Sherwood Needs To Ensure Safer Parking Lots

by Emma Shuster ’18 As soon as students get their license, they look for excuses to drive anywhere. And although they typically do well on roads when surrounded by experienced drivers, this is not the case in a school parking lot. School parking lots consist of mostly new drivers who are still becoming acclimated to being behind the wheel as well … Read More

Pro v Con: Walkup movement

After the tragedy in Parkland, many students began to advocate for harsher gun control, planning school walkouts in protest of the school shootings that have occurred. However, one of the parents of a Parkland victim called on students to “walk up, not out” in an effort to fight gun violence. He argued that walkouts would do little to actually solve … Read More

The Tale of the Lion

by Colleen Yates ’18  One boy in a village was the proud owner of a pet lion. One day he took his lion for a walk and the lion ate seventeen people.  “Give us your lion, we’ll put it in the zoo!” said the townspeople, devastated by the loss.    “No.” said the lion’s owner. “It’s my right to own … Read More

Pro v. Con: Veganism

Con: What Proponents of Veganism Don’t Tell You by Brynn Smith ’19 Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. While this lifestyle is ethically justified, it is not the healthiest option for eating. Humans are omnivores. The human body is built to … Read More

Health Class: More a Burden Than a Benefit

by Hena Hussain ‘20 In order to graduate high school, MCPS has a set number of credits required for each student, including fine arts, technology, and physical education. As students make decisions about their schedules for each upcoming school year, they have many factors to consider, such as teacher recommendations, the difficulty of each class, and the interests they want to … Read More

There is No Consent Under Arrest

by Ayana Antoine ’20 and Brynn Smith ’19 The discussion regarding sexual misconduct has been the foundation for movements like Me Too and Times Up, which aim to not only show the trauma of sexual assault, but to end the systemic sexual harassment in all industries. These movements publicize rape culture and how prominent it is in just about every public sphere … Read More

MCPS Data Highlights Success of Sherwood

Do you think, broadly speaking, that your school is a “good” one? That’s probably a tough question to answer. Obviously, a good school is one where students succeed academically. But measuring academic success is often difficult and subjective. Should schools use GPAs, which can be inflated artificially? Should schools use graduates’ college placement, which often depend as much on their … Read More

Wikipedia Is a Credible Source

by Noah Corman ’18  There have been countless times where the databases or links that come with an assignment simply do not provide enough information. Although prohibited by most teachers, Wikipedia really is a credible source. The school has excellent databases, but sometimes nothing compares to Wikipedia. On controversial issues, it does have its downsides because opinionated people constantly change … Read More

Young Americans Will Pay Later For Shortsighted GOP Tax Bill

by Josh Averbach ’18 Congressional Republicans are bad at public policy. Really bad. In December, Republicans celebrated their first real legislative “achievement” by passing a long-anticipated tax-overhaul law. But this achievement comes with a caveat: the law stinks. After promising a middle-class tax cut, Republicans did relatively little for the average American’s checkbook while greatly helping the super-rich. According to … Read More

College Admissions Put Too Much Pressure To Do Extracurriculars

by Hena Hussain ‘20 Many students at Sherwood are involved in some sort of extracurricular activity, from honor societies to community service organizations. While seemingly providing students with ways to expand on their interests and hobbies, extracurriculars can end up being treated as simply another step in the college application process by many high schoolers. Colleges look for students with … Read More