Change-makers and News-shakers: Charlie Kirk

by Lizzy Hermosilla ‘23 The Dartmouth Review has called him a “man child,” but the President of the United States, Donald Trump, has considered him a “great friend,” and an “incredible guy.” But who really is Charlie Kirk without the taint of party affiliation and ideology? Charlie Kirk is 26 year old, evangelical Christian who grew up in Prospect Highs, … Read More

SAT Exams Administered around Maryland

by Jimmy Yates ‘21 The College Board is planning to administer exams in high schools throughout Maryland this fall while keeping student health and safety as a top priority. Many high school students were unable to take the SAT in the spring and summer because of the pandemic. SAT exams were cancelled in March, April, June, and July. The first … Read More

Parents Turn to Local Private Schools Offering In-Person Learning

by Avery Prudenti and Emory Gun ’22 Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the closures and possible re-openings of schools have been a main focus in the news. MCPS has declared that all of its schools will be online for at least the first semester. Many private schools in Montgomery County such as nearby Our Lady of Good Counsel High School have … Read More

MCPS Provides Class Schedule for Online Learning

by Emily Sianksy ’22 MCPS released its plans on August 4 to have online learning for the entirety of the fall semester. Under the plan that is awaiting final approval by the Board of Education, the school day for high school will be from 9 a.m. to 3:15 p.m There will be four classes a day with time sectioned out … Read More

Q&A with Acting Principal Tim Britton

by Jenna Bloom ’21 What was the process and timing like from Dr. Minus departing to you accepting the position of Acting Principal? What was your immediate reaction to the offer to take the job? Dr. Minus did not officially accept an executive level position for Baltimore County Public Schools until the end of June, into early July. Normally, the … Read More

MCPS Releases Proposals for Reopening Schools

by Reade Fenner ’22 The United States has been battling COVID-19 since January, with schools throughout the country being forced to close from mid-March until the end of the school year. Although Montgomery County adapted to these circumstances by teaching students online, as the August 31 approaches, there are many questions as to how the 2020-2021 school year will begin. … Read More

Britton Named Acting Principal for Upcoming School Year

by Jenna Bloom ‘21 Tim Britton, who has been an assistant principal at Sherwood for the past 3 years, will serve as the acting principal for the 2020-2021 school year. The June 2 announcement came a week after Eric Minus stepped down as principal to take an executive role in Baltimore County Public Schools. These changes to the Sherwood administrative … Read More

Minus Departs Sherwood for Position in Baltimore County

by Jenna Bloom ’21 Principal Eric Minus sent out a letter on June 23 to the Sherwood staff and community announcing his resignation, effective July 15. Minus is accepting a new role as Baltimore County Public School’s Executive Director, Research and Data Analytics. His position will oversee an office that facilitates and supports the implementation of the school district’s strategic … Read More

Thousands of Olney Protesters Join the Fight for Racial Equality

by Jenna Bloom ‘21 Sherwood students organized and led a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in Olney on Sunday, June 7, to show solidarity with the Black community and fight for racial equality. Events like these have been occurring nationwide following the death of George Floyd and countless other black people at the hands of police.  The demonstration began at … Read More