Teachers Left To Decide Whether To Use myMCPS or Google Classroom

by Kara Thompson ’20 Every year, MCPS revampssome aspect of its communication platform. Two years ago, it wasthe switch from Edline to Portal as a method of checking grades. The most recent addition has been MCPS Classroom, a similar site to Google Classroom, which is commonly used by teachers. According to MCPS Chief Technology Officer Peter Cevenini, teachers a few … Read More

‘All Gender’ Bathrooms Soon May Be Available in MCPS

Christianna Tran (‘20) Montgomery County Public Schools is looking into creating ‘all gender’ bathrooms in schools that will be inclusive of a variety of nonconforming and transgender students. A parent, Julie Greenstein, urged the MCPS board to consider more inclusive bathrooms within their schools at a recent board meeting. She, being a mother of transgender and nonbinary children herself, mentioned … Read More

MCPS May Soon Get Tougher Water Standards

by Christianna Tran ‘20 Montgomery County is currently looking into stricter lead standards for all of their public school drinking water, equal to the federal standard for bottled water. In addition, a bill progressing in Maryland’s general assembly would require this change.   Currently many schools have about 20 parts per billion of lead in their water. According to many … Read More

MCPS Implements New Policies After Assaults at Damascus as Questions Linger

by Sydney Henry ’20  MCPS has altered its policies for sports and after-schools activities in response to the highly publicized sexual assault incident that occurred at Damascus High School on October 31, 2018. When five members of the Damascus JV football team sexually assaulted four other players with a broom. The attack took place in the team’s locker room, while … Read More

Staying Silent and Standing Proud

by Julia Robins ’20 Occuring every year in the United States since 1966, April 12 is known as International Day of Silence. This student-led event encourages students to take a vow of silence for the day in support of LGBTQ+ students’ rights and protest how they are being silenced every day due to their sexuality– whether by their peers or … Read More

Infrastructure Problems Plague MCPS

by Liam Kennedy ’21 and Sarah Nove ’20 MCPS school buildings range from brand new to over a century old. Through the years, students have grown and flourished –– the buildings, however, have not aged quite so gracefully. Many school buildings are fighting off decay and disrepair, and, despite the hard work of the maintenance staff, some are losing that … Read More

Sherwood Plans Changes To 2019 Graduation

by Anika Mittu ’19 Planning for the Class of 2019’s graduation ceremony has been well underway for months. Led by various administration members, committees, and senior class sponsor Maria Peterson, they ask one guiding question: what makes Sherwood special? The question, according to Peterson, was posed by Principal Eric Minus and has led the graduation committee through organizing flowers, ticket … Read More

School Administration Addresses Student Vaping

by Devon Goldstein ’21 At the grade-level town hall meetings last month, Principal Eric Minus identified vaping and drug use on school campus as a significant problem. In the meetings, Minus highlighted the known and unknown health risks associated with vaping, and in a email comments to The Warrior, Minus pointed out the Code of Conduct states that being under … Read More

Changes Are Coming To English Curriculum

by Sudha Sudhacker ’21 MCPS will make changes to the English 10 curriculum for the 2019-2020 school year and the English 9 curriculum for the 2020-2021 school year. The MCPS Board of Reading/ English Language Arts’ goal for the revised English 9 and 10 curriculum, according to Leading for Equity through Curriculum Revision Presentation, is to foster the joy of … Read More

School Cafeteria Food Improving But Students May Pass on Healthier Options

by Kara Thompson ’20 The question “French fries or salad?” is typically a no-brainer for most students. At Sherwood, it’s no different. French fries are one of the most popular items on the menu, sometimes with students entering the lunch line solely for one or more orders of fries. But strangely enough, if you look at the MCPS school menu, … Read More