Is Quarantine Finally Over?

by Avery Prudenti ’22 We have all been out of school for 83 days now, and it has taken its toll on many. People spent those months waiting, and hoping for quarantine to finally be lifted. Maryland has had 55,858 confirmed cases over the past couple of months, and although that number is flattening, we’re still not in the clear … Read More

Maintaining Mental Health During COVID-19

by Lucy Sokol ’21 Losing jobs. Losing loved ones. Lack of food. Lack of medical care. You name it and people during this pandemic have fears about it. While we cannot help but keep our eyes glued to new announcements, we must be aware of the dangers this pandemic has on mental health. Whether you have anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, … Read More

A Look at History- The Importance of Effective Quarantine

by Julia Robins ’20 Despite the shutdown of schools and restaurants, the coronavirus is only spreading further exponentially. Looking at Maryland alone, as of March 18, there are a total of 85 cases in Maryland- on Monday there were only 37. This exponential rise in cases is typical historically with a pandemic. The only proven way for pandemics to end … Read More

Sherwood Teachers Inspire Others to Reach Their Health Goals

by Adina Brenner ’20 From the keto to the paleo diet, when it comes to losing weight there are what feels like hundreds of trends to try. But the biggest issue for those trying to change their physical health habits is finding the right method that works best for them. Whether you or someone you know is looking for a … Read More

Tech World: 2021 Cadillac Escalade, More Proof That Driverless Cars Are Coming

by John Pagnussati ’21 General Motors, the current owner of the Cadillac car manufacturer, has debuted an improved Escalade that was also announced to be hands-free driving. The updated model of the Escalade is expected to be released in 2021 and recent Escalade models have been the best selling full-size luxury SUVfor the last 20 years. The Escalade will have … Read More

The Science Behind Racism

by Julia Robins ’20  Discrimination is wrong; simple as that. However, we may not be completely in control when we choose to accept or reject others.  The amygdala, the area in the brain responsible for fear, decision making, and empathy automatically makes subconscious observations about others and quickly turns those simple observations into judgments that lack a situational attribution. Our … Read More

Cell Phones May Carry Health Risks

by Hena Hussain ‘20 Most students constantly use their cell phones for a variety of tasks, from communication to school to social media. These devices are used by adults and young people alike, and with an increased use of the internet in all aspects of society, owning a cell phone is no longer a choice for those who wish to advance … Read More

Science Continues To Scorch Tanning

By Samantha Schwartz ’16 Indoor tanning has been linked to skin cancer and the Journal of American Medicine Association (JAMA) Dermatology recently published a new study examining associations between indoor tanning and melanoma among men and women younger than 50 years old. In the United States, melanoma cases are rising more steadily among women than men younger than 50 years … Read More