Firewall Teams Crack the Codes of Cybersecurity

by Rachel Zemel ‘13 According to a Pew Research Center survey, 93 percent of teens use their desktop computers or laptops to go online. Like most users, students deal with computers that are often prone to viruses, hacking and other vulnerabilities. However, the students on the Sherwood Cyber Warriors and Sherwood Firewall Team proved their adeptness at protecting computers from … Read More

South Park Creates a Lasting Stereotype Against Gingers

by Jessica Carrera ‘13 and Evan Schwartz ‘13 In 2005, the comedy “South Park” aired an episode called “Ginger Kids.” In the episode, Eric Cartman delivers a “hate speech” directed at gingers, claiming that they are disgusting non-humans that do not have souls. Later on in the episode Cartman gets tricked into thinking he contracted “Gingervitis” (the disease that causes … Read More

Empty Bowls Combines Food and Art

by Bethany Van Waes 12′     Thanksgiving is a time for being thankful for what we have. This year, the community can give back to those who cannot afford the food to have a Thanksgiving dinner, or many meals for that matter. On Thursday, November 17, the Art National Honors Society sponsored an Empty Bowls event. With every $10 … Read More

New Additions Lead to Increased Interest in Field of Screams

by Allie Strosnider ’12 and Abby Inwood ’13 Because of the many changes made in the Olney Boys and Girls Club’s (OBGC) Field of Screams, attendance has been greater than ever. Although exact numbers will not be available until after Field of Screams ends, attendance records have broken on several nights. The main reason the event has grown so much … Read More

Welcome to Sherwood

by Katie Nolan ‘12, Mandy Stussman ‘14 and Paul Szewczyk ‘12 New teachers transfer from school to school each year. However, this year, Sherwood welcomes five teachers who are brand new to the profession. Christiane Lock in the English department, Ana Hernandez of the foreign language department, Allison Shafer in the art department, Marquis Bell in the technology education department, … Read More

Former Private School Students Adjust to MCPS

by Rebecca Stussman ‘12 This year Sherwood took in 67 non-freshmen transfer students from private schools, an increase from previous years and an anomaly, according to the counseling department. With nine new students, Good Counsel provided the most transfers, primarily due to students’ dislike of its stricter policies. “I transferred because … I wasn’t really happy with much at Good … Read More

County in Controversy Over Proposed Curfew

by Jacob Bogage ’12 As teen gangs gathered in downtown Silver Spring July 1, police could do nothing but stand around and watch. They questioned members to slow them down and divert them, but officers had to stand by helplessly until the brawl they anticipated ensued and a young girl was stabbed. The incident prompted County Executive Isaiah Leggett to … Read More

On the road to college success…Exploring College Options

by Rebecca Stussman ‘12 The end of the school year marks a time of great freedom and relief. Summer break provides students with a well-deserved opportunity to relax and have fun without the threat of looming deadlines or disheartening grades. Yet amidst this season of refreshment, many students, especially rising seniors, choose to increase their academic experience and enroll in … Read More

On the road to college success…Juniors Begin Search for College

by Holly Cuozzo ‘12 As students of the Class of 2012 begin to search for and apply to colleges, stress begins to bombard them. As underclassmen, college seemed like such an unreal thing, but all of the sudden it is the fast-approaching reality that can no longer be pushed to the side. Some juniors have yet to begin to search … Read More

Chaudhry Kicks Off Staff Zumba Lessons

by Devin Cornelius ‘12 To all students who think of teachers as robots who disconnect once school is over and reboot every morning at 7:20, here is a wakeup call. The teaching staff is far from  a sedentary. In fact, once a week, dedicated staffers from all branches of the school meet in the dance studio after school to Zumba. … Read More