Live the Larry David Way

by Ben Schoenberg

In honor of Curb Your Enthusiasm ending its 25-year run on television, I decided to end my four years at Sherwood High School. After watching all twelve seasons in two months I learned that it is important to live life with a raw authenticity and unwillingness to change the core of who you are. Ideally, try not to get kicked out of restaurants and dinner parties along the way.

Last year I binged all of Seinfeld on Netflix, and it quickly became one of my favorite shows. The comedic performances and observational style of humor really connected with me and made me hunger for more Larry David-led projects. After watching the first couple episodes of Curb I was instantly hooked. The idea that there could be a whole successful show about a man who says aloud what everyone’s thinking and lives freely amongst a cast of other hilarious characters to bounce off of really appealed to me. I immediately knew I was gonna have a good time with this show.

While obviously many of the exaggerated antics and decisions made by Larry and his crew can be seen as idiotic and yes, sometimes offensive, I find comfort in the fact that you can succeed by being yourself. Up to this point Larry David has made a whole career off of being authentic and Curb is another prime example. This idea is carried throughout the show’s whole run and keeps it constantly fresh and relevant after two decades.

In retrospect a lot of what Larry David stands for and has created with Curb Your Enthusiasm applied to my four years in high school where I was able to come into my own by embracing what made me unique. Now with college on the horizon and a plethora of new opportunities available to me, I’m excited to explore what’s in store for me while staying true to myself.