Midterm Aftermath Murky as Democrats Keep Senate, Lose House

by Matt Kauffman ‘23 The projected “Red Wave” of Republican winners in the 2022 midterm elections fell short of previous predictions, with GOP candidates underperforming in both chambers of Congress as Democrats maintained slim control of the Senate with a 51 to 49 margin after Raphael Warnock’s runoff victory in Georgia, and the Republicans gained a slight majority in the … Read More

Genetic Genealogy Solves Crimes

by Anna Haas ‘23 Though most people know genealogy as the study of families and lineages, the term genetic genealogy is less common. Genetic genealogy is the combination of DNA analysis and traditional genealogy research to discover leads in crime cases. Genetic genealogy is most often used to help solve cold cases through the examination of nearly half a million … Read More

What Does The FBI’s Raid on Trumps Mar-a-Lago Property Mean for Him?

by Declan Rooney ‘25 Q: Why did the FBI raid Mar-a-Lago? A: The FBI raided Mar-a-Lago because former President Trump may have violated the Espionage Act by moving classified documents from the White House to his private residence. Q: What is the Espionage Act? A: The Espionage Act of 1917 was part of the National Government’s effort to contain criticism … Read More

Senate Elections Worry Dems

by Alexis Booker ‘23 In the last national election in 2020, Democrats ended up with 50 out of 100 seats in the Senate, gaining a majority due to Vice President Kamala Harris who is responsible for breaking ties. With the 2022 midterms less than a week away, predictions have fluctuated between either party having the possibility of controlling the Senate. … Read More

Democrats Still Expected To Lose the House

by Matt Kauffman ‘23 As the 2022 midterm elections approach, Democrats face the possibility of losing control of the House of Representatives. They currently hold an eight seat lead in the House after Republican Sarah Palin lost in a special election in Alaska to Democrat Mary Peltola. Currently, 220 House seats are Democratic, 212 are Republican, and three are vacant. … Read More

Misinformation Spreads about Illinois Law Ending Cash Bail

by John Castle ‘25 A new law enacted in Illinois, titled the SAFE-T act, that takes effect on January 1 is resulting in misleading information and controversy to spread across social media with people naming the new policy “The Purge Law.” Under the new law, Illinois citizens who are charged with a crime will not have to pay bail in … Read More

Military Is Facing a Massive Recruiting Deficit

by Payton Seppala ‘23 Across the nation, a growing number of young Americans are deciding against joining the service. Because of this, the military is currently confronting the worst recruiting environment since the end of the Vietnam War in the mid-1970s. Combined, all branches of the military have completed less than 85 percent of their recruitment goals and are dealing … Read More

Unions Are Riding a Wave by Capitalizing Off Each Other’s Success

by Solaiman Hassanin ‘23 From Portland shipyard painters to airline flight attendants to nightclub dancers in California, workers across a plethora of fields are turning more and more toward unions for representation. Last spring, workers in an Amazon warehouse in Staten Island, New York, voted to unionize. Employees at Starbucks locations in 33 states have already unionized. In Baltimore, Apple … Read More

UN Demands Action to Save African Climate Disaster

by Alexis Booker ‘23 More than ever, the effects of climate change have been evident all over the world, most prominently in Africa. Recently, the UN held an Africa Climate Week from August 29-September 2 in Libreville, Gabon to address the intensifying consequences of climate change throughout the continent.  During the event, the UN focused on creating partnerships between global … Read More

Vancouver Crafts Unconventional Approach to Opioid Epidemic

by Matt Kauffman ‘23 In recent years, doctors in Vancouver, British Columbia, have begun to take part in an unconventional and seemingly radical approach to deal with a national and global spike in opioid-related overdose deaths. Clinics have sprung up around Canada’s westernmost major city that provide supervised, controlled doses of fentanyl to opioid addicts in order to eliminate aspects … Read More