Alex Le – Senior Column

Peace, Love, Sherwood

There are two sides of opinions on the subject of high school. Either one hates his/her experience or it’s the best four years of his/ her early life. My opinion lies with the latter.

High school, for me, can be described with one word: growth. In the literal sense, I’ve grown about five inches and gained thirty pounds since my freshman year. Pimples and I became well acquainted with each other and I developed an emotional attachment to my eight beard hairs.

I was exposed to new people and interests. By participating and organizing homecoming halls every year, I was blessed to be able to make new friends and meet diverse peers whom I still consider friends today. Basketball showed me what true camaraderie was, the importance of persistence and dedication, and most importantly, I got “hip” to new slang and music every season (seriously, I would’ve never known who Lil Uzi or Young Thug was without the basketball team).

But I’ve grown the most through the obstacles that have confronted me. From learning to teach myself an entire class due to a less-than-stellar teacher, to dealing with drama with friends, my “downs” have perpetuated and accelerated my maturation process.

Perhaps my biggest takeaway from the past four years is my appreciation for this school and the people within it. My peers here have treated me with kindness, and I’ve never felt pressured to be someone I’m not. There has never been, to my knowledge, a major bullying issue. Maybe I’m ignorant, but I believe this class is full of kind-hearted, sincere people who wish the best for one another.

At Sherwood, I’ve created my best memories, and despite the tribulations I have gone through, I will always look back on my high school experience fondly. Though I’m excited for college, I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss high school. So here’s a thank you. Thank you to my teachers for teaching me persistence. Thank you to my friends for always laughing at my bad jokes. Thanks to the Warrior for giving me a platform to be myself. And thank you Sherwood for being my home away from home