Colleges Are Unsure on Modified Schedules

by Connor Pugh ’24 The main draw to doing internships or a dual enrollment schedule is the promise of future success in academic pursuits beyond college. If a student has their heart set on a specific major and profession they want to specialize in, dual enrollment or internships gives them a head start in developing specific skills for that field. … Read More

Electives Affected by Alternative Schooling

by Audrey Farris ‘25 This school year there are an increasing number of alternative education opportunities for upperclassmen, mainly early college dual enrollment through Montgomery College or University of Maryland and half-day/abbreviated schedules for students with jobs or internships. More and more students are taking advantage of these opportunities, which has decreased enrollment in Sherwood’s elective courses and raises the … Read More

Dual Enrollment Now a Free Option at MC

by George Awkard ‘25 The Dual Enrollment program offers a gateway to college that all students enrolled at MCPS high schools can experience. Both MCPS and Montgomery College (MC) work in synergy to provide a hybrid or full experience of college at MC with students who attend regularly. Dual Enrollment through MC allows students to earn college credit and even … Read More

Hallway Clampdown Has Proven Effective

by Ziv Golan ‘26 Like many high schools throughout Montgomery County and the rest of the country, Sherwood for years has confronted the problem of students skipping classes by wandering the halls and hanging around corridors and in school bathrooms. Such behavior hurts those students academically, but also it raises concerns about school security and safety when there are people … Read More

It’s Academic Tests Students Knowledge

by Randy Wang ‘24 With no requirements such as GPA or specific classes, students from all grade levels can compete and answer trivia questions in the It’s Academic club. These competitions are often featured on TV, with Sherwood facing off against different schools within MCPS and around the area. The club meetings are held every Wednesday after school from 2:30 … Read More

MCPS Monitoring Air Quality and Temp in Schools

by Cliff Vacin ‘25 Around Sherwood, there has been an increase in the monitors that assess air quality and specific air pollutants as well as measure environmental factors such as temperature or humidity. The Indoor Air Quality Sensors were placed in all MCPS schools over the summer in classrooms, media centers, all-purpose rooms, and in some hallways. According to an … Read More

Seniors Tackle College Applications after Affirmative-Action Ban

by Hannah Mushawar ‘24 Affirmative action was a pivotal process included within college admissions. It was viewed as a breakthrough in the advancement of educational equality, recognizing the unequal access to education throughout history. The June 29 Supreme Court decision on affirmative action effectively ends race-conscious admissions practices in higher education. “Affirmative action is one way to contextualize the opportunities … Read More

News Brief: November 2023 Current Events

Testing Platform Issues Lead to PSAT Shutdown by Katie Ng ’25 The College Board built a month-long testing window for administering the PSAT. Sherwood planned to administer the test on October 11 but had to reschedule it for October 24 due to challenges on the College Board’s testing site. The College Board released a statement apologizing for the late start … Read More

“Significant and Troubling:”

MCPS Confronts Systematic Failures in Light of Investigations into Farquhar Principal by Evelyn San Miguel ‘26 MCPS is currently under fire for the promotion of former Farquhar Principal Joel Beidleman, whose years of alleged bullying and harassment were made public in August in a lengthy investigative article by the Washington Post. In the following weeks, the county responded by hiring … Read More

Some AP Tests Move Digital

by Devin Kosiorowski ‘24 This year Sherwood had the option to voluntarily offer digital formats for some AP exams and among the classes that made the switch were AP Computer Science Principles, AP European History, AP Modern World History, and AP United States History. APUSH teacher Caitilin Thompson decided to have her students take the digital exam. “Potential pros [of … Read More