Congress Conducts Investigation Into Gamestop’s Stock Surge

by Nicholas Schade ‘23   On February 18, the House Financial Services Committee held a virtual hearing addressing Gamestop’s unprecedented stock spike last month. In the hearing, Gamestop stock buyers and Wall Street professionals each presented testimony on the issue, but it remains a very open question what, if any, action might result from the inquiry. In late December 2020 … Read More

Success of Vaccine Rollout Depends on the State

by Emory Gun ‘22   The long awaited vaccine for Covid-19 is finally here in the United States, but some states are having trouble getting the shots distributed efficiently. Maryland’s vaccine rollout has been relatively slower to other states, ranking in the bottom third. However, this past week Maryland pharmacies are now allowed to administer vaccines in hopes to speed … Read More

Denver’s STAR Program Offers Alternative to Police Response

by Aidan Trump ‘21   This past summer, the United States  saw millions of people from all walks of life stand in solidarity with the Black community after George Floyd and numerous other black people were killed at the hands of the police. Protests were held, demonstrators marched through the streets, and calls for reform were made. “Defund the police” … Read More

The Impact of Cancelling Student Loan Debt

by Lauren Hill ‘22 Since President Joe Biden took office on January 21, federal student loan borrowers have been eagerly waiting to see if he will fulfill his campaign promise to cancel $10,000 of loans per person. However, it is unclear if and when borrowers will receive cancellation for their loans. Recently, Biden has been facing pressure from fellow Democrats … Read More

Widespread Russian Protests Signal It’s Time For a Change

by Seth Kauffman ‘21 In recent weeks, demonstrators have packed Russian city streets and town centers following the arrest of opposition leader Alexei Navalny on January 17. The protests were met with harsh resistance by the Russian government, but have garnered the support of tens of thousands across the country, many of whom have never protested before. According to some … Read More

Impeachment Trial Dispatches

by Jimmy Yates ‘21 Intro:  Former President Donald Trump was impeached in the House of Representatives for inciting an insurrection on January 6, when he held a rally outside the White House, continued claims of fraudulent voting results, and urged his supporters to march down to the U.S. Capitol, where they turned violent and breached the Capitol. While Trump is … Read More

Vaccine Distribution Not as Fast as Expected

by Nicholas Schade ‘23 The Food and Drug Administration issued emergency use of the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine December 11 and the Moderna vaccine December 18 to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. As of January 19, over 16.5 million doses of both vaccines have been used. Although both of the vaccines have been found to be close to 95% effective in preventing Covid-19 … Read More

Change-makers and News-shakers: Deb Haaland

by Lizzy Hermosilla 23’ In America’s long history, it took until 2018 for the first Native American women,  Rep. Deb Haaland (NM) and Rep. Sharice Davids (KS), to be elected to Congress. And no Native American has served as a cabinet secretary, well, until Haaland’s nomination by the Biden-Harris administration to become Secretary of the Interior. Haaland was born in … Read More

How These Countries Contained Covid-19

by Naomi Bang ‘23 A quick glance at a coronavirus world map reveals that while infection rates continue to surge in many countries, nearly half the world is on the path to recovery … or never had a huge outbreak in the first place. Photos show crowds of strangers enjoying concerts and New Year’s celebrations. How is this possible?  Though … Read More

The Creation Of A Fascist: Youtube And The Alt-Right Pipeline

by Apurva Mahajan ‘22 Everyone knows the story of the underdog, succeeding when everyone thought the odds were all against him. But what happens when that same underdog turns to the wrong people? With the formation of parasocial relationships and the rise of content creator influencers, young people, particularly white teenage boys, are subject to becoming indoctrinated into far-right ideologies, … Read More