Good Times Never Felt So Good (As at the Fillmore with Dodie Clark)

by Will Unger ’19  As Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” (BA BA BA, you know the one) began, the soft sounds of a guitar and trumpet, barely audible above the crowd, were met with one last wave of applause.  I wasn’t describing the final moments of a Neil Diamond concert but it’s easy to see why you might think that. No, … Read More

“Solo” Review

by Russel Irons ’19 “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” directed by Ron Howard, is a great addition to the Star Wars franchise. Howard took over directing after the original directors left the project due to creative differences with Lucasfilms, and he reshot most of the film. “Solo” had the lowest box office opening in the franchise, but Star Wars films … Read More

Latest Marvel Film Wraps Up The MCU Franchise for Now

by Peter Niverth ’18  Marvel’s “Infinity War” is the latest of the 19 films that make up the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). And without a doubt, it is the most anticipated of all. The MCU consists of every Marvel movie made since the first “Iron Man” about a decade ago in 2008, and all those films – in ways large … Read More

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Continues to Impress

by Sabrina Rickert ’19  “The Handmaid’s Tale,” in its second season on Hulu and based on the 1985 novel by acclaimed author Margaret Atwood, is set in a dystopian future where women have lost almost all their rights and freedoms. After the U.S. president is assassinated, a fundamentalist Christian group quickly takes control and vows to restore order. In the … Read More

New Charlie Puth Album Expected To Be a Success

by Adina Brenner ’20  When listening to the top-40 station in your car, it can seem as if you are hearing the same basic pop sound on repeat. What if there was a musician who stepped outside the clichés? Charlie Puth is the answer. On top of having a high register unlike any other male vocalist, Puth offers songs that … Read More

C.A.S.T. Concludes Chapter in Its History With Successful Performance

by Adam Levine ’20  The spring play is always an event to look forward to. It provides a refreshing step away from the song and dance of the fall musical and allows students to showcase their acting abilities. This year’s play, “Rumors” by Neil Simon, was able to do just that while also providing the audience with a hilarious experience … Read More

The Lemon Twigs Bring Back a Bygone Era

by Sarah Nove ’20 The Lemon Twigs, a New York-based alternative band, dropped two new singles in late March. The band, gaining traction since the release of their first album, “Do Hollywood,” in 2017, has received critical acclaim for their unique fusion of classic rock and retro pop. The Lemon Twigs is primarily composed of Brian and Michael D’Addario, brothers … Read More

‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Lacked More Robots than Thought

by Peter Niverth ’18 “Pacific Rim: Uprising” has one of the most exciting plots possible (despite being overdone) in a film: giant robots fighting even bigger alien monsters with enormous guns and huge swords. It’s any science-fiction nerd’s dream. Yet, the film falls short of these dreams by focusing more on the characters rather than the robots. “Pacific Rim: Uprising” takes … Read More

The Weeknd Shows a Familiar Face

by Jackson Hongtong ’21 The Weeknd recently came out with “My Dear Melancholy,” an extended playlist with six songs. The Weeknd’s most recent work ‘were songs on the recent “Black Panther” album and his solo album hit, “Starboy,” which went double platinum. The new EP is mostly about Selena Gomez, his ex-girlfriend, who broke up with him recently. The playlist … Read More

A Much-Needed Love Story

by Colleen Yates ’18 “Love Simon” is a modern coming-of-age movie about a senior in high school dealing with telling the world he’s gay. The movie is very relatable to the average high schooler as Simon (Nick Robinson) and his friends go out for coffee before school, go to Halloween parties, homecoming games, and even joke around about Trump. “Love … Read More