Could Sherwood Students Actually Enjoy a Block Schedule?: The 4×4 Block Schedule

by Jay Joseph ‘22 Schools in MCPS have officially closed until April 24 and, given the progression of COVID-19, will probably remain so until fall. Due to this long-term school closure, Sherwood has the opportunity to rethink how students complete their courses during the school year. Currently, Sherwood has a traditional high school schedule. This means that students take seven … Read More

Isolated But Unified

by Lexi Kimmel ‘21 It is a scary time to be alive right now. News about the Coronavirus floods each and every media outlet, constantly reminding people across the globe of the grim realities that accompany this pandemic. Fear for family members and friends is instilled in the hearts of those staying in their homes, worsened by the inability to … Read More

The Problem of Teenage Body Image

by Carlee Malone ’20 In an age where progressive media champions people of all body types, with figures like Lizzo making headlines and history, and companies like American Eagle committing to a body-positive model network, it seems like the era of size-two, celebrity-inspired norms and restrictive diet culture could meet an end. However, as body positivity swells across media, the … Read More

Contagious Spread of False Information

by Ayana Antoine ’20 The coronavirus very quickly spread from a country-wide epidemic in China to a worldwide pandemic in a matter of weeks. Understandably, this has caused a great deal of panic for millions of people as they try to limit social interactions while still doing their best to maintain some amount of normality. But this can be exceptionally … Read More

Colleges Are Right To Revise Admission Requirements Due to COVID-19

by Shirley Zheng ‘21 As COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly in the United States, the College Board and ACT have recently made the decision to cancel all SAT and ACT testing until June. This puts many juniors, who are losing three possible opportunities to take the tests, at a disadvantage for college admissions next fall. The SAT and ACT weigh … Read More

Trump Misuses Coronavirus to Repeal Environmental Protections

by Julia Robins ’20 The biggest critique of environmental protections and regulations on business, according to many Republicans, is that limiting pollutants costs money, hurting the economy and American jobs. With the coronavirus epidemic devastating the economy, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under Trump’s Administration seems to be taking advantage of the Coronavirus outbreak to further an agenda to repeal … Read More

There’s a Reason Why Maryland Loves Larry Hogan: He is the Definition of a Leader

by Jenna Bloom ’21 Maryland’s governor Larry Hogan (R) is the second most popular governor in the nation. With a 70-percent approval rate, it’s uncommon for democratic-leaning state to love their republican governor so much. Historically, Maryland is one of the most blue states in the country. Since 1960, Maryland has only voted Republican in 3 landslide elections.  These stats … Read More

Why Johnny Depp’s Career Was Wrongly Ruined

by Hannah Lee ’21 Johnny Depp is a well known figure in Hollywood best known as Captain Jack Sparrow in the franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean”. In 2018, producers fired Depp from his role amid abuse allegations made by his former wife Amber Heard. These allegations were one of the top scandals at the time and Depp’s career suffered greatly … Read More

Pro v Con: Should the Nickel Bag Tax Expand?

Since 2012, Montgomery County has taxed plastic bag use in retail stores. Despite this, there are still many counties in Maryland and the U.S. that do not utilize this tax. However, this year, statewide plastic bag laws will be enforced in New York, Maine, Vermont, and Oregon, with Delaware and Connecticut joining in 2021. This movement has been gaining momentum … Read More

Democrats Run Under Different Branches: Which is Better?

by Jonah Sachs ’20 America divided: this simple and powerful phrase describes the current state of American politics throughout the country. After President Donald Trump’s first four years in office, many citizens are tired of the policies and actions of the administration. Now, in 2020, only two Democratic candidates are left standing in the race for the nomination, and, much … Read More