Leave the Regrets Behind

by Randy Wang

It’s difficult to not experience some form of regret. Nobody is perfect. It could be an easily avoidable mistake or a missed opportunity you wish you had taken. I’m no different.

After COVID-19 and the year of virtual learning, I returned to school as a very quiet person. I was unable to bring myself to join clubs such as the robotics club that I finally became involved with during my senior year. During those years, I struggled to focus on my school work and converse with others. By the time senior year started, there were several things that I came to regret.

I really wanted to join that club. I should have studied a little more for this exam. Why did I respond so rudely? I’ve always had these kinds of thoughts throughout high school, wishing that I could go back in time to fix my mistakes, hoping that people would forget about my embarrassing moments. But, of course, you can’t change the past. So what can I do?

Pushing my regrets away won’t be enough. I needed to move on. Focusing on the present and the future, making sure that I can continue living my life without making any more regrets. If I can’t get that A on the test, then I’ll make an effort to revise and study more for the next one. If I didn’t join the club that I wanted to join, then I’d jump on the opportunity in college.

No matter how much I think about that disappointing grade I got in AP chemistry, the grade won’t change. The fact that I waited until senior year to join clubs will never change.

No matter how much you regret that action, it will never change. It will always be part of history. You won’t grow from just looking at the things that happened in the past. Focus on the present and what you can actually do. So face forward. Let’s do better.