Campus Clean-Up and Mulch Sale

by Lucy Hurlbut ‘14 All parents and students are invited to participate in this year’s Sherwood campus clean-up, which will be held on Sunday, March 17, from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Participants will need to bring gardening tools and weed whackers in order to work on the fields and flower beds. Large green contractor-size trash bags are greatly appreciated for picking … Read More

Vacations for the Family

by Serena Arness ’16 People go on vacations for many reasons. A common goal of many vacations involves reconnecting with family and creating memorable experiences with one another as reminders of what is really important in life. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter where a person goes as long as it is with family. Vacation, however, can provide even more special … Read More

CollegeBoard Plans to Alter the SAT

by Meagan Barrett ‘15 The SAT was last changed by the CollegeBoard in 2005, which resulted in the addition of a writing portion with a corresponding 800 points, which increased the highest possible score to 2400. Now, according to The Washington Post, CollegeBoard President David Coleman, has announced that the SAT is set to change again. The main catalyst was … Read More

Students Elect to Save Money On Everyday Items

The Warrior asked students what they would prefer when given two brands or restaurants, one being more expensive than the other, in three categories: food, fashion and technology. compiled by Katie Mercogliano ’14 Fast-Food Tex-Mex 68% said three Chipotle Tacos for $3.75 32% said three Cafe Rio Student Tacos for $5.25 Preferred Fast-Food Burger Restaurants 61% said McDonald’s McDouble for … Read More

Around The World with 5 Local Destinations

Warrior staffer Sydney Morrison gives you the inside scoop on how to get cultural without traveling more than 30 miles! by Sydney Morrison ’13 2 Amys Restaurant – Cleveland Park, D.C. 2 Amys is an authentic Neapolitan Pizzeria that puts anything from eggplant to whole shrimp on its wood-fired pies. The restaurant is recognized by the Italian government itself as … Read More

The New Social Media Fad of Sherwood Compliments

by Cal Wilson ’14 At 3:51, on January 27, 2013, junior Mollie Russell was honorably tagged in the first  post by a new Facebook group praising her as one of the “most genuinely nice people” at Sherwood. The new group, Sherwood Compliments, has become another social media fad. There have been 126 posts to date from Sherwood Compliments’ Facebook page … Read More

Graduation Speaker Rules the Senate

by Samantha Schwartz ’16 Maryland Senator Ben Cardin is set to speak at Sherwood’s graduation June 11, 2013 at DAR Constitution Hall after being chosen by a group of individuals at school. Senator Cardin will be delivering a college-level, advanced speech to honor the Senior Class and their staff, faculty, family and friends. Social studies resource teacher Joe Sangillo was … Read More

Is the Age of Microsoft Over?

by Nick Mourtoupalas ’13 Microsoft is confronting lackluster sales for their new operating system on their tablets and computer with their recent launch of Windows 8. While this fault may seem curable for a corporation of its size, very few of Microsoft’s properties, such as their Windows Phones, are not performing well. In fact, Apple’s iPhone business alone is worth … Read More

Student’s Death Brings Lack of Policy to Light

by Steffi Carrera ’14 An automobile accident on February 1 resulted in the death of former Sherwood student, Earl Lee. Though he only attended Sherwood during his freshman year, his passing has impacted students, and he will be missed. The following Monday, students resumed school as usual. Some awaited a moment of silence for Lee, but were surprised when their … Read More

Art Department Lacks the Attention Core Subjects Receive

by Jessicca Carrera ’13 Art departments across the country are fighting for their survival as the U.S. Department of Education, school districts, private organizations and companies continue to prioritize STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) classes while de-emphasizing the arts and music. Exxon Mobile has aired its “Let’s Solve This” commercials for the last seven months and the statistics that … Read More