Radio Gaga: Teens Shouldn’t Miss Out on the Radio’s Spontaneity

by Sophia Wooden ’20 People do not recognize the impact that the radio has on their lives. They take it for granted. The radio is a revolutionary invention that allows people to portably listen to music wherever they go. The first practical radio transmitters and receivers were developed around 1895 by Italian Guglielmo Marconi, and the radio began to be … Read More

Streaming Platforms: Newest Big Thing

by Kara Thompson ’20 Streaming platforms, such as Netflix or YouTubeTV, have seen a rise in popularity over the last few years. With content available without ads, people can watch what they want, when they want, practically wherever they want. Users also have the ability to make individual profiles, so all content is personalized. This ease corresponds well to the … Read More

Netflix is Killing the Movie Theatre Experience

by Conall Sahler ’20 We can all pretty much agree that Netflix and other home media services provide an immersive and personal way to watch and enjoy movies in the comfort of your own home, but are these home movie experiences ruining and desensitizing movie theatre audiences to view the theatre as if they were still at home? A while … Read More

‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ Exceeds Expectations

by Jackson Hongtong ’21 Austin Post, better known as Post Malone, released his third album on September 6, entitled  “Hollywood ́s Bleeding.” The album is the follow-up from his 2017 album, ¨Beerbongs and Bentleys,” which was certified Triple Platinum. That album solidified Post Malone as one of the top artists of this generation, and expectations for his new album were … Read More

“Rocketman” Proves To Be Epic Biopic

by Adina Brenner ’20 Singing. Dancing. Crying. These are just three of the many reactions you will experience when watching Elton John’s life story on the big screen. From outrageous and exciting concert reenactments to heart-wrenching scenes of overdoses, “Rocketman” embodies a true rockstar’s lifestyle of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. With the assistance from the Rocketman himself, director … Read More

I’m a ‘Sucker’ for The Jonas Brothers’ ‘Cool’ New Album

by Kara Thompson ‘20 The iconic brotherly trio known as ‘The Jonas Brothers’ made music that was a staple in the lives of many early 2000s kids. With hits such as “Burnin Up” and “Year 3000,” the brothers Kevin, Nick, and Joe Jonas, who got their start with Disney in 2005, quickly achieved star status. After several albums and tours, … Read More

‘ScamWow’ Will Make You Say ‘Wow’ Everytime

by Sarah Nove ‘20 Podcasts are blowing up right now, and it’s clear some creators are hopping on the bandwagon. There are probably hundreds of podcasts without a clear concept, and even those with a clear raison d’être struggle to achieve originality. However, that’s not the case with “ScamWow,” a new podcast hosted by comedians Caitlin Brodnick and Sue Smith. … Read More

Avengers Endgame: You’ll Love It 3000

by Sophia Wooden ‘20 The final movie of the Avengers series is monumental, to say the least. So, to give this movie a just review, going into all the details is necessary. You have been warned that this review contains spoilers for “Avengers: Endgame.” “Endgame” continues from the end of “Avengers: Infinity War,” in which the villain Thanos collects all … Read More

The Dim Creation that is ‘The Sun Is Also a Star’

by Kat Mahoney ’20 The X factor. In the movie “The Sun is Also a Star” it was the final supposed requirement that is expected to tie the shared love between the two main characters into a perfect bow. But the true X factor of this film was its cliché and overdone storyline that sloppily tied the movie together into … Read More

Sekiro Offers Combat at Its Best

by Thomas Johnson ‘19 Software, the developers of the critically acclaimed Bloodborne and the Dark Souls game series, have once again struck gold with their latest game “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.” Sekiro takes place in 15th century feudal Japan, during the height of a conflict between warring clans. The player character finds himself caught in the middle of this struggle, … Read More