Finding the Confidence

by Mauricio Altamirano

Early in my senior year, I began to feel overwhelmed by everything: college, academic pressure, self discovery, and the impending end of my carefree life. I often felt stuck because I hadn’t yet figured out how to be myself or manage my life. There were times when I felt negatively about my situation. However, I no longer carry those feelings and now have a more positive outlook on my future.

There’s always that initial pressure for seniors to have a solid college plan and a clear path for after high school. Watching my friends get accepted faster than I did, some to the same colleges, made me anxious about my own situation. Additionally, I was torn between Healthcare and Computer Science, unable to decide which major to pursue. This uncertainty led me to reflect inwardly and ask myself, “Do I have what it takes to be successful in college?”

This introspection led to a new perspective. I realized there are various pathways to success that can utilize the skills I’ve developed throughout my teenage years. For example, in junior year, I started a small website-building business with friends, which taught me a lot about entrepreneurship and technology. It showed me that I might not even need college immediately; I could get certified for a specific occupation and build a career from that. Moreover, I began to recognize the importance of passion and interests in choosing a career path. I evaluated what truly excited me and where my strengths lay. My success is not solely defined on one thing but by the drive, skills, and passion that I bring to the field. I’m confident in my future.

There is a lot of personal progress I’ve made through the ups and downs of my teenage life. This comes from self-reflection. As I reflect on my journey, I feel a sense of relief and clarity. It’s as if I’ve finally completed the tutorial of my life, and I’m ready to start the next level.