ESOL Students Bust the Language Barrier

Teachers help ESOL students overcome the challenges of learning a new language in a new country. by Sam Selby ’14 Sherwood students speak 23 different languages and come from more than 47 countries all around the world. This vast variety creates some difficulties and leads to many challenges to overcome communication issues for the students and the ESOL teachers. Teachers … Read More

‘Incredible Race’ Returns for Second Year

by Steffi Carrera ’14 On Saturday, April 20 and Sunday, April 21, the exciting and unpredictable “Incredible Race” returned for its second year. The annual race, founded by Incredible Race Club presidents Connor Martin and Madeline Van Cott, stayed true to its original format while adding some new unforeseen twists. Starting with eight teams in its first year, the race … Read More

How to Be Green

As a tribute to Earth Day on Monday, April 22, The Warrior suggests easy ways to go green on a local and global scale. From everyday things teens can do to measures the government should take, here are a few tips to help move toward a healthier environment and a cleaner world. by Vicky Florian ‘14, Tom Lee ‘14 and … Read More

The Art of Lying

Students and teachers talk about being honest in school. by Connor Martin ’13 I do my homework every night. I enjoy every one of my classes. I love getting up early for school in the morning. Which one of those statements is the lie? If you guessed all of them, then ding, ding, ding! You’re right. These days, lying is … Read More

Computer Science Team Programmed To Succeed

by Bridget Cook ’14 It’s 2:10 on a Tuesday afternoon, and while other students scurry to their buses, sports practices  and after-school meetings, members of the Computer Science club rush to A107 to diligently work through problems and master the programming languages which they hope will lead them to future victories in competitions. The main focus of the club is … Read More

Updated Greenhouse Makes a Return to the Horticulture Program

by Samantha Schwartz ’16 The new courses involved in the Certified Professional Horticulturalist (CPH) programs have gained much interest from Sherwood students. This course officially started this past year at Sherwood, as well as at Clarksburg and Damascus. Of the three current MCPS schools committed to the CPH program, Sherwood has the best facility for horticulture. The greenhouse is a … Read More

Sherwood Students Restore the Chesapeake Bay

by Joy Zhang ’14 On May 6, a group of AP Environmental Science students will go to the Chesapeake Bay to restore the shoreline on the South River-side of Thomas Point. AP Environmental Science teacher Laura Dinerman organized the project, which has been going on for six years. Since the beginning of the school year, Dinerman and a group of … Read More

Green Team Strives To Save Energy

by Randi Arizona ’13 The recent Earth Day shines a light on the Green Team, a club that has existed for many years, with the overall effort to make the school as environmentally “green” as possible. A primary goal of the Green Team is to make Sherwood more energy efficient. “We need to use more task lamps and natural light; … Read More

A Day in the Life… of a Belgian Exchange Student

by Briana Applewhite ’13 April 8: A student’s first day at a new school can be one of the most nerve-racking experiences in a person’s life, riddled with uncertainty, but not for Belgium foreign exchange student Vincent Engelbos, who was ready to experience what it is like to be a normal American high-schooler. “I wasn’t nervous at all. I was … Read More

AP Teachers Give Their Take on Last Minute Test Cramming

by Annie Augustine ’14 With AP Exams fast approaching, teachers of some AP courses offered their best advice to students that will be taking these challenging tests. 1) The week before the exam, students should review old tests and essays. Pay particular attention to teacher comments. You may also want to ask your teacher for some practice tests and essays. 2) For … Read More