The Best and Worst Player/Team Fits From the NFL Draft

by Aaron Jaffe ’21 In what seems to be a never-ending nightmare, the world of sports is still at a halt. March came and went without its madness and April arrived with no MLB opening day and no playoffs for either the NBA or NHL. The last major event left in line was the NFL Draft. Now that the draft … Read More

2020 MLB Division Standing Predictions

by Aaron Jaffe 21’ Baseball is (kinda) back, technically. March 26 was poised to be Opening Day for the 2020 season. In 2019, The Washington Nationals defeated the Houston Astros in seven games to win the World Series. We are into early April, with no signs of ramping activities back up until at least mid-May. The ideas to get baseball … Read More

Where the Remaining Free Agents Should Go

by Matt Rosenthal ’22 While the bulk of NFL free agency is over, there are still some quality players available. Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was released over a month ago and has yet to be signed. Jameis Winston was replaced by Tom Brady in Tampa Bay and has remained unsigned. Jadeveon Clowney had an okay season with the Seahawks, but … Read More

2020 Nationals Season Preview: How Covid-19 May Benefit Team

by Graham Skinker ‘21 The Washington Nationals 2019 season was one for the history books. The team at one point in June was 19-31, 12 games under .500, and managed to claw all the way back and earn a wildcard spot. The Nationals went on to win the wildcard game, and then just kept on winning, battling back from deficits … Read More

NFL Offseason Provides Needed Distraction for Sports Fans

by Colin Horan ’21 On March 18, the NFL began its new league year, and with it has come another exciting free agency, a landmark new deal, and first-time changes to draft amidst the Coronavirus outbreak. So far, the league has spent over 2.3 billion dollars, a $500-million decrease from last year. Cornerbacks commanded this year’s market, bringing in $300 … Read More

Which Professional U.S. Sport Will Return First?

by Ryan Duvall ’21 About three weeks ago the Covid-19 pandemic that had been tearing the world apart made its way to America. The respiratory illness made instant changes to our daily lives, shutting down businesses, schools, and sports. And now, at the beginning of April, the country could be headed towards a national lockdown, leaving sports enthusiasts throughout America wondering … Read More

MCPS seeks to Change Freshmen Eligibility Requirements

By Colin Horan ‘21 MCPS Board of Education committee met on February 18 to discuss whether to remove the grade requirements for freshmen to participate in sports. The proposal is mainly intended for sports, but would be extended to after school activities as well. The county’s basis behind the proposal was to allow for more consistency with sports seasons regardless … Read More

Sherwood Wrestling Remains Competitive in Gap Year

by Aaron Jaffe ’21 Coming into this season, Sherwood was already at a disadvantage. The Warriors only retained five starting wrestlers (out of the 14 spots needed), making almost two-thirds of the roster open season for 2020.  “I knew we were going to have some growing pains as guys got more experienced,” said senior captain Adam Pfeiffer.  Led by coach … Read More

Limited Options for Pole Vaulters in MCPS

By: Marissa Harris ‘22 Coaches and members of the Sherwood track team have been anticipating a pole vault center at the school, but the construction has been put on hold indefinitely as a result of issues with resources. As a result, the Eastern part of the country will continue to not have a single pole-vault center.  This development means that … Read More

Two Sherwood Students Race to State Meet

Brenna Henderson ‘21 The 4A West Indoor Regional Championships took place on Thursday, February 6, at the Baltimore Armory. With an unusual surface choice of the track and a highly competitive field, Sherwood raced well but still placed 13th and 14th out of 16 teams for the boys and girls, respectively. Senior Sean Enright and sophomore Katie Kaneko both placed … Read More