Administration Will Enforce Strict Dress Code To Improve Halloween

by Noah Corman ‘19 With Halloween fast approaching, the administration recently amended the Sherwood constitution. They added a provision that aims to make this Halloween the most productive one ever. It calls for formal costumes only, including and limited to a lawyer, doctor, or other job with a six-figure salary. Students are expected to take part in activities that will … Read More

Sherwood Purge Boosts Student Behavior

by Russell Irons ‘19 “Good morning, Sherwood family! This is not a drill. This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the first annual ‘Purge’ sanctioned by the Sherwood administration. Commencing the bell, all infractions, including open lunch, will be legal during fifth period. Security and emergency medical services will be unavailable until sixth period at 11:59 a.m., … Read More

Local Party Stores Refuse To Sell Fortnite Costumes

by Liam Kennedy ‘19 Halloween costumes based on skins from the popular free-to-play video game Fortnite may be in jeopardy after local party stores came together and agreed to prohibit the sale of Fortnite costumes. Party stores such as Party USA, Party City, The Party Co., and The Party Place, along with big box stores Target and Walmart in Montgomery … Read More

Candy Tax Devastates Youth

by Nathan Lampshire ‘19 Montgomery County created yet another tax that will surely test residents’ integrity this Halloween. The tax allows the government to collect 23 cents for each individual piece of candy on the Monday after Halloween. The tax was created to combat obesity and to generate more revenue for government-funded projects. However, the government is concerned that youth … Read More

Humor Section Becomes A Disaster after All of the Funny People Graduate

 by Jared Schwartz ‘18  The Warrior is in a dire situation with the imminent graduation of the Class of 2018, as all of the funny people will soon be gone. It is unclear how the Humor section will survive once anyone with any sense of humor whatsoever has left. The bleak future for the Humor section is not good for … Read More

Senior Implements Spring Cleaning Routine

by Natalie Murray ‘18  Over spring break, Sherwood students had a variety of plans: some went on vacation, some did college tours, some stayed home and studied, and some – namely, senior Makayla Smithe – did some spring cleaning.  Unlike traditional spring cleaning, in which a person sorts through clothes, shoes, knickknacks, and other possessions, throwing away or donating anything … Read More

Montgomery County Looks to Avoid Disaster

by Noah Corman ‘19  With summer fast approaching, students look forward to weeks of carefree fun and make little effort to remember what they learned in school. But are they forgetting anything important?  The Montgomery County Board of Education says yes. Due to how easy it is to avoid anything with educational value, students are at a higher risk to … Read More

It’s Obvious: The Sun Is Cold

Do you believe in the various conspiracies on Buzzfeed Unsolved, think Bush did 9/11, or swear that the Earth is flat? Well, you’ll love this “hot” new conspiracy theory. by Owen Steffan ‘18  Recently, all I have been hearing about is how the Earth is flat. That is ludicrous. There is legitimate proof that the Earth is round and that … Read More

Mystery Shrouds Sudden Disappearance of Seniors

by Noah Corman ‘19  You may have noticed that there are noticeably fewer and fewer seniors in the hallways than usual. If so, you are not alone. Many staff members have spoken up about this mysterious occurrence, demanding answers from the SGA.   “I just don’t know what happened to them. One moment they’re here, and the next moment, they’re gone,” … Read More