News Brief: Current Events

Dunn Named Finalist for Teacher of the Year by Tanya Marques ‘23 MCPS recently announced the three finalists for its annual Teacher of the Year, and Sherwood’s own Johnathan Dunn is one of them. For the past nine years, Dunn has taught chorus, piano, and various other classes in the music department. Outside of the educational environment, Dunn volunteers at … Read More

Seventeen Staff Members Involuntarily Transferred Next School Year

by Tori Newby ‘22 A total of 17 staff members were informed in late February that they would not be returning to Sherwood next fall. For the 2022-2023 school year, Sherwood is losing three teachers each in the ESOL and Career and Technology Education (CTE) departments, two each in English, math, science, and counseling, and one each in music, social … Read More

College Board Announces Changes to SATs

by Lauren Frank ‘23 The College Board announced earlier this year that the SAT will become entirely online by 2024. This adjustment is intended to make the testing environment less stressful and more accessible. Students will have the option to choose the device they will test on, such as a tablet or personal laptop. Despite the change in platform the … Read More

MCPS Prepares To Move to a Mask-Optional Policy

by Alex Braun ‘23 and Jay Joseph ‘22 MCPS sent a letter to employees and parents on February 26, informing them that the school system anticipates moving to a mask-optional policy on March 8 after a vote from the Montgomery County Board of Education (BOE). The BOE will consider advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Transmission (CDC) and … Read More

MCPS Revaluates School Security and Safety

by Lauren Hill ‘22 In the wake of the shooting that occurred on January 21 at Magruder, which left one 15-year-old student critically injured, MCPS has vowed to reevaluate every aspect of school safety. The newly appointed MCPS Superintendent, Dr. Monifa McKnigh,t promised a review of the current security plan which would include consideration of reintroducing Student Resource Officers (SROs) … Read More

MCPS Transitions to Virtual on Snow Days

by Bryan Kim ‘23 On February 1, the MCPS Board of Education approved a plan to consider transitioning to virtual learning on days in-person instruction is closed due to inclement weather for the remainder of the 2021-2022 school year. Board members believe that virtual learning during snow days is an adequate way to avoid further disruptions to the school calendar, … Read More

McKnight Named Permanent Superintendent

by Emory Gun ‘22 After Jack Smith unexpectedly quit as superintendent in June of 2020, Monifa McKnight took over as the interim superintendent for MCPS. On February 8, McKnight was  named permanent superintendent of public schools in Montgomery County, the 14th largest county in the nation.This is a tough year to be superintendent in any school district  in the United … Read More

Gun Violence Renews Calls for SROs in Schools

by Ella Scher ‘23 Just a few weeks into the New Year, MCPS has already been shaken by not one but four reports of guns in schools–one of which left a Magruder student in critical condition after being shot in the abdomen during a dispute in a school bathroom. More than 5,000 MCPS students, parents, and teachers have now signed … Read More

Maryland Mandates Full Year of Health Beginning With Class of 2025

by Emily Siansky ‘22 MCPS has changed the health education graduation requirement starting with this year’s Freshman Class. Previously, students needed to take only a semester of Health, or half a credit. Now, the Class of 2025 and younger will need to take two semesters to fulfill the requirement. The Maryland State Board of Education met on May 25 and … Read More

Sherwood Stops Offering On-Level English 10

by Lauren Hill ‘22 Beginning next school year, Sherwood sophomores will no longer have the option to take On-Level English 10. The only available options for English 10 classes will be honors and accelerated honors classes. According to English Resource Teacher Shelley Jackson, the MCPS Central Office requested that schools in the county change the English 10 course options, and … Read More