Pandemic Brings Environmental Benefits

by Reade Fenner ’20 COVID-19 has substantially altered our world by affecting the lives of millions. Businesses have shut down and people are staying home to avoid contracting or spreading the virus. However, among the many negative impacts of this pandemic, certain environmental positives provide a ray of hope.  As non-essential businesses have closed due to this global crisis, there … Read More

The Brighter Side of Learning Online

by Andrew Waterfield ‘20 The entirety of the learning community is currently in uncharted territory, as schools are closed and education has gone online. And while many schools around the world are struggling to adapt, Sherwood seems to have gotten ahead of the curve with a new grading policy and multiple systems in place to connect students to teachers. With … Read More

Sherwood Adapts to New Pass/Incomplete Grading System

by Shirley Zheng ’21 Montgomery County Public Schools announced on April 19 that all MCPS students are going to receive a Pass or Incomplete in replacement of traditional letter grades for the fourth marking period. This decision was made in hopes to ensure equity and assist students’ academic standing during the coronavirus crisis and extended school closures.  Sherwood staff also … Read More

College Freshmen Wait For A Restart

by Evan Joseph ’23 Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 many people have been affected heavily in several different ways and have been deprived of many important life-changing experiences. One of the major consequences of this quarantine has been on students of all ages attending all different levels of school. For college freshmen around the country, the switch to online … Read More

Olney Giant Struggles to Enforce Coronavirus Protection Policies

by Julia Robins ‘20 With the coronavirus outbreak sweeping the nation, residents are encouraged to stay home to prevent its spread. But one place where many people are potentially in contact that is sometimes unavoidable is grocery stores. Despite protocols in place to encourage social distancing and sanitation, stores like Olney Giant fall short of succeeding to enforce these protocols … Read More

Student Leaders Share Their Priorities during the Pandemic

by Jenna Bloom ‘21 On April 22, Councilmember Tom Hucker held a virtual Student Town Hall, where student advocacy and leadership organizations were invited to share their priorities, constructive ideas to achieve them, and also discuss how they are continuing to move their priorities forward during the Covid-19 shutdown. Additionally, student leaders also shared their perspectives on MCPS’ distance learning … Read More

Dispatch: Weathering The Storm

by Drew Scott ‘20  March 13th. It has officially been one month since schools have been announced closed. Originally, I thought it would only last 2 weeks, like Governor Hogan said. But as the number of cases in Maryland rose and rose, I began to accept the fact that we weren’t going back to school anytime soon. As the days … Read More

The Pandemic May Alter Education Forever

by Ella Casey ‘21  While there is an obvious adjustment period coupled with lots of concern about the effectiveness of the sudden shift to online education, an additional question arises: could this quick-fix online system actually be a glimpse into the near future of education, too?  As technology has advanced over the past decade, more and more people have been … Read More

Dispatch: Thanks, Santa Steve

by Adina Brenner ‘20 The other day I woke up to one of the loudest and most annoying sounds known to kids today … my mother vacuuming. You might’ve assumed I meant my alarm, but due to the current circumstances, that hadn’t been set to wake me up in quite a while. After numerous unsuccessful attempts of trying to fall … Read More

Dispatch: An Athlete’s Perspective on Quarantine

by Adam Pfeiffer ‘20 When my high school wrestling career ended on March 7, I was upset. I had lost in the state semifinals by a score of 2-1 to the eventual champion, who went on to destroy his opponent in the finals (who I beat a week prior at the regional tournament), while I had to settle for third … Read More