Why Wait To Predict? Warrior Staff Pick Super Bowl Winner.

Chiefs 34- Packers 31  The two favorites will meet up in the Super Bowl, pitting the MVP frontrunners of Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes against each other. This year, the NFL changed its postseason format, leaving only the top seed in each conference with a bye. Fortunately, both the Packers and Chiefs were the AFC and NFC’s one seeds, and … Read More

Bama vs OSU: Keys To Who Wins Tonight’s National Championship

by Aaron Jaffe ’21 In the semi-final playoff games, we saw a familiar sight with Alabama rolling past Notre Dame and a surprising upset in the rematch between Clemson and Ohio State, setting up a great matchup for Monday Night. While the Crimson Tide never gave critics a single reason to put any other team in the top spot in … Read More

Predictions for NFL Wildcard Playoff Games

by Colin Horan ‘21, Dylan Sondike ‘24, Ryan Duvall, ‘21 Jimmy Yates ‘21, and Matt Rosenthal ‘22 NFC New Orleans Saints (12-4) vs Chicago Bears (8-8) Saints 27-Bears 9. The Saints are simply a better team than the Bears and it’ll show when they play on Sunday. The Bears offense will once again struggle to get anything going and a … Read More

On Sports: Lamar Jackson Is a Choker But It’s Not All His Fault

by Matt Rosenthal ‘22 Baltimore Ravens MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson has won 25 of his first 34 starts (including postseason), an unbelievable beginning to a career. There is one downfall to this record, however. In the six most meaningful games of Jackson’s career–his three games against the Chiefs, two playoff games against the Chargers and Titans, and the 2020 Week … Read More

Sherwood Rugby Club Goes Undefeated in the Fall

by Jackson Hongtong ’21 Participating in the Rugby Maryland Premier Division, Sherwood has 75 students on different rugby teams throughout the league. Most of the students play under the team the Maryland Exiles, including teams of boys and girls’ varsity and junior varsity. This past fall season, the Exiles went undefeated. However, like many other sports that are trying to … Read More

Wall for Westbrook-Why the Wizards Won this Blockbuster Deal

by Aaron Jaffe ’21 As the shortened NBA offseason hotstove of news dimmed to a slow burn, the Washington Wizards and Houston Rockets reignited the flame. On December 2, the two franchises made a deal that sent former all-star point guard John Wall to Houston along with a lottery-protected 2023 first round pick for current all-star point guard Russell Westbrook. … Read More

On Sports: Rooting for the Big Baller Bros

by Caden DeSousa ‘21 It’s official. . . all three Ball brothers are in the NBA! The first of the Ball brothers, Lonzo, was selected second overall in the 2017 NBA Draft by the Los Angeles Lakers. In the 2020 NBA Draft, Lamelo Ball was taken with the third overall pick by the Charlotte Hornets. The final Ball brother remaining … Read More

Can The NFC EAST Be Any Worse?

by Zack Jaffe ’24 In the last five years the NFC East has progressively gotten worse, and living in the D.C. metropolitan area makes it so much worse having to cheer for one of those teams. Right now the NFC East has a combined 14-29-1 record, which is just under a 50-percent win to loss ratio. In any other division, … Read More

Super Bowl, Here We Come!

by Dylan Sondike ’24 Do you have a favorite football team that you follow? How do you feel when they win? How do you feel when they lose? Would you stick with your team if they were constantly losing or would you switch? Let me share my experience as someone who loves NFL football and remains totally loyal to the … Read More

On Sports: Covid-Ridden College Football Season Is Unrealistic

by Jimmy Yates ‘21 College Football continues to experience a large sum of Covid-related troubles, but conferences still plan to finish the season. The risks and uncertainties of the season were well-known before the season started: players, coaches, and staff would be at risk to contract the virus and miss one or multiple games, but most conferences still decided to … Read More