Pausing the Vaccine Rollout Could Prove Deadly

by Kate Diuguid ‘22 When the Johnson & Johnson vaccine rollout for Covid-19 was put on pause, some Americans were sent into a frenzy of questioning the safety of the vaccines. Much of the public already had doubts about the Covid-19 vaccines, citing the quick production time as evidence of malpractice. The FDA and CDC lifted the recommended pause following … Read More

‘No, They Are Not R&B Singers or Rappers’

by Martholdy Pierre-Canel ‘21 Music allows artists to express themselves in different ways their listeners can connect to and enjoy. As the music industry expands, many artists find it difficult to label themselves as the music they make cannot fit in one genre. When black artists, especially, are constantly boxed into the genres of R&B and Rap, it is limiting … Read More

Women’s Clothing Sizes Need a Makeover

by Emily Siansky ‘22 Countless movie montages show teen girls sauntering through the mall with arms full of shopping bags. However, the stereotype that women love to shop is not the reality for many. Oftentimes women are unable to find the dress that fits like a dream or the perfect pair of jeans. A major issue with not finding the … Read More

The Fix: Conspiracy Theories and Fake News

by Apurva Mahajan ‘22 The Trump presidency was marked by an era of rampant fake news and conspiracy theories spreading across the internet. However, in a post-Trump time period, many have been left to wonder if these conspiracies have been rendered a permanent aspect in the new digital era of politics, or if fake news can be combated once and … Read More

SuperStraight Intends to Hate

by Joseph Oscilowski ‘22 Hate against the LGBT+ has always been present, and continues to rampage in our society, from verbal hate crimes to anti-LGBT protesting to murders to discrimination, we never really see an end to it. One of the most recent forms of hate and discrimination is the “SuperStraight” movement. The exact origins of this movement are yet … Read More

‘Canceled’ Special Report: TikTok’s Inconsistent Censorship

by Paige Werden ‘21 Tiktok, the most popular social media platform today has encountered numerous complaints from their users regarding their inconsistent censorship on public posts. While it is understood that the app’s large following makes it difficult for their team to filter videos, photos, and statements, Tiktok needs to refine its censorship policies by differentiating between the videos that … Read More

‘Canceled’ Special Report: Deplatform the Villains

by Lexi Kimmel ‘21 The number of people that have access to the internet and social media has expanded exponentially. We have all seen it–children at restaurants or grocery stores mindlessly watching a show on their iPad or scrolling on a phone seemingly too big for their hands. On sites and apps such as Instagram or Tik Tok, kids are … Read More

‘Canceled’ Special Report: Dangerous Ideas on College Campuses

by Seth Kauffman ‘21 The purpose of a college education is to prepare students for the real world by engaging them in open dialogue with their peers. In recent years, however, a concerning trend–amplified by Gen Z’s entrance into college around 2017–has emerged as a threat to how college campuses should function. In their 2018 book The Coddling of the … Read More

The Case for Cursive

by Anna Haas ‘23 Many teens have probably noticed the difference between their writing and their parents’ or grandparents’ writing. Kids today are usually only taught how to print, while the older generations spent hours learning how to get their cursive just right. Currently, 41 states do not even require handwriting instruction, let alone cursive instruction.  While shifting focus to … Read More

Licensing System Is Gun Control That Works

by Kate Diuguid ‘22 On March 16, 2021, eight people were shot to death at three massage parlors in the Atlanta area. This horrific attack comes as the latest symptom of America’s gun epidemic. A mass shooting is defined by the FBI as an incident involving multiple victims of gun violence, and these specific types of tragedies often bring the … Read More