Harry Potter Phenomenon Blossoms into Perpetual Obsession

As children transition into their teenage years, their tastes change significantly, evolving in correspondence with their increasing maturity. Girls who once retained tomboyish tendencies begin to idolize feminine pop stars, while boys who previously played with action figures start to dismiss them in favor of video games. They eagerly shed their childhood preferences, fixated on growing up as quickly as possible.

I Could Really Use Another Artist’s Fame Right Now (Fame Right Now, Fame Right Now)

Real, insightful, huh? And yet, for some reason (completely unbeknownst to me), these two simple, rather unremarkable lines were pretty much impossible to escape this summer. They plagued radio stations, invaded music video countdowns and consumed Facebook statuses the world over. In fact, very few teens can honestly declare that they did not hear Hayley Williams’ raspy voice bleating these words in their heads at some point in the past few months.

Rock Artists Get ‘Incredibly’ Involved

Senior Brittany Byroad is the epitome of a devoted music fan. She dons band tees on a nearly daily basis, attends concerts whenever she gets the chance and rarely ventures anywhere without her iPod. Even Byroad’s Facebook statuses, which often include an array of song lyrics, serve as a testament to her passion for music. In short, if anyone knows the realm of music, it’s Byroad.