Public Money Should Not Go Towards Private Religious Schools

by Erica Kuhlmann ’22 The Supreme Court heard arguments on January 29 for Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue, a case that could potentially change the American public school system for the worse. The state constitution of Montana has long prohibited the allocation of taxpayer money to fund private religious schools. However, in 2015, the Montana legislature passed a bill … Read More

Coronavirus Repeats the Xenophobic Actions of the Past

by Apurva Mahajan ‘22 Coronavirus disease is a new strain of a respiratory disease first seen in Wuhan, China, and has continued to spread internationally, causing a mass panic among people all over the world. Since the disease originated in China, people have been openly harsh and even racist to East Asians, as if they are the ones to blame … Read More

Do More Schools in MCPS Need Police Officers?

by Eve Schlegel ‘20 Some activists, parents, and others are currently disputing new legislation proposed by the county board that expands the School Resource Officer Program, which adds more police officers to schools. According to a WTOP article, many speakers opposed to this legislation gave their opinions to county council members at a council meeting on January 21. “For many parents, … Read More

And The Oscar Should Go To…

by Adina Brenner ’20 The year has just begun and for many this beginning signifies the start of award show season; a time full of excitement and anticipation for both celebrities and fans. Just last weekend, millions of people across the country tuned in to watch their favorite musicians have the chance to be recognized for their achievements in the … Read More

Should There be a Tax on Plastic Straws?

In the last year, straw activism has taken off, with many businesses taking steps toward phasing them out. The media has picked up this movement as celebrities, such as Tom Brady, and large corporations, like Starbucks, have taken action towards reducing the use of plastic straws. Advocates have discussed following the plastic bag movement in which a county taxes those … Read More

MCPS Should Put More Money Towards Vocational Programs

by Eve Schlegel ‘20 MCPS schools relentlessly push the idea that the next step is college. Counselors instruct students to set up Naviance as early as 8th grade to prepare for applying to college once their senior year rolls around. Some may find academics are not for them. Planning life after high school can be stressful for any teen, but … Read More

A New Student Information System Coming to MCPS

by Sudha Sudhaker ‘21 A new software platform known as Synergy will replace OASIS, Gradebook, Parent Portal, and myMCPS Student beginning July 6. 2020. Synergy is promoted among K-12 students as giving students, parents, teachers, and administrators access to tools they need in one place. Along with being able to access emergency card information, the parent and student portals, and … Read More

Reboot of ‘Party of Five’ Humanizes the Debate over DACA

by Julia Robins ‘20 What would you do if your parents suddenly were deported to Mexico? That’s what the five Acosta siblings, Emilio, Beto, Lucia, Valentina, and baby Rafa, must figure out in Freeform’s reboot of “Party of Five” that premiered on January 8. Fox’s hit teen drama that originally debuted in 1994 has been brought into the 21st century … Read More

No, I Don’t Like Dogs

by Sophia Wooden’20  I am not a lover of animals. Specifically, I am not a lover of dogs. My mother is severely afraid of dogs: when she sees them on the street she will scream and push me in front of her. This has led me to not care for them either, and I think that’s ok. But, for some … Read More

Drops Prices, Not Bodies

by Lexi Kimmel ‘21 Ever been scared to get a shot from the doctor? To give blood? For diabetics across the world, they must go through this painstaking process daily, and often multiple times per day. Constant tracking of blood sugar, eating when it gets low, taking insulin shots when it’s high. Diabetes is a disease that affects around 415 … Read More