Sexual Assault On Live Television 

by Ayana Antoine ’20 Live television is full of all types of surprises, but on December 7 a female reporter got the shock of her life with thousands watching. Alex Bozarjian had an unfortunate encounter when a man later identified as Thomas Callaway slaps her butt during a live television broadcast of the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run in Savannah, Georgia. … Read More

Is Black Friday Really Worth It?

by Ella Casey ‘21 When are the biggest sales of the year? Black Friday, of course–or so one would think. If this is the case, then why does it seem like things on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are often still so expensive? It’s no secret that good quality items are commonly overpriced–on average a shirt is at least $30-40. … Read More

School Should Start Before Labor Day

by Reade Fenner ‘22 The MCPS Board of Education is currently drafting and discussing the 2020-2021 calendar, with the school start date being a prominent issue. An executive order passed by Gov. Larry Hogan stating that schools in Maryland must begin after Labor Day has now been annulled by new legislation. MCPS is considering returning to an earlier start date, … Read More

We Need To Stop the Hate Trend

by Jenna Bloom ‘21 Recently, there has been a stereotype circulating around the internet about VSCO girls. According to, a VSCO girl is “a term, generally used as an insult, for a young, usually white woman who wears scrunchies and Birkenstock sandals, drinking out of Hydro Flask reusable water canisters, saying sksksk and I oop, and generally seeking attention … Read More

Are They Really Influencers?

by Hannah Lee ‘21 As our society evolves to rely more on technology, social media has in some ways become more of a business platform than a creative outlet. Instagram models, YouTubers, etc. can post one picture and get paid a significant amount of money. While I have no problems with people easily earning money, I do feel like it … Read More

Speed Cameras Prove Ineffective

by Tori Newby ‘22 Olney residents likely have mixed feelings about the speed cameras that seem to permanently reside on Route 108. While the rush-hour drivers despise them, pedestrians and bikers can see them as a way to keep the roads safe. County-wide, Montgomery County made over $20 million in speeding ticket revenue in 2015. However, the Olney cameras catch … Read More

College Board Cancelling PSAT Scores

by Apurva Mahajan ’22 Minutes after the PSAT was finished being administered to high school students nationwide on October 16, test takers turned to Twitter and other social media to post memes about the exam. The PSAT requests students to not share information about the test to others, as it could lead to leaked content for those who haven’t taken … Read More

Giant Leaps for Womankind

by Carlee Malone ‘20 More and more women make history every day, accomplishing incredible feats only previously achieved by men. Christina Koch and Jessica Meir are among these revolutionary women who have overcome incredible gender barriers to become role-models for girls worldwide, completing the first all-female spacewalk–any journey or mission performed outside of the spacecraft–on October 18th, nearly 55 years … Read More

Unnecessary College Deadlines Changed

by Kat Mahoney ’20 Seniors spend the start of the school year allotting certain times to do their college applications. Some seniors even spend their whole summer making sure they have planned out how and when they will take every measure to better ensure their admittance to their top choices for colleges.  Last week seniors had a meeting with their … Read More

News Depicts Alternate Reality

by Noah Corman ’19 There exists a disconnect between the world that the news projects and the world as it actually is. This phenomenon is toxic—in order to survive, media outlets must cater to their users’ interests, sacrificing the people’s needs for their petty wants. The top headlines, if taken as a legitimate reflection of America, would indicate that chaos … Read More