‘Canceled’ Special Report: Struggle for Consistency in Sports

by Colin Horan ‘21 It now comes with the job description that every aspect of the lives of modern-day athletes, coaches, and executives is watched under a microscope. Now more so than ever, not only are they expected to be flawless in performance in their respective sports, but also in the social aspects of their lives. As “cancel culture” – … Read More

Lebron Sets New Standard for Social Activism

by Evan Joseph ‘23 Lebron James has gotten a lot of attention off the court in the past year by becoming vocal about his political opinions and because of his creation and involvement with  the ¨More than a Vote¨ organization.  Many believe that athletes should not be involved in social activism.  Opponents often believe that athletes don’t know enough to … Read More

A Month to Celebrate Women, and the NCAA Messed It Up!

by Lizzy Hermosilla ‘23 Every college basketball fan knows what time of year it is, and that’s March Madness. Sports fanatics and gamblers diligently watch this NCAA tournament hoping their bracket is that one in a million. March not only means March Madness for sports fans, but it also means Women’s History Month. The Women’s NCAA March Madness tournament is … Read More

On Sports: Nationals Look Like a New Team

by Dylan Sondike ‘24 As baseball season approaches, the Washington Nationals are ready to bounce back from a rough shortened season in which they went 26-34. Due to other teams in the National League East making major moves, many now believe that the NL East is the toughest division in the MLB. But the Nationals did the most to improve, … Read More

Md Bill Would Allow College Athletes To Profit from Endorsements

by Jaxon Lust ‘23 College athletes could be allowed to profit off their name and image, and could be better protected under a bill that passed through the Maryland House of Delegates in the beginning of March. The bill, called the Jordan McNair Safe and Fair Play Act, looks to provide student-athletes with better protection from tragedies and allow them … Read More

March Madness Picks

Click on the staff writer’s name to view their bracket, if you’re using an MCPS account, click the link below their name. Colin Horan ’21 Click here if using an MCPS account West: #1 Gonzaga and #2 Iowa Gonzaga and Iowa are simply just two of the best teams in the nation, and will ride their superior talent to the … Read More

On Sports: The Case for Steroid Era Players in the Hall of Fame

by Matt Rosenthal ‘22 There were no baseball players inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2021. This was mostly due to no new notable eligible players and the stubbornness of voters refusing to elect players from the Steroid Era. Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Mark McGwire are synonymous with the pursuit of Roger Maris’ single-season home run record … Read More

On Sports: QB Carousel Takes NFL in New Direction

by Colin Horan ‘21 Any offseason in the NFL has its fair share of surprises, questions, and controversies and this year is no exception. There is an unprecedented league-wide quarterback carousel where as many as 20 or more teams could either have a new starting quarterback or a young gun lined up to sit behind a veteran and be ready … Read More

On Sports: Tom Brady Is the Greatest in All of Team Sports

by Graham Skinker ‘21 Earlier this month, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady captured his seventh Super Bowl title at age 43, capping what was possibly the most impressive of his now seven championship runs. While Tom Brady is not the most accomplished athlete of any sport, he has earned the title of greatest team sport athlete of all time. … Read More

On Sports: Sell the House! Wizards Need New Start

by Dylan Sondike ‘24 As of February 11, the Washington Wizards are 6-15 and 2nd to last in the entire Eastern Conference. After the trade for Russell Westbrook, Wizards fans including myself hoped for a better start and season. So far, the opposite has happened.  Rarely do you see a team with two all stars on one of the worst … Read More