School Came Up Short Communicating with Students about Covid

by Gabi Admi ‘23 these past few years have been strange, even after returning to in-person instruction. At the beginning of the school year, sitting in a classroom with so many new restrictions felt odd. We had to stay 6 feet apart, keep masks on at all times, and ask permission to eat or drink outside the classroom. Yet as … Read More

Senior Interns Get Hands-on Start on Careers through Pathway Courses

by Avery Prudenti ’22 One of the many opportunities that Sherwood has to offer is its career pathway courses. These programs focus on teaching students the proper basic skills and occupational training that will aid them in earning credentials for jobs related to a specific pathway. The two most prevalent courses at Sherwood are the Academy of Health Professions (AoHP) … Read More

Financial Security Varies after Graduation

by Apurva Mahajan ’22 For the 2021-2022 school year, the average cost of tuition alone in the United States was $38,070 at private schools, and ranging from $10,740 to $27,560 at public schools. That doesn’t even factor into room and board and other expenses which add onto the increasingly expensive cost of going to a four-year university. The average student … Read More

One Last Blast of Fun Before Summer Kicks Off

by Tori Newby and Madison Tringone ’22 Teams are going all out for the culminating event of the year: Senior Assassin. Groups of four to five seniors are assigned another team to target with water weapons, who they must “kill” before moving on to the next target. Sherwood grounds during school hours or during school-sponsored events are “no-kill” zones, as … Read More

Seniors of Color Reflect on Past Four Years at Sherwood

by Daisia Smith ’22 Sherwood has many students with unique cultures and ethnicities whose opinions are vital to showing the diversity of the student body. As seniors of color prepare to cross the graduation stage next week, some shared their experiences from the past four years. For students to succeed at school, they must feel a sense of comfort and … Read More

One Sherwood Forever, Minus Returns as Graduation Speaker

by Yusra Husain ’22 Former Sherwood Principal Dr. Eric L. Minus is set to be the graduation commencement speaker for the Class of 2022. Earlier in the school year, the Class voted for the speaker to be a member of the community rather than a staff member at Sherwood. In February, Minus was selected for the honor through a nomination … Read More

Manandhar Is Resigning from Sherwood To Embark on Journey of Self Discovery

by Lizzy Hermosilla ‘23 The computer science program at Sherwood has thrived over the past five years in large part because of the expertise of teacher Swikrit Manandhar who has taken on teaching the heft of the computer science classes offered at Sherwood, such as AP Computer Science Principles and AP JAVA. Manandhar has decided to resign at the end … Read More

MCPS Continues Anti-Racist Efforts in Schools

by Emily Siansky ‘22 From March 1 to March 31, MCPS students from fourth to twelfth grade completed a survey as a part of the greater MCPS systemwide Anti-Racist Audit. The exact date the survey was taken is up to the discretion of each school, and Sherwood students completed it during homeroom on March 10. Students were offered the option … Read More

King Sparks Interest for Global Politics Through New AP Comparative Gov. Class

by Yusra Husain and Rachel Klein ‘22 AP Comparative Government was reintroduced this year at Sherwood by social studies teacher Michael King after being discontinued about a decade ago. When King arrived at Sherwood five years ago, AP CompGov stood out to him as a class he wanted to bring back to the school in the near future. “I know … Read More

Parent Organizations Create Inequities Among Schools

by Madison Tringone ‘22 A recurring question for many years within MCPS is whether or not the funding is equal when comparing schools in higher poverty areas with those in more affluent areas. Although MCPS has strict formulas for ensuring schools are funded equally for day-to-day operations, there may be drastic disparities in funding for athletics and other extracurriculars because … Read More