Social Butterflies vs. Homebodies During a Pandemic

by Avery Prudenti ’21 Seeing friends, hanging out, and living life to the fullest are things that have been put on hold for a lengthy time now. This social withdrawal has affected everyone as many people thrive off of human contact in social settings such as parties, school, or just being with friends. But there are others who like to … Read More

Why Experts Say It’s Crucial To Get the Flu Shot

by Naomi Bang 23’ Once again, the flu season is approaching, leaving many asking, “Should I get my flu shot?” According to experts, the answer is unequivocally yes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urges patients to get a flu vaccine this season because it is the primary step in preventing influenza virus.  Health officials are particularly enforcing … Read More

Double-Trouble: Flu Season and the Coronavirus Pandemic

by Peyton Blumenfeld ‘22 The flu season is about to begin, but Covid-19 continues to show no signs of ending. Many doctors fret that both viruses will infect a host simultaneously and a double epidemic will create a huge burden on the health care system. What does this mean for the health and safety of civilians and will the similarity … Read More

Blue Light Glasses: Help or Hoax?

by Tori Newby ‘22 Prior to the global pandemic, teenagers already were spending countless hours looking at screens, but now with online learning, screen time has increased tremendously. I began to realize over the last few weeks that after hours on Zoom, my eyes would unfocus occasionally, and sometimes I would get headaches. I bought a cheap pair of blue … Read More

Creating Frankenstein? The Ethics of Gene Modification

by Ella Scher ‘23 Humans have long held in the highest respect and fear those who they believe have the power to “play God.” This fear derives from the oldest of times, first documented in a novel, perhaps, in Mary Shelley’s Romantic novel “Frankenstein,” in which “a pale student of unhallowed arts” sets out to be a modern Prometheus and … Read More

The Result of Climate Change: California’s Worst Wildfires Yet

by Ella Casey ‘21 3,472,947 estimated acres burned. 6,223 structures damaged or destroyed. 25 people dead. These are the results of this year’s endless wildfire incidents in California, which have covered the state in a haze of smog. Climate change is not getting any better and these are the consequences. Previously, the record for California’s largest wildfire had been the … Read More

The Scientific Efficiency of Wearing the Right Mask

by Lucy Sokol ‘21 Masks. Within the past few months, they have become one of the most essential items you need when leaving the house. While masks help prevent you from contracting and/or spreading the Covid-19 virus, it is beneficial to know the science and analytics behind that piece of material you cover your nose and mouth with.  According to … Read More

CDC Findings Misinterpreted by Some Downplaying Pandemic

by Seth Kauffman ‘21 In a recent report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that 6 percent of the total coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) deaths were caused only by the virus itself, and the remaining 94 percent were patients with other conditions or diseases.  This statement, posted to the organization’s website on August 26 as part of … Read More

Where Are We in Finding a Vaccine or Treatment for the Coronavirus?

by Sudha Sudhaker ‘21 The current outbreak of COVID-19 has sparked global anxiety and concern. The novel coronavirus, now called SARS-CoV-2, causes the disease COVID-19. Even though the world is several months into the coronavirus pandemic, experts still have not yet found an effective treatment because there is too much that is still unknown about the virus. COVID-19 is a … Read More

Did NASA Really Find a Parallel Universe?

by Ella Casey ‘21 For many, it seems like 2020 keeps bringing out new, crazy events, which is probably why the news articles claiming that NASA found evidence of a parallel universe to ours in which time runs backwards began quickly circulating the internet–and people believe it with ease after all the havoc the year has dug up. The truth … Read More