Local Parks to Run, Walk, and Bike as the Weather Warms Up

by Marissa Harris ‘22 Click here for pictures of each park Lake Needwood, North Rockville Distance/Challenge: One can walk, run, or bike over seven miles. Some parts of the trails can be hilly. Popularity/Crowds: Many people love to go there and it can get crowded, especially on weekends, but it is a very large space with wide trails and easy … Read More

Planning for Spring Break 2021

by Victoria Martinez ‘23 Spring break is right around the corner and unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic is still around. After being cooped up for a year, the increasing vaccination rates and declining number of infections in the United States are tempting many to travel this spring break, but is there a safe way to do so?  The Centers for Disease … Read More

Air Travel Is Becoming More Covid-Safe

by Jimmy Yates ‘21 As spring break and summer approach, many people are contemplating going on vacation and taking trips they could not take last year due to the pandemic. Airplanes may not seem like a well-ventilated or socially distanced way of traveling, but research shows they aren’t as unsanitary or unsafe as we believed.  Experts say planes are a … Read More

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Increases Availability

by Jay Joseph ‘22 The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revealed in an analysis Wednesday that Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose Covid-19 vaccine met the requirements for emergency use authorization, deeming it safe and effective for the public. Unlike the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine does not require ultra-cold freezers for storage, increasing availability by making it … Read More

Covid-19 Survivors May Only Need One Shot

by Jimmy Yates ‘21   The New York Times recently reported study results showing people who already contracted and survived Covid-19 may only need one dose of the vaccine, as they already have a higher-than-normal level of antibodies to the virus. The Pfizer vaccine was found to be 85-percent effective two to four weeks after just the first shot. When … Read More

New Covid-19 Variants Arrive in Maryland

by Victoria Martinez ‘23 Multiple variants of Covid-19 have been identified, and two have been found in Maryland. How do they differ from one another–and the original virus–and how are the vaccines responding to these new variants? Gov. Larry Hogan announced January 30 that the South African variant is present in Maryland, and health officials are concerned about whether the … Read More

Road Salt Causes Unseen Damage to Environment

by Avery Prudenti ‘22 Anyone in Olney who looked outside their window over the past few weeks often saw snow on the ground. Along with that winter precipitation comes the salt covering the roads. This regular practice works as an effective way to clear the roads of snow quickly, and sometimes without the need of a snow plower at all. … Read More

Pets Have Post-Quarantine Anxiety

by Anna Haas ‘23 When quarantine began, people quickly turned to their pets for companionship and happiness. Pets have provided immense help by simply being there. But what is going to happen to them when families go back to work and school? Pets have become as used to people being home as their owners have to being home with them. … Read More

Face Masks Posing Threat to the Environment

by Amanda Lo ‘21 When coronavirus began surging through the world last year, people rushed to purchase face masks, disinfectant, and gloves from every store.  After nearly a year, the waste produced as a result of coronavirus has piled up  throughout the environment, which is proving to be disastrous.  The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated another 89 million disposable masks … Read More