Watch Out for Pridefall

by Brenna Henderson ‘21 On top of a pandemic and national racism, Americans also have to deal with Pridefall. As many know, June is Pride Month when Americans celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. This year, the celebrations, parades, and festivals were canceled due to COVID-19. The LGBTQ+ community was persistent, moving the celebrations online with many new pages and posts about … Read More

Coming Together To Make Online Schooling Work

by Lexi Kimmel ‘21 The Coronavirus has done what many students initially had hoped for–it shut down schools across the country. But now that school buildings have been closed for more than  two months and won’t reopen this school year, students have realized that online learning is not the laid back, easy-A version of actual school. The remaining weeks from … Read More

Trump’s Priorities are Out of Whack

by Julia Robins ´20 Most Presidents during this quarantine would be focused on rebuilding the economy, creating safe reopening measures, and distributing medical supplies. But you see, this president, Donald Trump, is unique in that instead of focusing on those issues, he has recently poured time and energy into his U.S. Mexico border wall.  In latest border wall news, Trump’s … Read More

Costs of Re-Opening Are Too High

by Hailey Sepulvado ‘22 Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, are just a few amongst many of the states who have begun the process of re-opening. Many U.S states have begun to open restaurants, golf courses, beaches, etc… against advice from some of the leading professionals working to combat Covid-19, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, who are primary … Read More

Help Out Essential Workers, Stop Ordering Online

by Jimmy Yates ‘21 Medical workers and first responders have been getting unprecedented appreciation and attention for their efforts to combat Covid-19. They most definitely deserve their new levels of thanks. However, there are other workers with less flashy jobs that do not get nearly the same amount of appreciation: restaurant workers, trash and recycling collectors, and delivery workers.  To … Read More

Pro v Con: Did MCPS Make the Right Decision To Go Pass/Fail for Q4?

Pro: Pass/Fail Grading Relieves Stress on Students by Erica Kuhlmann ‘22 MCPS made a smart decision in switching over to a pass/fail grading system for the final marking period of this year. Students and teachers alike are having to learn how to navigate distance learning, which means it could be not only lack of effort holding a student back from … Read More

Trump Prioritizes Politics over People

by Drew Scott ’20 During the COVID-19 pandemic, various countries and organizations have come together during the ongoing fight to stop the spread, and save lives. However, President Trump doesn’t want to be much of a team player. Trump announced that he would be stopping all funding to the WHO (World Health Organization), for its supposed “mismanagement” of the COVID-19 … Read More

Could Sherwood Students Actually Enjoy a Block Schedule?: The 4×4 Block Schedule

by Jay Joseph ‘22 Schools in MCPS have officially closed until April 24 and, given the progression of COVID-19, will probably remain so until fall. Due to this long-term school closure, Sherwood has the opportunity to rethink how students complete their courses during the school year. Currently, Sherwood has a traditional high school schedule. This means that students take seven … Read More

Isolated But Unified

by Lexi Kimmel ‘21 It is a scary time to be alive right now. News about the Coronavirus floods each and every media outlet, constantly reminding people across the globe of the grim realities that accompany this pandemic. Fear for family members and friends is instilled in the hearts of those staying in their homes, worsened by the inability to … Read More

The Problem of Teenage Body Image

by Carlee Malone ’20 In an age where progressive media champions people of all body types, with figures like Lizzo making headlines and history, and companies like American Eagle committing to a body-positive model network, it seems like the era of size-two, celebrity-inspired norms and restrictive diet culture could meet an end. However, as body positivity swells across media, the … Read More