Test Optional Proves More Popular among College Applicants

by Alex Lacey ’24 In recent years, an increasing number of colleges and universities across the United States have moved towards becoming “test optional.” This means that applicants are not required to submit standardized test scores, such as the SAT or ACT, as part of their application. According to the publication The Hill, schools that require test scores are down … Read More

News Brief: June 2023 Current Events

Magruder Takes Steps To Change School Name by Alex Lacey ‘24 In February, MCPS received and accepted a petition requesting consideration to change the name of Magruder High School. In the fall, six schools in MCPS were identified for consideration of a name change if representatives of a school’s community requested it. In addition to Magruder, the other schools were … Read More

Growing Number of Teens Disinterested About Driving

by Briana Sisler ‘24 A phenomenon is sweeping the nation in which fewer teenagers are earning their driving licenses than in the past. The Federal Highway Administration reported data in 2021 that from 1983 there was a 20-percent decrease in 18 year olds that had licenses and a 25-percent decrease in 16 year olds with licenses. Out of 122 Sherwood … Read More

Festival Showcases Student Films

by Connor Pugh ‘24 The Sherwood Film Club held its annual film festival in the library during lunch on Friday April 28, showcasing student-made films. The festival is the biggest event of the year for the film club. “We were looking for good audio and visual quality, smooth transitions from scene to scene, multiple interesting characters, specifically for narrative, engaging … Read More

School Lacks Uniform Policy for Phone Use in Classrooms

by Ben Schoenberg ’24 Following the return to schools after the pandemic, teachers across the country have seen a troubling rise in phone use during class time. According to a recent Washington Post article, this has led many schools nationwide to implement measures that would regulate or ban mobile devices in the classroom. However, Sherwood has not taken a school-wide … Read More

Sherwood Student Takes Grad Stage with Hopes of Inspiration

by Alexis Booker ’23 Senior Semret Shiferaw is this year’s graduation speaker after being selected through a rigorous audition process, and she has plans to inspire her community in a way audiences haven’t seen before. “I didn’t want a boring graduation speech, I wanted [the audience to] sit through something that would motivate [them],” said Shiferaw. She is taking a … Read More

Local Legend Chosen as Graduation Speaker

by Evan Joseph ’23 Sherwood’s Class of 2023 has chosen local celebrity Walt Williams to speak at this year’s graduation ceremony. Williams played 11 seasons in the NBA and is a Maryland Terrapins basketball legend, but it is his love and passion for his community that got him here. Now, Williams is a multifaceted entrepreneur, author and local coaching hero. … Read More

Students Tuning Out Homeroom

by Timaya Pulliam ‘23 During the 2019-2020 school year, MCPS began Be Well 365, a comprehensive program that focuses on the social, psychological, and physical well-being of students. This concern for students’ mental health and well-being became even more of a point of emphasis when students went through a year of virtual learning during the pandemic. As a way to … Read More

MCPS Capital Improvement Plan Neglects Aging Sherwood for Near Future

by Joon Baek ‘23 Sherwood’s primary building was built in 1950 and received a major renovation in 1991 that relocated students to a holding building for a year during the construction. Although there were the J and K hall additions in 2007, the rest of the Sherwood building with the majority of classrooms has not received structural improvements in more … Read More

Demands Growing To Ban TikTok App in U.S.

by Cliff Vacin ‘25 TikTok being banned in the United States is increasingly looking like a real possibility. Last week, the Biden administration demanded that the Chinese company that owns the app must sell it, or they will face a ban. TikTok responded it was weighing its options and was disappointed by the Biden administration’s decision. However, the United States … Read More