What the Warrior Staff is…


Gideon Falls: The Black Barn, created by writer Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino, tells a story about a schizophrenic man who keeps getting visions about a black barn while simultaneously finding parts around the city to build said barn. His therapist tries to break him out of these delusions before she too starts seeing visions of the black barn, and only then does she believe this supernatural barn could be real and not just a delusion. They join together to try to connect the pieces of the black barn and why they are seeing it. An engrossing sub plot centers on a priest who has been following and documenting the black barn “murders” and disappearances. From the stunning art to the enthralling story this graphic novel series is a great read for anyone who enjoys mystery stories with supernatural elements.
~Gael Rebu ‘24


Poker Face on Peacock, starring Emmy-nominated actress Natasha Lyonne, is a perfect watch for anyone who loves murder mysteries. The series follows Charley Cale across America as she is wanted by the owners of the casino where she previously worked. Charley has a distinct ability in which she can tell when others are lying so she pushes the truth out of everyone. While running from the owners, she makes multiple stops and along the way she meets new people and solves murders that go on in the town, all while she’s on the run herself. Throughout the whole series, I was eager to see what would happen with Charley, whether it would be getting caught finally or if she would fail at solving the murder.
~Andrew Rosenthal ‘24

Broadchurch, Season 1, on PBS, starring Emmy-award winning actors Olivia Colman and David Tennant, is a must watch. This series, set in a quiet, cliffside British town shaken by a horrific death, is a devastating, emotional, and thrilling viewing experience. As the mystery of a local 11-year-old boy’s murder unfolds, the seemingly innocent, sleepy town slowly reveals something more sinister beneath its surface. Watching the pilot episode is a whiplash of emotions and from one moment to the next, I found myself laughing, crying, or sitting at the edge of my seat.
~Evelyn San Miguel ‘26

The 2016 HBO series The Young Pope tells the story of a future revolution in the Roman Catholic Church orchestrated by newly elected pope Lenny Belardo (played by Jude Law). Taking on the name of Pius XIII, Lenny makes sweeping and reactionary changes to the operation and structure of the Church. Conflict with the internal Church bureaucracy and the public ensues, all while Lenny struggles internally with his faith and his past. Paolo Sorrentino’s masterful directing work makes The Young Pope an artistically as well as emotionally engaging watch, providing a unique insight into the Catholic church for those unfamiliar with it, and a reflection on Catholic principles and faith for those who are.
~Seph Fisher ‘25

Martin Scorsese’s 1985 film After Hours is a hidden gem amongst the director’s legendary discography. Going into the movie I hadn’t thought much of it because compared to the rest of Scorcese’s movies, I haven’t heard much fanfare but after watching it for the first time I was blown away and it became a top-5 Scorcese movie for me. The film is extremely atmospheric and portrays one man’s night go from bad to worse as he goes through a myriad of strange interactions in New York City. After Hours does a perfect job of making viewers feel claustrophobic and anxious, and it highlights Scorcese’s ability to make the audience feel. I recommend After Hours to anyone who is a fan of this great director or anyone who is willing to experience a nightmare-like movie.
~Ben Schoenberg ‘24


Erykah Badu’s second studio album, Mama’s Gun is a vibrant neo-soul experience. Mama’s Gun incorporates funk, soul, and jazz elements to take the listener on a journey throughout the vivid, imaginative world of Badu. From “Penitentiary Philosophy” to “Green Eyes,” the 71-minute album combines familiar Hip Hop beats, record crackling sound bites, and proud, hypnotizing vocals to immerse the listener in the story of Badu’s life in the 1980s and 90s.
~Audrey Farris ‘25

Acid Bath’s 1994 album When the Kite String Pops is a perfect blend of sludge metal, death metal, and simultaneously, melodic blues, having just enough energy to wake a dead man up. Liked by metalheads and punks alike, each song has a perfect mixture of elements for every enjoyer of heavier music. Each song flows effortlessly into each other, with a strong amount of bass in each song. My personal favorite is “The Morticians Flame,” which has enough energy and enough slow melodies to make the four-minute song feel less than a minute.
~Cliff Vacin ‘25