Grades in MCPS Continue To Flourish without Semester Exams

by Jimmy Yates ’21 Students across Montgomery County continue to earn higher grades in core academic classes three years after the change in the grading system. According to analysis by the Washington Post, students are currently earning grades 32-percent higher than they were earning in 2015, the last year of using the old grading system. In 2015, the MCPS Board … Read More

MCPS Policies To Restrict International Trips

by Sarah Nove ’20 The annual French exchange will no longer take place as of this school year due to changes in Sherwood’s procedure regarding international travel. Sherwood was randomly selected by MCPS for a payroll audit, which found that the school’s procedure for international trips conflicted with county policies. The changes also raise questions about the future of other … Read More

School Store Opens for New School Year

by Adam Levine ’20 Students who wish to complement their lunch from home or who do not want to wait in the long cafeteria line have a new option–Sherwood’s school store, the Warrior Emporium. Open during lunch, the school store in the upstairs A-hall provides an array of snacks and drinks available for purchase by the students, including Cheetos, Cheez-Its, … Read More

Students May Get Longer Spring Break Next Year

by Christianna Tran ’20  Montgomery County’s Board of Education currently is developing a calendar for the 2019-2020 school year. During their latest meeting, held October 9, the board limited their options down to two possible calendar schedules. Of these two schedules, one plan proposes a longer spring break, while the other plan keeps a shorter spring break, similar to the … Read More

Sherwood Seniors Must Pass Required Assessments To Graduate

by Anika Mittu ’19  Due to a Maryland state graduation requirement stating that students in the class of 2019 must pass the Algebra 1 PARCC, the English 10 PARCC, and the Government HSA exam, 103 Sherwood seniors still must pass at least one of these exams in order to receive their diploma next June.  Previously, students only needed to take … Read More

New Safety Measures Implemented For 2018-19 School Year

by Lauren Hesse ’19 In the wake of the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, many secondary school systems, including MCPS, decided to implement new procedures and measures designed to protect students and faculty from outside threats. Starting this year, students and staff at Sherwood will participate in active shooting drills. The drill will consist … Read More

Absences Due to Attending an Organized Protest May Be Excused

by Liam Kennedy ’19  MCPS students who attend an organized protest during the school day may have their absences excused thanks to a plan proposed by the Board of Education’s Policy Management Committee.  According to the proposal, students will receive an excused absence if they obtain permission from the principal of the school, the parent, and the organization that is … Read More

Maryland Eliminates PARCC Tests Starting Next School Year

by Kara Thompson ’20  After just four years of administering the PARCC, Maryland will follow in the footsteps of many other states who have decided to forgo the exams. Spring 2019 will be the last time these exams are administered, as educators throughout the state have deemed PARCC an inaccurate representation of the curriculum. According to the Washington Post, the main … Read More

Dr. Minus Prioritizes Culture, Community for Sherwood

by Mallory Carlson ’19  Within his first week as principal, Dr. Eric Minus took his new administrators, administrative assistants, business office staff, and building services members on an in-school field trip. On the agenda was a three-hour tour of a very important building – Sherwood High School. The field trip started at the front doors of the school, and throughout … Read More

Teachers Walk a Fine Line in Discussing Political Opinions

by Vendela Krenkel ‘20  A Florida middle school teacher was caught secretly promoting white nationalist views on her podcast under a pseudonym. A history teacher in California was recorded calling the U.S. army “the lowest of the low” during a discussion about the outcome of the war in Afghanistan and a California social studies teacher compared Trump to Hitler. These … Read More