AOC’s Livestream Was More than Politics

by Sydney Wiser ‘23 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) was one of the hundreds of Congress members present when supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol building on January 6. On a February 1 Instagram livestream, Cortez sat down to recount her traumatic story.  Cortez shared that she was in her office on January 6th when she suddenly heard banging … Read More

More Than a Cliche

by Taylor Wallace ’21 During my 18 years on this Earth, the most important thing I have learned is that everything happens for a reason. I’m sure everyone has heard of the saying before, yet you may not truly believe it, and I’m going to tell you why you should. It manifests in many different ways. It can be something … Read More

False Equivalencies in Comparing Capitol Siege to Summer Protests

by Bryan Kim ‘23 Many conservatives are trying to draw parallels between the recent Trump rally riot on the Capitol and Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests throughout last year. “The double standard with regard to rioting in the media (it’s good when it’s BLM, it’s bad when it’s Trump supporters) is egregious,” says Ben Shapiro, a right-wing political commentator. Drawing … Read More

Facts Over Friendship

by Lexi Kimmel ‘21 Politics used to be an old person’s game. As we look back on the history of the United States, we see a slew of old white men that have been leading the country since its founding in 1776. This trend has been challenged in recent years, as young fresh faces emerge into positions of power and … Read More

If You Believe In Equality, Feminism is For You

by Jimmy Yates ‘21 On January 21, 2017, the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, more than three million people participated in the “Women’s March” in cities across the United States in protest against an incoming president. Many of those standing in opposition to Trump’s disrespectful comments and behaviors toward women. Click here to see a few of Trump’s sexist comments … Read More

Finding Light in a Dark Situation

by Martholdy Pierre-Canel ‘21 Maybe this generation cannot take anything seriously, or perhaps we just use our humor to knock our depression and anxiety down a notch. Social media has categories, sub categories, sub-sub categories and so forth with various topics such as fashion, cooking, and especially politics. While many chaotic events are sprawling in the political world, people on … Read More

TikTok Creators’ Platforms Wasting Opportunities To Do Good

by Devon Goldstein ‘21 Starting in 2020, creators have gained a large following on TikTok as well as other social media platforms. It has become a common occurrence that when someone becomes popular on TikTok, their following increases on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter as well. Many of these influencers on social media apps have gained millions of followers from all … Read More

Time to Rethink Lame-Duck Period

by Emory Gun ‘22 The United States has just concluded one of, if not the most, chaotic lame-duck periods in history. This period of  time is between when the incoming president elect has won the election, but has yet to take office. In America the lame-duck period lasts from the first Tuesday in November (or whenever the results of the … Read More

They’re Actually Telling The Truth

by Ella Scher ‘23 The first press conference of the Biden Administration, given on January 20  by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, was refreshingly honest after the numerous (and hideous) on-air drama displays of the last four years. Though some of it was fluff and platitudes about the need for transparency and honesty towards the American people, there was … Read More

Brushing on the Creativity

by Riley Sandoval ‘22 What do you think of when you hear the word art? Paintings? Drawings? Maybe Picasso? When you think of art, makeup isn’t the first thing that comes to mind … if it comes to mind at all. Makeup is thought of as something to change your look, fix insecurities, or as something for girls to wear. … Read More