What We’re…


Private Practice is a spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy where neonatal surgeon Addison Montgomery moves from Seattle to Los Angeles to work at a health clinic run by her divorced friends. It’s a fresh and fun take on Grey’s with its emphasis on a setting in a high-paced hospital. The patients are a lot more dynamic and fleshed out than Grey’s and have complex stories that viewers lean into more. Private Practice is a captivating and fascinating take on medical drama.

-George Awkard ‘25



Alice Winn’s In Memoriam is a stunning WWI romance between two boarding school friends turned
soldiers. Set in flourishing boarding school campuses, blood-flooded battlefields, and rural England, this novel brims with beauty and melancholy. Winn’s main characters Sidney Ellwood and Henry Gaunt are taken across the lines of the war, falling in and out of love as the war takes away pieces of their humanity. If you’re looking for a novel that’s brimming with longing, passion, sorrow, and
utter beauty, then look no further than this masterpiece of modern fiction.

-Evelyn San Miguel ‘26


Listening To

Dystopia’s album “The Aftermath” has always been a classic in the hardcore scene. Released in 1999, the hour-long sludge metal and crust punk mixture is filled with nihilism and a violent, pained sound. Starting ominous and finishing aggressively upset, “The Aftermath” delves into many political and personal issues, with one of the most powerful songs being “Father’s Gun,”

-Cliff Vacin ‘25



Content Warning is a game where a team of four players play as aspiring content creators who travel into a series of ominous environments to film videos for “SpookTube.” The aesthetic and art style is similar to Lethal Company, with cartoonish player models and immersive proximity chat, which leads to some absolutely ridiculous moments when paired with others. The absence of a level system or any progression ensures anybody can join without feeling undervalued. In short, Content Warning is a hilarious high-energy low-stakes experience perfect for a late night with friends.

-Justin Lakso ‘25