Through the Prom Grapevine

by Julianne Maxwell ’13 As news hit the halls of Sherwood that prom definitely will be on a boat this year and that prices have increased to $115, rumors began to spread. Students huffed over the price and puffed over talk that there would only be a limited number of 300 attendees. Some began to kick up a fuss because … Read More

Warrior Club Hosts Campus Cleanup

by Michael Natelli ’14 The Warrior Club held it’s annual Mulch Sale/Campus Cleanup this past weekend in order to raise money. Students helped load mulch bags onto trucks for transportation, and also helped spread mulch, rake leaves and perform other gardening activities to help keep Sherwood clean.

Sherwood Chooses Not to Host the SAT

by Bridget Cook ’14 Anyone who has or plans to take the SAT in the upcoming months is familiar with the extensive and detailed procedure. By the time registration draws to a close, students sigh with relief that the long sign-up process is over. That is, until they reach the page with the available test sites and discover that their … Read More

Affirmative Action Divides Sherwood

by Tom Lee ‘14 Last February, the Supreme Court decided to hear the case Fisher v. University of Texas on the volatile topic of affirmative action in college admissions. This past October, the Court heard oral arguments from both parties for the first time with Justice Elena Kagan recusing herself from the case. A decision will be made some time … Read More

Starr Seeks Input from Students

by Leah Schroeder ‘13 “Feel free to ask anything that is on your minds … because what we think as adults and the policies that exist at the federal and state level may not match up with what you actually need and what will help you be successful in life,” said MCPS Superintendent Josh Starr as he introduced himself at … Read More

Staff Agree AP Exams Are Worth the Work

by Whitney Marie Halaby ‘14 As seniors start receiving college acceptance letters and committing to colleges, they face yet another decision: choosing whether or not to take one or more AP exams in early May and whether it is worth the time or cost. More than 88 percent of Sherwood students enrolled in AP courses took the AP exam last … Read More

Remembering the WWII Era

by Brian Hughes ‘15 World War II veteran Dee Paris appeared at Sherwood as a guest speaker in the Ertzman Theatre on February 25 to share his experiences and stories with history students. “I’m happy to share the information that I have with others. I’ll gladly share the historical aspects as well as the personal and human aspects of war. … Read More

Improv Spring Show in G236

by Diana McDermott ‘13 On March 19 in the Little Theatre (G236), the Sherwood Improvisation Troupe will have their spring performance. The Troupe runs through several improv games. This show is comparable to the popular television show “Whose Line Is It Anyways.” The Troupe consists of several students from the Improv Club, which meets on Fridays at lunch. There is … Read More

Help Cards Available to Students

by William McDermott ‘15 In order to get teens resources to address difficulties and to make needed information more easily accessible, the Montgomery County Commission on Children and Youth has been tasked to distribute Teen Help Cards to high school students. Available as tri-folds in the school nurse’s office, these cards have a list of phone numbers written on them … Read More