What Real Men Are

by Kat Mahoney ’20 Real men don’t cry; real men don’t wear pink; real men have muscles. Boys are taught that they’re destined to fit into certain roles and are forbidden to venture into others. They’re pushed to achieve unattainable bodies. Social media makes the stereotypical man that boys have to become more prominent. Bodybuilders appear on every social media … Read More

Trump Administration Wants to Erase Transgender People

by Julia Robins ‘20 Since Trump has came into power, he has removed federal protections for transgender children in schools, attempted to ban them from the military, and has forced transgender inmates into prisons based on their birth-assigned sex. Discrimination was one thing. But now the Trump Administration is trying to define intersex people out of existence. The New York Times … Read More

President Trump’s Unpresidential Response

by Brenna Henderson ’21 President Donald Trump’s responses to the recent bombing attempts on Democrats and other critics of the president is unpresidential and unsupportive. The bombing attempts by Cesar Sayoc started on Monday, October 22, and were sent to at least 13 people over the course of five days, although no one was injured. Trump’s first mention on Twitter … Read More

Longer Spring Break Means Calmer Students

by Jonah Sachs ’20 Through the years, religious holidays, mandatory breaks, and professional days have induced difficulty in creating an effective calendar. Recently, after much deliberation of the length of spring break, our newest Student Member of the Board, Ananya Tadikonda, as well as the rest of the Board of Education, have given students two options for the spring of … Read More

Hurricane Survivors Deserve Assistance from Rest of Country

by Adina Brenner ’20 From last year’s Harvey, Irma, and Maria to this year’s Florence and Michael, hurricanes have practically demolished the Eastern Shores and Gulf Coast. Yet after each storm has occurred, the response of almost every American has been as follows; saying or posting something along the lines of “I feel so bad for the families impacted.” Rather … Read More

Honors Classes Don’t Prepare Students for AP

by Hena Hussain ‘20 For most students, junior year marks the start of an intensified workload, with many taking an increased number of AP courses. Students who took Honors Precalculus the year before take AP AB Calculus or AP BC Calculus; students who took Honors English 10 often take AP Language and Composition; students who took Honors Chemistry sophomore year … Read More

Overwhelming Homework

by Aaron Jaffe 21’  For the majority of students in high school, a normal school day consists of seven classes with a lunch period to break up the day. In each class it is expected you give 100 percent, by paying attention, participating in class, being active in group discussions and of course completing each night’s homework. Each student has … Read More

A New Cold War

by Nick Hermosilla ‘19  A recent speech by Vice President Mike Pence criticizing China has put the two countries even more at each other’s throats. Recent events surrounding this conflict include the growing U.S.-China trade war, mass imprisonment of Muslims in China’s Xinjiang province, and ongoing Chinese cyber attacks and espionage attempts. Pence fiercely criticized these actions of China, and … Read More

Cuts In Refugee Numbers Are Bad News for America

by Vendela Krenkel ’20 Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently announced President Donald Trump’s plans to lower the limit on number of refugees allowed into the United States from 45,000 to a record low of 30,000 annually. This is just one effort in a series of actions seeking to cut down on immigration, both for illegal immigrants and by making … Read More

Lower Voting Age

by Kara Thompson ’20 As the November election draws closer, the pressure to vote has gotten increasingly higher. This year’s midterms will be one of the most critical in our country’s history, and it’s crucial for everyone who can vote to do so. Many people from celebrities to major companies to average citizens have been part of the campaign of … Read More