MLB Changes Lead to Drastic Improvements

by Dylan Sondike ‘24 With two months already gone by in the MLB season, new rule changes have not disappointed in making games faster and increasing the level of action. With MLB attendance dropping in recent years, the new rules have done precisely what they were intended to do in order to bring back fans. Pitch clocks, larger bases, shift … Read More

New Owners Provide Commanders with Hope

by Noah Bair ‘24 Over the last decade or longer, fans of the Washington Commanders have watched their team go through controversy after controversy ranging from Dan Snyder’s workplace harassment scandal to multiple team rebrands. The team hasn’t won a playoff game since 2005, and they haven’t won the Super Bowl since 1991. With fans eager for a revival of … Read More

Sherwood Claims Top Spot as Best Sports Program in MCPS This Year

by Kobi Gyan ‘24 Sherwood has a well-regarded sports program among MCPS high schools, but the school still is probably more well known for its Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival show than its athletics. “W-Schools” such as Whitman and Winston Churchill are widely considered as top sports schools for their soccer teams. Other schools like Quince Orchard, Northwest, and Damascus have … Read More

Spring Sports Preview

Softball Takes Aim at Another State Title with Repeat in Mind by Maggie Reese ‘24 The softball team enters this season missing some of their biggest stars from last year’s state-championship team. Among other starters who graduated, Emily Siansky now plays for Division III at St Lawrence and Holly Rogers is at Montgomery College. Despite the loss of talent, the … Read More

Simplicity of Sports Betting Leads to Increase in Sherwood

by Noah Bair ‘24 and Carter Braun ‘23 At the end of last year, in the first full month of legalized sports betting in Maryland, the state saw almost $500 million wagered across all platforms. Since betting companies want to introduce potential gamblers to the industry, many implemented promotions when customers first register with a gambling app. Some of these … Read More

High School Lacrosse Rankings Favor Private Schools

by Alex Lacey ‘24 Maryland is well known for being a lacrosse hotbed, and it’s even the state’s official team sport. So it’s no surprise that the University of Maryland Terrapins have won 11 national championships on the men’s side and 15 on the women’s side since lacrosse became a NCAA-sanctioned sport in 1971. From pro players down to the … Read More

Perspective: Refs Are Human, Too

by Thomas Fenner ‘24 Referees in professional sports have always been a common source of disagreement and frustration among fans and players regarding their power over the game. Whether it’s a fan base whining about the officials blowing a game or a superstar player begging for a foul with the game on the line, refs have regularly been blamed for … Read More

Off-the-Field Turmoil Complicates Top Women’s Teams’ Chances in World Cup

by Sydney Wiser ‘23 It has been 95 days since the men’s World Cup ended in a thrilling penalty kick shootout, and soccer fans are now gearing up for another high-profile tournament, the Women’s World Cup (WWC). The success of the 2019 WWC, where global viewership was 1.12 billion and the level of competition was deep, showed the growth of … Read More

The Rumors Are True: Sherwood Moves from 4A to 3A Starting Next Year

by Perri Williams ‘23 Due to decline in Sherwood’s overall enrollment over the past few years, Sherwood’s athletic teams will move from state classification 4A to 3A beginning next school year. The Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA) states in its handbook that, “For the purpose of parity in competition in meets and tournaments administered by the MPSSAA, member … Read More

Sherwood’s Corollary Sports Offer More Accessibility and Community

by Katie Gough ‘23 Most MCPS schools including Sherwood offer three interscholastic corollary sports: handball in the fall, bocce in the winter, and applied softball in the spring. Each is a co-ed varsity sport that ranges from around 12-20 players and offers the same competitive schedule as other MCPS sports, with playoffs and a championship game towards the end of … Read More