Pretty Little Secrets All Need a Beginning

by Taylor Fernandez ’14 The much anticipated season 3 of “Pretty Little Liars” airs this January on ABC Family, but this past Halloween, a special one-hour event gave the audience a story before the story; a look at the pretty little liars before they got their title, before the drama, before ‘A.’ Let me explain. The four ‘pretty little liars,’ … Read More

Bring Something to Hide Behind

by Isabel Paterson ’12   To be completely honest, I cannot give a fully accurate review on the movie Paranormal Activity 3 because quite frankly, I was hiding in my sweatshirt for the majority of it. From what I did see though, this was one creepy freakin’ movie. Continuing along the theme of the movie’s priors, a family moves into … Read More

Beavis and Butt-Head

by Christopher Jou ’12 What is “Beavis and Butt-Head” doing back after 15 years of being off the air? I’m not sure why either, but let’s see why it doesn’t really need to be back. For those of you who are unaware of what “Beavis and Butt-Head” is, it was a show in the 90s featuring delinquent metal–heads, Beavis and … Read More

Hollywood’s Clash with Politics

by Connor Martin ’13 The Olney Theatre Center has several shows playing each month in its different theatres. In July, one of the shows that graced the stage of Olney Theatre was “Farragut North,” a political thriller based loosely off of the 2004 presidential campaign for Howard Dean, that was extended past its original ending date several times. “Farragut North,” … Read More

The New Girl on Television

by Melissa Fajardo ’13 Zooey Deschanel stars as Jess in Fox’s new series “New Girl” as a quirky young woman who moves into an apartment with three strangers after a bad break up.  Three guys I might add. As the friendship between Jess and her roommates become stronger, the less tolerable I become of her dimwitted personality. I’ve been a … Read More

#Verified: Edwards’s Rise to Fame

by Ellen Kirkness ’12 Lady GaGa has 13,515,266, Barack Obama has 10,080,687, Daniel Tosh has 3,392,389 and Wiz Khalifa has 2,950,588. Followers on Twitter, that is. Next to each of their names, a small blue check appears. This check verifies, for the sake of the follower, that the tweeting celebrity that a follower wishes to monitor is indeed that person … Read More

SuperHeavy’s New Album is ‘Super’bly Put Together

SuperHeavy’s debut album generates the return of the supergroup with an unconventional but winning mixture of Bollywood, Rock, and Reggae. by Christopher Jou ‘12 Given the abundance of album releases this autumn, it is difficult for any band to stand out in the crowd, but when such high-profile celebrities release an album, it is almost impossible to fade into the … Read More

Who Let the ‘Dogs’ Out?

by Briana Applewhite ’13 There is a thin yet important line between meaningful violence and violence that is simply unnecessary. “Straw Dogs” falls into the latter distinction. Intended to be a suspenseful thriller that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, the movie instead repels viewers with cliché scare tactics and a ridiculous plot. Set in Blackwater, Mississippi, … Read More

‘Tree of Life’ Roots Itself in Confusion

by Leah Schroeder ’13 Cinematography-wise, it was magnificent, but conceptually, there still aren’t words to express the full extent of my persisting confusion. Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life,” simply left me, and the rest of the audience, perplexed and slightly disturbed. Even now, I’m not entirely sure what the plot was. There is a 1950s family headed by a … Read More

‘Game of Thrones’ Offers Plenty for the Attentive Viewer

by Christopher Jou ‘12 A medieval fantasy series? Mature audiences only? It’s about time. With the majority of television shows either family-friendly sitcoms or reality television, I had been waiting for a series that makes me want to watch TV again. “Game of Thrones” premiered on April 17 and so far has been met with critical acclaim. A fairly amazing … Read More