MCPS Delays Reopening as Cases Continue To Rise

by Jay Joseph ‘22 The MCPS Board of Education voted 7-1 to push back the previous start date of February 1 to March 15 for school reopening, almost exactly a year after schools closed, and will meet again February 23 to vote on the date. The board reviewed the metrics of January 11, where the 14-day average of new cases … Read More

MCPS Adjusts Grading as Many Students Struggle

by Emily Siansky ‘22 Starting on November 30, MCPS adjusted the grading policy after finding students, especially those who are from a disadvantaged community, have higher failing rates than normal. These adjustments include alterations to the Progress Checks, a reduction to the number of graded assignments in both the Assessments and the Practice/Preparation categories, extending due dates to accommodate late … Read More

Students’ Approach to Socializing during the Pandemic Varies

by Jenna Bloom ‘21 As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, millions of people nationwide are still figuring out ways to socialize with their family and friends, whether that means following CDC guidelines or not. In a survey sent out to Sherwood students last month before national and local cases spiked and new restrictions were announced, results showed an uneven response on … Read More

A College Application Year Like No Other

by Seth Kauffman ‘21 For high school seniors applying to college, the application process has looked a little different this year. Universities across the country have adjusted their policies to account for the academic challenges posed by the pandemic, but many students are still quite unsure about how their applications are being assessed. Often thought to be the quintessential piece … Read More

MCPS Prepares Buildings for In-Person Learning

by Bryan Kim ‘23 The MCPS Board of Education has recently assessed and approved a plan to start a hybrid model of learning for the second semester. Once certain health metrics are met, MCPS will begin a phased-in return to in-person instruction. MCPS will start by integrating students who are in specific special education and Career and Technical Education (CTE) … Read More

Despite Promise, Vaccine Unlikely To Jumpstart In-Person School This Spring

by Solaiman Hassanin ‘23 At the start of November, Pfizer, one of the many companies working on a coronavirus vaccine, came out with news that trials showed that its vaccine was 95-percent successful. In mid-November, Moderna reported that its vaccine was 94-percent successful and Pfizer has asked for an emergency authorization for the use of their vaccine. Shipments have begun … Read More

MCPS Tweaks Health Metrics for Reopening Plan

 by Jay Joseph ‘22 MCPS announced its altered plans for partial in-person learning after working to closer align its metrics with those of the CDC, Gov. Larry Hogan, and state and local health officials. MCPS simplified its metrics to reduce confusion, mainly relying upon the 14-Day Average New Case Rate by the MD Calculation model. MCPS also decided to allow … Read More

Ways to Whisk the Winter Blues Away

by Hannah Lee ’21 As the temperature drops and nightfall approaches faster, many people find themselves dealing with worsened mental health while also struggling to find the motivation to complete everyday tasks. There is indeed a scientific reason for this phenomenon.  Seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD, is a type of depression which typically occurs at the beginning of … Read More

Going Solo on the Driver’s Test

by Riley Sandoval ‘22 Like most things during the pandemic, the way teens receive their driver’s licenses has also changed. The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) has modified the drivers test for a provisional license in order to follow the guidelines laid out by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).  With the modified exam, the driving … Read More

MCPS Will Likely Not Reopen for In-Person Instruction

by Jay Joseph ‘22 MCPS evaluated and approved a provisional plan to prepare for a partial in-person reopening. However, based on the tentative criteria given for in-person learning, it seems unlikely that more than a few students will return for in-person instruction during this school year.  The Parent Preference Survey MCPS emailed to parents will play a major role in … Read More