Pressure is a Privilege … Or Is It?

by Emily Siansky For the past eight years, I have played competitive travel softball. Through the dozens of camps and clinics I’ve attended, a phrase I’ve often heard is “pressure is a privilege.” In terms of sports, this mantra implies that you should be grateful if you happen to be in a stressful situation. For example, you’re up to bat … Read More

Thank You, Youth Hockey

by Yusra Husain Freshman year came with a lot of firsts for me: I joined a new school system as well as a girls travel ice hockey team. While I came to school every day ready to forge new friendships, I didn’t feel like I had to look far for companionship on my team. There’s just something special about the … Read More

Let’s Talk About It

by Eric Johnson Mental health has always been a hard topic to tackle. Those struggling with issues often are afraid to talk about it, as if saying things out loud will bring about some curse or make their life worse somehow. The fact is, it won’t. I have had mental health issues for years, and at this point, I’ve grown … Read More

Dying Before My Dream

by Selene Ashewood I’m not fully comfortable yet with the proper term “anorexia” so I will use the euphemism ¨being stupid.” In being stupid, I prepared like hell for the future without comprehending how fast it was approaching or that I was at risk of not having one. As if I have not already shouted it from the rooftops, I’m … Read More

Thank You Sophomore Year

by Hailey Sepulvado Going into high school I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. Of course I had passing thoughts of different careers, such as interior designer, marine biologist, or doctor, but none of them stuck. This was the case up until my sophomore year at Sherwood when I took AP NSL and Newspaper. … Read More

My Experiences Through Music

by Emory Gun Like many others, music plays a major role in my life. Whether I’m stressed, angry, nostalgic, or on top of the world, there is a song that I relate to. Freshman year was filled with new experiences and new people. “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield states, “I am unwritten/ … I’m just the beginning/ The pens in my … Read More

Not Just Another Teen Movie

by Peyton Blumenfeld Ah, the classic high school coming-of-age film: the guy gets the girl, they go on outrageous adventures, and they all have a happy ending. While that all seems well and good, that simply is not how high school really is. It’s safe to say that I’ve done my fair share of comparing my high school experience to … Read More

Responding to My Freshman Self

by Reade Fenner The night before my first day of school freshman year, I couldn’t sleep. Too anxious about starting high school to relax, I gave up on the endeavor and decided to write a letter to my senior self about my expectations for high school. A few of my hopes for high school were a bit too high. I … Read More

Happy That It Happened

by Tori Newby The first Warrior article I ever read was a senior column about pancakes. I was in eighth grade, and my sister brought home a copy of the 2018 Senior Issue. I remember flipping through the insightful pages from the seniors, impressed with all they had to say as they wrapped up the last moments of high school. … Read More

Teacher Appreciation

by Avery Prudenti Four years ago during my freshman orientation, I listened to the then seniors’ advice on the dos and don’ts of high school. At that time, I thought that I knew everything I needed to know and hardly paid attention, but I vividly remember one of the seniors talking about how much easier and enjoyable school is when … Read More