Cell Phones May Carry Health Risks

by Hena Hussain ‘20 Most students constantly use their cell phones for a variety of tasks, from communication to school to social media. These devices are used by adults and young people alike, and with an increased use of the internet in all aspects of society, owning a cell phone is no longer a choice for those who wish to advance … Read More

Our Generation Just Made History

by Katherine Sperduto ’19 March 24, 2018 is a day that will go down in the history books… or at least in the memories of the teenagers who experienced the day. To protest for gun control, millions of people participated in the March For our Lives movement that consisted of rallies stretching from Los Angeles all the way to Sydney, with … Read More

Principal Gregory Retires from Sherwood

by Kat Mahoney ’20 and Kara Thompson ‘20 After 12 years of serving the Sherwood community, Principal Bill Gregory will retire at the end of the 2018 school year. In a recent note to the staff, Gregory announced his bittersweet departure and expressed hope for a smooth transition into the next school year. This recent announcement has been in the … Read More

Diversity Lacking in Professional Educators

by Danielle Katz ’18  The Department of Education reported that the K-12 teaching workforce in the United States is overwhelmingly compromised of white teachers – 82 percent to be exact. While this is widely common on a national level, the MCPS “Schools at a Glance” report (SAAG) proved Sherwood to be no stranger to this commonality in the education system. … Read More

High Grades: Student Mastery or Inflation?

 by Anika Mittu ’19 The grade of “A” in a given class previously revealed mastery of content and outstanding work performed by a student. Yet, with A’s comprising 54 percent of grades earned by Sherwood students for first semester, the question is whether student performance or inflation lies behind the number of stellar grades. In 2016, MCPS debuted a controversial … Read More

Students March For Their Lives

by Lexi Matthews ’18 Tens of thousands of students from over 3,000 high schools nationwide walked out of their classrooms between nine and ten a.m. on Wednesday, taking to the street to protest for stricter gun control measures in schools. From Columbine High School in Colorado to Newtown High School in Connecticut, young people gathered at 10am to observe 17 … Read More

Stepping Into Controversy: Sherwood Admin Plans to Change Policies

by Sarah Nove ’20  Whether they are stomping their feet or shouting for justice, the Step Team is not known for being quiet. In fact, it has a reputation for making noise, for commanding attention. However, at this year’s International Show, they were not the only ones making noise.  This noise started out as only a whisper–a few students privately … Read More

Country Proposes Solutions for Gun-Control

by Brandon Cohen ’20 After the tragic shooting that occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, a rising call has erupted for not just tighter gun-control laws in Florida but for the entire country. Many students are participating in marches, attending town halls, and making their voices heard in the media to end gun violence. Calls for gun … Read More

Students Plan to Walkout Wednesday, March 14

by Leah Peloff ’18 Exactly one month after the tragic act of gun violence at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Sherwood students are planning a walkout to demand stricter gun safety legislation. This walkout will be taking place on Wednesday, March 14 at one of two times: either 8:00 am for the march to the White House or … Read More

There Is a Connection Between Mass Shootings and Mental Illness

by Emma Shuster ’18 Seven weeks into 2018, there have been eight school shootings in the United States that have resulted in injury or death, the most recent occurring on Valentine’s Day in Parkland, Florida. Nikolas Cruz entered a school armed, killed 17 people, and injured several others. Prior to the shooting, the FBI was notified of Cruz and how he … Read More