Beginning of a New Era for The Weeknd

by Hannah Lee ’21 After almost two years without new music from The Weeknd, the singer dropped his fourth studio album “After Hours” on March 20. A new album often marks a new “era” for the singer, symbolizing a different persona. This new persona, aware of his self sabotaging tactics, contrasts greatly with the former one from his album “Starboy,” … Read More

The 90s Are Back

by Avery Prudenti ’21 The 2000s have been full of low-rise jeans, sparkly shirts, and tank tops, yet recently the 90s have taken back the throne and are now seen on social media apps and in fashion events. Thrift shops are becoming crowded with teens trying to get back the old vintage look. Grunge has specifically become the trend, which … Read More

Behind the Curtain of Rock ‘n’ Roll

by Kat Mahoney ’20 Dancers Consisting of 29 students from all different grades, the dancers come together to be a strong force that amplifies each song by adding a wave of emotions and fun. However, throughout every song as the girls spin around and the boys lift the girls into the air, it is often easy to forget all of … Read More

Crompton and Family Pursue Music and Share with Community

by Adam Levine ’20 Tucked away between the Valero gas station and the houses lining 108 on the way to Sherwood lies the Sandy Spring museum, a local historical gem holding events such as the annual Strawberry Festival, Teen Coffeehouse held by Project Change, and community open mic, which is held by senior Eve Crompton and her family. “My family … Read More

Bojack Horseman Delivers Downer Ending

by Apurva Mahajan ’22 and Selene Ashewood ‘22 Netflix’s “Bojack Horseman” is a comedic yet gritty animated show about a washed-up star living in Los Angeles among humans and other anthropomorphic animals like himself. The series’ final episodes came out on January 31, five years after it first aired, in which watchers finally got to see an end of the … Read More

Autopsy Of a Failed Movie

by Hailey Sepulvado ’22 Those lucky enough to have never seen the total fail that was “Cats” don’t have much to say, but those who did have to sit through the 151-minute atrocity has a few words about it. “Cats,” a movie remake of the “Cats” broadway musical, was expected to be a huge film, with lots of excited fans. … Read More

“Sex Education” Represents the LGBT+ Community

by Joseph Oscilowski ‘22 “Sex Education” is known for having numerous LGBT+ characters, each with their own stories and problems. But even with such diversity in sexuality, this show does an extremely good job in accurately representing real-life people and situations. The second season of “Sex Education” was released on January 17 to Netflix. This show focuses around the life … Read More

‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ Is A Stunning Work of Art

by Sarah Nove ‘20 There are films that you watch, and, a week or two later, you forget. Then there are films that make an impression, but after a few years, the emotions they evoked grow hazy in your mind. Finally, there are movies that grab you, burrowing deep into your soul, and stay there, embedded in your memory. In … Read More

Bieber ‘Changes’ It Up- For The Worse

by Anna Squiers After a five-year hiatus from music, Justin Bieber released his newest album, “Changes”, on February 14, a Valentine’s day return for the old heart-throb. Properly represented by the title, this album takes a grand detour from his previous albums and lifestyle. “Purpose”, his album released in 2015, highlights his playboy/rebel lifestyle, while “Changes” is a complete 180. … Read More

Guy Ritchie’s ‘The Gentlemen’ Involved in Possible Controversy

by Rachel Klein ‘22 Director Guy Ritchie’s movie, “The Gentlemen,” starring Matthew McConaughey and Jeremy Strong has recently hit theaters, and it won’t be leaving without a little controversy. Despite the film getting good reviews on major websites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb, many viewers were disturbed by the racist and anti-semitic jokes and remarks throughout the movie. “The Gentlemen” … Read More