The GOP’s Civil War

by Matt Kauffman ‘23 In recent years, intense polarization has occurred between the two main political parties of the United States, but another shift has gone somewhat under the radar in the post-Trump era: the increasing divisions within the Republican party itself. There are those who wholeheartedly back Trump and embrace his mentality, and there are those like Reps. Liz … Read More

Democrats Struggle To Hold onto Congress

by Alexis Booker ‘23 United States citizens demonstrated their enthusiasm to vote in November of 2020, creating the largest voter turnout in American history with almost 160 million voters total. Both Democrats and Republicans showed up to the polls displaying their strength in numbers. Democrats prevailed with over 81 million votes while Republicans still managed to secure over 74 million. … Read More

Push for Vaccination Requirements in Europe and U.S. in Retreat

by Charlotte Koderhold ‘23 As Covid-19 cases are declining rapidly across the United States after the surge of Omicron, the most infectious variant yet, European countries are currently still facing peaks of reported cases, leaving many additional people immunized. These altered conditions have prompted governments to lift their restrictions and rethink their vaccination requirements as the numbers of first dose … Read More

Affirmative Action in Danger

by Apurva Mahajan ‘22 The Supreme Court announced on January 24 that it would hear two cases related to affirmative action to determine the legality of race-conscious admissions at Harvard and the University of North Carolina (UNC). The cases would be heard in October, with a verdict around June 2023. Because of the 6-3 conservative majority among the justices, many … Read More

U.S. Troops on the Ground in Ukraine Remains Unlikely

by Camilo Illanes ‘22 With the Russia/Ukraine war now reaching five weeks of fighting, many young Americans are wondering–and worrying–whether they will be drafted to fight Russia and help aid Ukraine. However, this common anxiety is largely the result of misinformation from social media platforms such as TikTok. The reality is that the possibilities of America reinstating the draft for … Read More

Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates Seven Decades on the Throne

by Anna Haas ‘23 Many people are fascinated by the drama, splendor, and historical significance of the British Royal Family. Now, the fascination will continue as the eyes of millions fixate on the events that will celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee as she marks 70 years on the throne. Queen Elizabeth is one of the most famous and beloved … Read More

Covid-19 May Soon Be Endemic Worldwide

by Riley Sandoval ‘22 After two years of the coronavirus pandemic, people are eager to move on with their lives. The more transmissible Omicron variant is bringing many hope for a finish line. Some countries are looking towards Covid-19 as endemic rather than as a pandemic. While it is too early to deem Covid-19 as endemic worldwide, some countries, including … Read More

Timeline of War in Ukraine

Compiled by Camilo Illanes ‘22 February 24 Putin authorizes “special military operations,” launching an invasion on Ukraine. Russian forces begin missile and ground attacks, striking major Ukrainian cities including the capitol Kyiv. The United States responds with sanctions on Russian banks that cause the Moscow stock exchange to plummet 45 percent. February 28 The Ukrainian forces surprisingly have a fierce … Read More

When Will Gas Prices Go Down?

by Selene Ashwood ‘22 Last year the United States saw the biggest hike in inflation rate of the last 40 years at seven percent. This economic shift has resulted in increased prices of goods significant to everyday life such as gasoline. Many teenagers seem oblivious as to the origins of this. But it is important to understand how it got … Read More

Entertainment Media Exposes OxyContin Manufacturer

by Matt Kauffman ‘23 In recent years, entertainment media, including Hulu’s miniseries Dopesick based on Beth Macy’s book, and Patrick Radden Keefe’s investigative work Empire of Pain, has exposed the ugly truth behind the opioid epidemic in America. Purdue Pharma and its owners, the Sackler family, have faced massive public scrutiny recently after their cover-up and exploitation of the effects … Read More