MCPS Must End The Silence

There have been at least five teen suicides in Montgomery County in 2017, nearly doubling the number of suicides in both 2016 and 2015, according to WUSA9. Two of these deaths, those of Jordana Greenberg, a sophomore at Whitman, and Thomas Silva, a junior from Walter Johnson, occurred within one week of each other (November 27-December 2). As of December … Read More

When Girls are Allowed to be Boy Scouts, Everyone Benefits

by Anika Mittu ‘19 Both the Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of the USA possess similar core beliefs, as both seek to aid in the creation of moral, knowledgeable young adults and citizens. So, why must the two organizations be divided by gender? According to the Boy Scouts, the split is simply no longer necessary. On October 11, … Read More

Living in the Trump Era

by Leah Peloff ‘18 The President of the United States of America is a leader and role model figure to the children growing up under his/ her term in office. Presidents set the tone and direction of America’s future and henceforth have an enormous impact on the developing youth. Since Donald Trump has taken office on January 20, 2017, there … Read More

There Is No Such Thing As ‘Jewish Christmas’

by Jared Schwartz ‘18 Tonight marks the fourth night of Hanukkah, which means that Christmas is fast approaching. Due to the fact that both holidays occur during the same time of the year, many people tend to think of Hanukkah as simply the Jewish version of Christmas. This could not be further from the truth. Hanukkah is a relatively minor … Read More

Locals Lead the Way On The Environment

by Danielle Katz ‘18 Montgomery County declared a “climate emergency” on December 5, followed by a proposed resolution aimed at creating a dramatic cut in greenhouse gas emissions. The resolution has been approved by an all-Democratic council, and the sponsors hope to see great change from the bill. Arguably, the bill is incredibly ambitious, striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions … Read More

Amnesty International Advocates for Refugees

by Amnesty International Club Around the world, people are driven to flee their homes to escape political conflicts and violence each day. From Syria to Somalia, millions of innocent people, more than half of which are children, are forced to abandon their countries in order to survive. The U.S. has always been known as a country for those seeking refuge … Read More

Politicians Are Exploiting Christmas

by Hena Hussain ’20 “Guess what, we’re saying Merry Christmas again,” said President Donald Trump to a cheering crowd at this year’s Values Voter Summit, an annual gathering of conservatives. The President’s remarks brought forward another round of debate on a controversial question: should people refrain from saying “Merry Christmas” during the holiday season to avoid offending those who don’t … Read More

Boycotting Is An Admirable Activity

by Noah Corman ‘19 It is human nature to stand up for one’s beliefs. When an organization uses their profits to support controversial causes, one must question whether or not they want to give their money to such a business. In fact, boycotting this institution would be commendable. People need to be more active and fulfill their duty as citizens … Read More

Boycotting Does Not Equal Activism

by Jared Schwartz ‘18 Almost everything you buy is a product of exploitation. The clothes you wear and your iPhone are probably made by child laborers under horrible, repressive conditions. Even supposedly “good” corporations exploit their workers taking the profit of their labor for their owners instead of giving it to the workers. No matter what, odds are that whatever … Read More

Transgender Senator-Elect Inspires LGBT+ Community

by Elizabeth Lanning ‘20 On the night of November 7, 2017, Danica Roem became the first openly transgender person elected to state legislature in the United States. Her election is a monumental event, and will likely be known as a landmark achievement for the LGBT+ community. Roem’s opponent, the 13- term incumbent Robert Marshall, had previously dubbed himself “Virginia’s chief … Read More