Kayla Cohen – Senior Column

A Great Learning Experience

Looking back on these past four years in high school has made me realize how much I have grown both intellectually and socially. My interests have changed drastically as I came into high school with the hope of one day being a veterinarian and soon am leaving wanting to work on Capitol Hill. I never thought I would be interested in politics, but after I took AP NSL in 10th grade, I was intrigued to learn more about government. Now, as a graduating senior, I will go to the University of Maryland next year with a major in government and politics.

An important aspect of high school is the teachers that one has. I’ve had some great teachers, but then some others who did not teach the class in an understandable manner. Even when I ended up teaching myself most of the course material for one of my classes, I pushed through the situation for the semester and made it to the finish line. During this experience, I told myself to set goals and accomplish one task at a time so I would not get overwhelmed with all the work I needed to complete.

Friends also play a huge role during high school. Some have changed throughout these past four years, but I have always had a core group of people that I can count on. It makes getting through the day so much easier sharing similar thoughts and feelings with people I care about. Although sometimes I worry about everything I need to get done for the next day, my friends have been key in alleviating my stress.

If there is a takeaway for me from high school, it’s that things are unpredictable. It’s good to plan ahead, but also take on tasks day-by-day and not be anxious about the small things. I’m the type of person who tries to plan for what’s coming next, but high school has taught me how to be okay with the times when it’s necessary to adapt.