swear that the Earth is flat? Well, you’ll love this “hot” new conspiracy theory. by Owen Steffan ‘18  Recently, all I have been hearing about is how the Earth is flat. That is ludicrous. There is legitimate proof that the Earth is round and that … Read More

Mystery Shrouds Sudden Disappearance of Seniors

by Noah Corman ‘19  You may have noticed that there are noticeably fewer and fewer seniors in the hallways than usual. If so, you are not alone. Many staff members have spoken up about this mysterious occurrence, demanding answers from the SGA.   “I just don’t know what happened to them. One moment they’re here, and the next moment, they’re gone,” … Read More

Students Become Glued to Phones, Literally

by Noah Corman ’19 Many adults and parents, especially those of older generations, have said that kids and teenagers spend too much time on their phones. They have even joked that kids are glued to their phones, but that joke is now a reality. Teachers reportedly exhausted themselves trying to tell students to get off their devices, so they slackened … Read More

Everybody Hates Mitch: 10 Things with a Higher Approval Rating than Mitch McConnell

by Josh Averbach ’18 There are certain things that Americans all seem to like: apple pie, baseball, fireworks, and… hating Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. With an anemic approval rating of about 12 percent, the notoriously uncharismatic Kentucky Republican is more bogeyman than man of the people. In fact, McConnell is so unpopular that these ten things all have a … Read More

This Is Not Free Advertisement: A Preview of Lil $heep’s ‘$heep Year’

by Peter “Piper” Niverth ‘18 Sherwood has seen its fair share of local rappers, from the $aucy Boys to SteezyP to ICEE BOI and more. Each rapper records their own songs and posts them on SoundCloud. With his newest single, “Ty$on,” local rapper Lil $heep seeks his own spot in the Sherwood Rapping Hall of Fame. Lil $heep, the senior … Read More

Humor: Students Form Hall Pass Black Market

by Noah Corman ‘19 Sherwood’s administration is under scrutiny for its lack of attention given to important school issues. Of late, the school has focused its attention on misplaced and stolen hall passes while other school matter, such as academics, have taken a back seat. “My AP World class has a long-term substitute, and we’re worried we won’t be learning … Read More

Humor: Spoiled Brat Throws Tantrum after Rejected from University of Maryland

by Natalie Murray ‘18 Senior Chad Fitzgerald has everything he wants in life—a good group of friends, a cute girlfriend, a really nice car, a varsity letter from being the captain of the lacrosse team—but he does not have a college acceptance letter. After 18 years of having a perfect life where everything goes his way, Fitzgerald is struggling to … Read More