Let’s Shift to Hogwarts!

by Joseph Oscilowski ‘22 Anyone with TikTok has likely seen the trend about “shifting,” with thousands of social media accounts being made solely for talking about shifting, and hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts. But what even is shifting, and why has it blown up so much? The idea of shifting might sound crazy, but it’s very real to some people. … Read More

TikTokers Nominated for a People’s Choice Award Don’t Deserve It

by Devon Goldstein ’21 Each year the People’s Choice Awards rolls around and many different celebrities are nominated for awards. The People’s Choice Awards this year, taking place on November 15, have been updated and changed for the current times in a few ways. This includes being virtual due to Covid-19 constricting the nominees from gathering for the ceremony, along … Read More

What’s Trending in October

by Selene Ashewood ‘22 As expected with the importance of 2020’s presidential election, the debates surrounding it are being discussed everyday on practically every online social platform. While the initial showdown between Biden, Trump, and for some reason the moderator, didn’t surpass the 84 million viewers of the 2016 debate, promises from Biden and white supremicist shout-outs from Trump are … Read More

Netflix Documentary Examines A Forgotten American Tragedy

by Ryan Duvall ’21 Although the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 and the 9/11 attack in 2001 are often thought of as the most traumatic tragedies in modern American history, the explosion of the Challenger space shuttle shook the American public when it happened. In 1986, a space shuttle carrying six astronauts and a teacher exploded 73 seconds … Read More

5 Great Films to Watch This Halloween Season

by Jack Miller ‘21 Autumn’s brisk air and warm leaves have arrived at last, which means that Halloween is right around the corner. Many are already getting into the spooky spirit by streaming their own horror movie marathons, but what makes for a truly good Halloween movie? Here are five classic films to capture that lovable blend of terror and … Read More

‘Phantom of the Paradise’ Delivers Campy Fun for Halloween

by Dylan Friedman ’21 Halloween is upon us. A time of ghosts, ghouls, and goblins. People are still confined in their homes and aren’t able to fully participate in the holiday as in previous years. Therefore, everyone will have to make due with what they have, such as candy, pumpkins, and of course, horror movies. The 1974 cult classic film … Read More

Restaurants Showing Creativity with Outdoor Seating as Temperatures Drop

by Marissa Harris ’22 Montgomery County is currently in phase two, which means the capacity of indoor food establishments can not exceed 50 percent of each restaurant’s maximum capacity. However, many families, like my own, are not comfortable with eating inside yet, and want to continue to eat outside, get take-out, or do or curbside pickup.  The county held a … Read More

The Future of Live Music

by Aidan Trump ’21 Nearly all businesses have felt the effects of Covid-19, but very few have been hit as hard as independent music venues that are struggling to make ends meet. Live music venues have been closed since March. This lack of business means that venues have been relying on cash reserves and won’t be able to cover operating … Read More

“Enola Holmes:” Perfect Blend of Humor and Adventure

by Reade Fenner ‘22 “Enola Holmes,” a comedic mystery based on the first book in Nancy Springer’s series of the same name, was released by Netflix on September 23. Initially, the rights to the film belonged to Warner Bros. Pictures; however, they were sold to Netflix as a result of theater closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This movie follows the … Read More

Appreciation: Chadwick Boseman Played Heroes That Inspired Us

by Devon Goldstein ’21 Throughout the years Chadwick Boseman has become more than just a movie actor. He has inspired many different people all over the world, and created a legacy that many will never forget. Tragically, Boseman died on August 28th at age 43 after a years-long battle with cancer. When Boseman was a teen, he attended an acting … Read More