Request Pronouns for Inclusive Environment

by Brenna Henderson ‘21 She/her, he/him, they/them. These pronouns are used when referring to anyone, and often, people can accidentally use the wrong pronoun. Misgendering someone might not seem like a big deal, but to someone who has gone through a lot to understand themselves and be accepted, it can be very hurtful and disrespectful. It happens often though, as … Read More

She’s Speaking

by Taylor Wallace ’21 Two weeks ago, the Vice Presidential Debate took place between Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence. The night, although much less chaotic than the first Presidential debate, had its intense moments. One moment that acquired a lot of attention was when Pence started to speak over Harris during her allotted time period and she … Read More

Mail-in Ballots Are the Safe Choice

by Dylan Sondike ’24 With the Election nearing, the emerging debate of mail-in ballots has become a key conflict throughout the country. In 2020 nine states as well as D.C. will send ballots to every voter and thirty-four other states will give voters the option to use an absentee ballot.  Many Republicans, especially conservatives, believe that mail-in ballots may get … Read More

Microaggressions Aren’t Funny

by Lauren Hill ‘22  Georgia Republican Senator David Perdue has recently been facing backlash after purposely mispronouncing the name of the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, at a rally for President Donald Trump. “Kamala — Kah-ma-la, or Kah-mah-la, or Kamala-mala-mala, I don’t know, whatever.” Perdue laughed. Harris, who has made clear on several occasions to the American public that … Read More

Tuesday Advisory Is Missing the Mark

by Ella Casey ‘21 The struggles of COVID-19 are known to virtually everyone, and keeping up strong mental health is a struggle. In light of this, Sherwood, at the direction of MCPS, decided it would be good to hold advisory periods each Tuesday, mainly to focus on mental health topics, which seemed like it would be quite beneficial at first. … Read More

Covid Is Not Over

by Apurva Mahajan ‘22 Covid-19 has affected the whole planet and everyone has had their lives changed. However, this is not an excuse to stop wearing masks and social distancing just because quarantine has been in place for over half a year. Events like Fake Homecoming (FOCO) and the Powderpuff game are putting people at risk for contracting the virus, … Read More

Don’t Be Like Hogan

by Aidan Trump ’21 The 2020 presidential election looms large as Americans begin to cast their ballots. The vast majority have either voted for President Donald Trump or for former Vice President Joe Biden, but this is not the case when it comes to Republican Gov. Larry Hogan. Hogan told The Washington Post that he wrote in the name Ronald … Read More

U.S. Climate Migration is Inevitable

by Jay Joseph ’22 For years, Americans have ignored the impending–no, current–effects of climate migration in our nation. Political debates that challenge the existence of climate change and the idea that money can absolve the damage from it desensitize us from its irreversible impacts. Americans continue developing coastlines while rising sea levels and more severe hurricanes threaten the shore. Nevada’s … Read More

Masks Essential in Drive-Throughs

by Riley Sandoval ‘22 Using drive-throughs and ordering food for pickup has become more common while indoor seating is restricted due to Covid-19. Most people remove their masks when they get in their cars. However, many people do not recognize the need to wear a mask in a drive-through. Whether you are getting food through your car window or placed … Read More

Congruence is Key

by Victoria Martinez ‘23 This school year started quite differently than ever before due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. While I am able to understand and empathize with teachers and students who are doing their best during these difficult times to adjust to the new online learning environment, I believe it would be exceedingly useful and helpful for students and teachers … Read More