MCPS Pays Millions To Settle Sexual Assault Cases from 2018

by Aspen Weinberg ‘25 In November, a jury awarded a judgment of $4 million in damages in a sexual assault case to a former students at Gaithersburg High School. According to Fox News, court documents detail that the assault occurred in 2018 when the student was a freshman on the wrestling team. The unnamed student filed the lawsuit in 2020. … Read More

Fallout Continues; BOE Wants McKnight Out

by Evelyn San Miguel ‘26 On November 29, Montgomery County Inspector General Megan Davey Limarzi released the results of her first of three investigative reports into former Farquhar Principal Joel Beidleman, which presented a more full accounting of his sexual misconduct during his tenures at multiple schools across the county. The second, released January 8, addressed the issue of MCPS … Read More

New Resolution Aims To Improve School Safety

by Randy Wang ’24 The Montgomery County Board of Education unanimously approved the “Safe Schools Resolution” proposed by Sami Saeed, student member of Board of Education (SMOB), at the November 9 board meeting. The resolution aims to create a safe and secure learning environment for students by proposing various ideas to expand or add policies. Multiple MCPS schools around the … Read More

News Brief: January 2024 Current Events

Students May Receive Zeros by Katie Ng ‘25 The MCPS grading and reporting policy received an update this past fall. Some of the updates include: “R” must be used in Synergy to show assignments may be reassessed; teachers must assign five practice/prep assignments per quarter; and, teachers must contact parents if a student shows “a marked decline in achievement.” Teachers … Read More

Herman Reflects on Her Experience as Principal Intern

by Ziv Golan ‘26 Through the MCPS Principal Intern Program, Assistant Principal Jennifer Herman took over in December and January to learn the daily responsibilities of a principal. The Warrior asked Herman about her experiences as the school’s principal intern. What did you learn about the position of principal? What challenges have you faced and what accomplishments are you most … Read More

Absenteeism Still Chronic Problem

by Noah Bair ’24 During a press conference before the start of this school year, MCPS announced its Attendance Action Plan, which focused on lowering the county’s chronic absenteeism rate and making sure students are attending school on a regularly. Despite MCPS spotlighting an issue that is plaguing school districts across the country, attendance rates have barely improved in MCPS … Read More

New Wellness Committee Supports Students’ Well Being

by Cliff Vacin ‘25 The Warrior Wellness Committee is a new organization at Sherwood started by Health teachers Heather Giovenco and Claudia Wilks to improve the atmosphere of the school and the mental health of teachers and students. Application-based, the club functions as a team of students and teachers who work together on activities for students and staff equally. Both … Read More

Herman Becomes Sherwood’s Acting Principal

by Ziv Golan ‘26 This year Sherwood is participating in the MCPS Principal Intern Program through the MCPS Leadership Development initiative. Through this program, Jennifer Herman will be the principal intern, following an extensive application process she began to learn the daily responsibilities of a principal. Herman has been an assistant principal at Sherwood since the 2020-21 school year, working … Read More

Seniors Leaving School Early To Work

by Briana Sisler ’24 The school day typically consists of seven periods and a lunch break. However, seniors have the opportunity to apply for a partial schedule and leave school for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is working. There has been a noticeable influx in students requesting–and receiving–shortened schedules to work at their jobs. In order to … Read More