Don’t Record Student Fights

by Katie Ng ‘25

At the end of lunch, a fight erupts or nearly erupts in the hallways every now and then at Sherwood. When this happens, students rush to film the fight instead of going to class and often end up arriving late to fifth period. Although Sherwood is not a school that has frequent fights, end of lunch fights occur every school year. Recently, security guards have had to start blowing whistles at students to get to their classes. This kind of student behavior is embarrassing and students need to learn to be upstanders rather than bystanders.

Recording fights is plain insensitive and does nothing to help the fight, especially for the student living their worst moment, as they receive punches or threats. When students film fights, they are only exacerbating the problem by promoting fighting. They may also block others who are trying to get through to go to class. Furthermore, a recorded fight could end up on social media, creating bigger problems. For example, others could torment and harass the people in the recording. So instead of crowding around students who are about to fight, students should find an adult to intervene or go to class if there is already an adult, which would better promote Sherwood’s values.