Sherwood Offers New Courses for Next Year

by Justin Lakso ’25

In December, students currently in grades 9-11 selected courses to create their schedule for the next school year. The number of students who select a course, particularly for electives and some AP classes, largely determines whether it actually will be offered the following school year. In some instances, courses that did not have enough interest in previous years will come back to Sherwood because enough students registered for it. Similarly, classes that too few students register for get cut.

Instead of traveling to Magruder or taking virtual classes at Montgomery College, students next year will have the opportunity to take Multivariable Calculus at Sherwood for the first time, giving students interested in calculus a major advantage by cutting out travel time in between classes and supplying in-person learning rather than an asynchronous class. Multivariable Calculus at Sherwood will have more relaxed pacing than at MC or Magruder to give students time to properly learn the material and perform better on the AP exam. “This is the best option for our students,” said math teacher Heather Baxter, who will teach the class. “There are a bunch of schools in MCPS who offer the course, so why shouldn’t Sherwood do the same?” 

Rising juniors and seniors who have already taken AP Computer Science can take another anticipated class debuting at Sherwood next year, AP Java, a course on coding in JavaScript, which technology teacher Jason Daigle will teach. AP Java is a way to help students connect with a college major and potentially a career in programming, engineering, cybersecurity, networking, or any other technical field. “Our world becomes more dependent on computer programs by the day; it is good for all students to learn how these programs are created and what impacts they will have on our lives,” said Daigle about the course’s appeal.  

Another new technology class next school year will be Civil Engineering, offered as part of the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) program. In the course, students will plan, design, and construct infrastructure projects such as bridges and buildings. Additionally, Personal Finance will be offered next year through the Career and Technology (CTE) department as a way for students to learn how to manage their own money in the future. Although AP European History has been dropped at Sherwood for next year, the social studies department will offer Comparative Religions, taught by Caitlin Thompson. 

The English Department will not offer two classes that were at Sherwood this school year. African American Literature was offered for the first time this year, but did not have enough enrollment to continue. Although more than 20 students registered for the Creative Writing elective taught by English teacher Christopher Goodrich, the course was cut for next year because of teacher-staffing needs. 

Fortunately, it has been confirmed that AP Euro, Creative Writing, and African American Literature will be offered again in the 2025-2026 school year, giving current freshmen and sophomores the opportunity to register next year to take the class.