DECA Club Broadens Business and Networking Opportunities for Students

by Devin Kosiorowski ‘24

At the beginning of the this school year business education teacher Margaret Lynch decided to take a new approach to the business management club. While keeping the overall focus of the club the same, Lynch broadened the opportunities for club members and gave the club more structure by switching the business management club into DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America), which is a school business and marketing club recognized nationwide. The club’s switch has attracted more members with many of the leadership positions being new members, including junior Vittoria Satterlee, who is the president.

With Sherwood joining the national student organization, members have had access to many opportunities, including trips relating to the focus of the club. One of these trips occurred earlier in the school year when members visited FedEx Field, the home of the Washington Commanders, for the duration of the school day.

“We got a private tour of the entire stadium, and we listened to a conference of some of the leaders of the Commanders’ organization,” said Satterlee. “We also socialized with other members of DECA and made some connections about our upcoming events.”

Members also participated in a region-wide competition on December 17 where they were assessed on their skills surrounding marketing, finance, hospitality, leadership, and team-building. Despite the club typically being thought of as business-centered, it teaches students valuable lessons that can be applied throughout their lifetime. All students, not just those interested in business, can gain valuable skills from joining the club. “To me, any opportunity I have to give a kid a real-life experience or just to let them see that they’re part of something bigger and that there are communities out there that they can engage with other kids … the impact is immeasurable,” explained Lynch.

Even though this is Sherwood’s first year with a DECA, members have high hopes heading into the next few years. The club is still getting adjusted to the new structure that DECA has provided for them. Although, after the club finds their footing, members plan on shifting their focus towards region and nationwide competitions. Making these competitions would prove to be a large accomplishment as there are many teams throughout the region all battling for a small amount of spots offered.

“I think we just need to develop a little bit more as a club and then further down the road I would like to see us as one of the top 50 teams in the nation,” said Satterlee.