Sherwood Film Festival Makes Its Return

by Liam Trump ‘24 After two years of absence, the Sherwood Film Festival is back to showcase student filmmakers. Literature as Film and English teacher Christiane Lock along with Film Club officers will be organizing the festival, which will take place in the media center during lunch on Thursday, April 21 to coincide with the art show. Unlike in years … Read More

Embracing Magic and Growth with “Asha’s Awakening”

by Kyla Sanchez ‘22 Raveena Aurora, an American singer and song-writer who debuted in 2017 with her EP Shanti, immediately stood out with her fusion of RnB, soul, jazz and a touch of South Asian Bollywood. With her exploration of intimate topics such as womanhood, generational resilience, and surviving sexual assault, Raveena carved a unique place in the music scene … Read More

“Uncharted” Takes Familiar Path to Mediocrity

by Jordan Costolo ‘25 The Uncharted video games are a cinematic experience in and of themselves, seamlessly switching between cutscenes and gameplay. If there were a game that would work as a movie, it would be this one. Unfortunately, the people at Sony dropped the ball with adapting the series. The premise of the film centers around long-time treasure hunter, … Read More

“Peacemaker” Presents Uniquely Profound Character Exploration

by Liam Trump ‘24 Following up his soft reboot of 2016’s Suicide Squad, James Gunn’s Peacemaker offers a refreshing look into heroism. The show, streaming exclusively on HBO Max, takes place directly after the events of The Suicide Squad, where the titular main character Peacemaker (John Cena) gets recruited once again by the U.S. government to hunt down ‘butterflys,’ a … Read More

Louis Tomlinson Continues to Break ‘Walls’

by Reade Fenner and Emily Siansky ‘22 The best part about any concert is the anticipation, the excitement. From the moment the lights go off to when the performer walks on stage, there is a certain buzz in the air that is difficult to replicate elsewhere. Once Louis Tomlinson’s set began on February 10, vivid red lights and heavy fog … Read More

“Reminders of Him,” Ties to Her

by‌ ‌Madison Tringone ‌‘22 A page-turning novel filled with love, regret, and redemption was released just a month ago by New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover. In Reminders of Him, Kenna Rowan, a recently released prisoner, sets out to reunite with her four-year-old daughter, whom she hadn’t seen since the day she gave birth. Kenna returns to the town … Read More

Mitski Blossoms Once More

by Kyla Sanchez ‘22 Mitski is a true enigma to the music world. A Japanese-American indie singer and songwriter praised by critics as one of the best poets of the 21st century and by fans as an alternative goddess-like ‘mom,’ Mitski rose to new popularity with her previous album Be The Cowboy (2018). The album incorporated contemporary pop-disco along with … Read More

“Emily in Paris” Entertains Despite the Stereotypes

by Tatiana Rodriguez ‘23 The recently released Netflix show, Emily in Paris, takes the audience on an adventure with Emily, played by Lily Collins, as she lives in Paris as an American who doesn’t speak “Francais.” Emily works for a French marketing firm where she has the job of providing an American perspective while she explores famous France landmarks and … Read More

Hollywood’s Depiction of Teen Trauma

by Daisia Smith ‘22 The Fallout, a film streaming on HBOMax, creates a realistic narrative surrounding a tragedy many Americans, unfortunately, know all too well: school shootings. Throughout the film, the viewers follow the main character Vada (played by Jenna Ortega) as well as Mia (played by Maddie Ziegler) as they undergo trauma following surviving a school shooting. While these … Read More

A Return to Classic “Scream”

by Joseph Oscilowski ‘22 The original 1996 Scream is a classic horror movie that anyone who’s at least mildly interested in horror movies has seen. Scream quickly became a horror-fan favorite as it was one of the first meta (meaning self-aware, in that the movie references that it’s a movie) slasher films. Since the original, there are now a total … Read More