President Trump’s New Environmental Policies Seem at Odds with Recent Scientific Evidence

by Brenna Henderson ’21  The Trump administration is continuing to dismiss or deny scientific findings that human-caused climate change is resulting in serious consequences for the planet. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) from President Trump’s own U.S. government is giving him this fact-based information, but Trump still chooses to ignore what these scientists are saying.  On November 22, … Read More

Democrat Controlled House Moves Swiftly to Investigate Trump

by Nathan Lampshire ‘19 The 116th Congress assembled in the U.S. Capitol on January 3 to be sworn in as new lawmakers. The GOP maintains the majority of the senate by 6 votes, while the Democrats have control of the House by 33 votes. Notably, this term’s lawmakers bring an unprecedented diversity to Congress with 25 women in the senate … Read More

Technology’s Role Expands in the Classroom

by Tommy Johnson ’19 The rise of smartphones and the implementation of various new software and equipment in school systems has impacted education across the world. As a result, the educational experience our parents and grandparents received is far different from what we have come to know today. Perhaps the most significant effect technology has had on education has been … Read More

Russian Spy Pleads Guilty

by Nick Hermosilla ‘19 Maria Butina, a Russian gun-rights activist pleaded guilty, on December 13, to conspiracy charges and working as an unregistered foreign agent. Butina was initially arrested by the FBI in July while residing in Washington DC. Beginning in 2015, and continuing until her arrest in 2018, Butina was acting as a Russian agent attempting to create unofficial communication … Read More

Geminid Meteor Shower Expected to Peak December 13-14

by Lauren Hesse ‘19 The famous December meteor shower is usually one of the best of the year because the individual meteors are bright and come in quick succession. The shower is nearly 200 years old, and it is reportedly growing stronger every year because Jupiter’s gravity is continuously pulling the particles from its parent asteroid 3200 Phaethon closer to … Read More

2018 Midterm Election Recap

Blue wave gains strength but unable to wash away Trump by Nathan Lampshire ‘19  In the midterm elections on November 6, Democrats won the House with 235 seats over the Republican’s 200 seats, Republicans maintained control of the Senate with 53 seats over the Democrat’s 47 seats. The results of the elections were greatly influenced by the increasing support for … Read More

With Exception of Hogan Re-election, Democrats in Maryland Roll in Midterms

by Mallory Carlson ’19  The midterm elections, which took place this past Tuesday, November 6, affected citizens across the country, on local and national levels. In Maryland, although there was perhaps not the same high potential for change as in some other states like Texas or Virginia, the results are still useful in suggesting what constituents can expect in the … Read More

Proponents of Lowering the Voting Age in D.C. Garner Strength and Support

by Nathan Lampshire ‘19 Spurred by the mass school shootings that have occurred throughout the past year, many young people have voiced their opinions and pressured lawmakers on legislation regarding gun rights. Teenagers across the country have orchestrated protests and marches that have not gone unnoticed by officials on Capitol Hill. The power in the rising voice of the youngest … Read More

Nov. 6 Elections Set To Be Most Important in Decades

by Nick Hermosilla ‘19  2018’ s midterm elections on November 6 are being billed as the most important in decades, or perhaps ever. Both parties have much to gain with this election, especially Democrats. If the Democrats gain control of the House and Senate, impeachment for President Trump will become a likely option. Many Democrats and some Republicans have been … Read More

Race for County Executive Might Offer Surprises

by Jack DeGonia ‘19  The contest for county executive in Montgomery County is usually decided by the democratic primary, but this year it’s different.  Democratic County Councilmember Marc Elrich is running against Republican candidate Robin Ficker and the independent candidate Nancy Floreen.    Elrich has the endorsement of the Montgomery County Education Association (MCEA), the influential teachers union,as well as … Read More