Video Games Cure Isolation

by Joseph Oscilowski ‘22 I feel trapped, alone, isolated. Quarantine has negatively affected a lot of people, including myself. I’ve seen my friends maybe five or six times since March, and even that could be considered a lot to those with parents who are very strict about quarantining. Luckily though, us “tech-addicted” kids, as older generations love to call us, … Read More

Witchtok Spreads Positivity

by Joseph Oscilowski ‘22 TikTok often facilitates the education of numerous different cultures, customs, and practices from all around the world, promoting cultural appreciation rather than appropriation. Among some of these cultures rose the education of witchcraft and its many various forms of practice.  Many “experienced” witches have started to share the knowledge that they have learned over their time practicing, … Read More

Shifting: A Tutorial

As a quick summary, “shifting” is a term now used to describe the act of moving one’s consciousness from this current reality (CR) to one’s desired reality (DR). This idea uses the multiverse theory, stating that every decision or action we make shifts us into a new reality, with every possible decision or action we could’ve made creating an alternate … Read More

Netflix ‘Wonder’ Shows Life on the Road for Mendes

by Devon Goldstein ’21 In recent years, singer/songwriter Shawn Mendes has become a major star in the music industry. With four major albums in the past six years, his fame has grown tremendously within the music community. With these albums came three world tours, ending in his most recent one for his album “Shawn Mendes” that was released in May … Read More

‘On The Rocks’ Is A Cozy Slice-Of-Life

by Jack Miller ’21 With her newest film, “On The Rocks,” director Sofia Coppola returns to the dreamy slice-of-life style which defined her earlier works to tell the story of Laura (Rashida Jones), a middle-aged New York mother who begins to have doubts about the faithfulness of her husband, Dean (Marlon Wayans). To ease her mind, she enlists the help … Read More

‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Takes Viewers on Epic Sports Journey

by Peyton Blumenfeld ‘22 When you think of exciting sports, chess may not be the first one to come to mind. Typically, watching two opponents sit opposite one another without speaking or moving much is not the most fascinating scene. This is what is so ingenious about the new Netflix limited series “The Queen’s Gambit.” This period-piece drama is certain to … Read More

Mandalorian Season 2 Slowly Living Up to the Hype

by Graham Skinker ‘21 Following a wildly successful first season, Disney’s hit Star Wars spinoff show, “The Mandalorian,” came into season two with tremendous expectations and midway through is starting to deliverSeason two started off very slow, falling into a bit of a similar trap as season one did. In both seasons the first episode was very action-packed while also … Read More

Depop’s Revolutionary Influence on Today’s Younger Generations

by Lucy Sokol ’21 In the world full of carbon emissions and oceans full of plastic, fast fashion companies such as Forever 21 or Shein only worsen our earth’s climate emergency. While I do not blame you for buying cute or affordable clothes through fast-fashion, it is important to acknowledge and improve your harmful choices. The fashion industry is the … Read More

Niall Horan’s Virtual Concert Raises Money for Crew Members

by Marissa Harris ’22 In these treacherous times of a pandemic, one of the things that many, including myself, miss most are concerts. My favorite singer, Niall Horan, offered a virtual concert on November 7. He performed from the famous Royal Albert Hall in London.  The show was about 70 minutes long and began with “Dear Patience,” which is a … Read More

The Neighbourhood Takes a Step in Experimentation

by Hannah Lee 21’ Alternative indie rock band The Neighbourhood, known for their 2013 hit “Sweater Weather” released their fourth studio album entitled “Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones” on September 25. As a whole the album carries a very dystopian and futuristic inspiration as the frontman Jesse Rutherford takes on a character Chip Chrome, akin to David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust. … Read More