Megan Werden and Meghan Kimberling – Senior Column

The Tale of Megan and Meghan

Heyy Megan! I loved having theater with you this year! I hope all the Meg(h)ans can have classes together next year <3,” Meghan Kimberling wrote in Megan Werden’s sixth grade yearbook. On the other hand, Megan ceased to exist in Meghan’s middle school yearbooks except for a single signature in seventh grade, in the corner of the last page saying “H.A.G.S. -Megan Werden.” So maybe Meghan was a little more sentimental when it came to yearbook notes, but middle school doesn’t count. Now seniors, we don’t really remember spending time together before Newspaper. We took different paths, but in our second semester of our junior year, we came together due to The Warrior (having the same name helped with that too).

Meghan’s first years of high school were centered around volleyball. Playing for Sherwood and for club teams, it didn’t leave time for much else. School, volleyball, homework, sleep was how it went for a whole two and a half years. But everyone needs a change of pace once in awhile, so Meghan finally realized that she was much more than her volleyball skills (or lack thereof, depending on whom you ask), and sought out a local job. Ricciuti’s came into the picture and, thankfully, it hasn’t left since. She may use up her data every month, be a little too obsessed with Shameless, and eat too many York Peppermint Patties, but she is always up for a good laugh in Newspaper class with her pals.

Unlike Meghan, Megan did not obtain such athletic skills. She spent her first year of high school doing nothing but getting used to the idea of high school, and stampeding around with her rather large group of friends throughout Olney, which was reduced quite drastically over the years (whose hasn’t?). Her sophomore year, she was convinced to get involved in the school by a few of her friends, so she tried out for Rock n’ Roll Revival. Little did she know that this decision would turn into something she would love the next three years of high school, even though she was just a backup singer. In her junior and senior years, football games became the main highlight of the fall season, as she went to every game.

Megan and Meghan could never forget the other parts to their iconic newspaper squad, Lauren MacFadden and Zachary Weisenthal. We will never forget coming into class and stroking Zachary’s perfectly gelled hair, having our “girl rants” with Lauren, the amazing pictures of Huck that decorated the walls, and our incredible dodgeball team that blew yearbook out of the water. We loved our sections of the newspaper like our own children, News for Meghan, and Specials for Megan, but we were always easily sidetracked by Mr. Huck’s witty remarks, anything to do with The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and other unpredicted happenings of “The Back Room.” Huck Yeah! H