Sherwood’s Helping Hands Club Continues To Lend Its Service to the Underrepresented

by Riley Sandoval ‘22 Helping Hands is a student-led organization run by senior Anna Tovchigrechko. The club aims to help marginalized groups in the community through their projects with twelve chapters in other schools. Helping Hands is currently working on a card making project to send to elderly homes impacted by the Delta variant of Covid-19. Tovchigrechko started the club … Read More

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Sherwood Takes Steps Towards Anti-Racist Initiatives

Apurva Mahajan ‘22 For the past year, MCPS has been conducting an Anti-Racist System Audit set to be complete in May 2022. As part of more frequent and continuing conversations about race in educational environments, Sherwood has been attempting to address bias and racism in schools as part of the larger county mandate. This effort has become more pressing due … Read More

Seniors Show Support for Abortion Rights at DC Rally

by Selene Ashewood ‘22 A cross-country defense for reproductive rights in response to the near ban on abortions out of Texas took the form of big and small rallies on October 2. The day saw more than 600 demonstrations nationwide, according to the Planned Parenthood Instagram page. The largest of these rallies of course took place in D.C.. Attendees were … Read More

Britton Responds to Disparaging Comments Shouted by Students at Sporting Events

by Tori Newby ’22 After recent incidents of Sherwood students shouting abusive comments at sporting events, Principal Tim Britton  emailed the Sherwood community at 8:45 pm on October 7 with an attached file of a letter he sent to Einstein’s principal and school community. In the letter, Britton addressed the “racist and sexual” comments made by Sherwood students at both … Read More

MCPS Takes Police Officers Out of Schools

by Lauren Hill ‘22 Recently, MCPS announced that the fiscal budget for this year  would no longer include funding for student resource officers (SROs), after the SRO program was called into question by community members for potentially doing more harm than good. The County will no longer have armed officers in any schools. Instead of the SRO program, County Executive … Read More

Students Express Outrage on Social Media after Incident at Sherwood Game

by Tori Newby and Reade Fenner ’22 Updated Oct. 7 At the girls varsity soccer game played at home against Einstein on Thursday, September 30, students in the Sherwood section allegedly shouted racist and body-shaming comments at Einstein players during the game. An Einstein student recorded these comments and the videos surfaced later that night on Instagram. Following the incident, … Read More

MCPS Schools Will Stay Open Despite Quarantines

  by Jay Joseph ’22 As of September 28, MCPS has not had a Covid-19 outbreak. There have been about 328 Covid-19 cases spread out evenly between MCPS schools in total since the beginning of August. At most, there have been 11 cases at one school.  More than 97 percent of people ages 12 and up have received their first … Read More

MCPS Makes Changes to Its Quarantine Policy

by Bryan Kim ‘23 MCPS and many other public school systems have struggled to quickly update  policies regarding potential symptoms and positive Covid-19 cases among students and staff as the Delta variant upended planning done months ago.  On September 16, MCPS announced a reformed plan that includes a new rapid testing initiative and quarantine protocol. Under the new initiative, in-school … Read More

Sherwood Theatre Prepares for Little Mermaid Auditions

by Tori Newby ’22 The Sherwood Theatre department is up and running again after a year of virtual performances. Theatre teacher Elizabeth Kominski held an interest meeting for the upcoming musical The Little Mermaid during lunch on Wednesday, September 9, and over thirty students attended to receive information about auditions.  Auditions will be held after school on Tuesday, September 14, … Read More