Project Change Hosts Dodgeball Tournament for Charity

by Robel Wondimu ’13 Senior Kevin Pham organized Project Change to host a dodgeball fundraiser that raised $730 for the Betty Ann Krahnke Center (BAK), a nonprofit domestic abuse shelter in Montgomery County. On February 7, 16 teams of 10 people competed in a single elimination tournament, which “Channel Four News Team,” an underdog group of freshman, ended up winning. … Read More

Date Lab

Love is in the air, Sherwood! Here at The Warrior we thought we would try to create a love connection between the outgoing new kid, senior Cameron Chester, and straight-A varsity athlete, junior Natalie Sebeck. by Briana Applewhite ’13 About the Daters A little bit of background: Cameron: I moved here from Utah about seven months ago. I am very … Read More

Sherwood Talks SEX

compiled by Connor Martin ’13 The Warrior interviewed twelve students from various grades to find out about the range of views at Sherwood on sex. How has your view on sex changed as you’ve gotten older? Senior Boy: Well, as a kid I only knew what my parents told me about it, but as I’ve grown older I’ve been able … Read More

A Day In The Life: Craig Weiss

by Alex Porter ’13 After school, senior Craig Weiss gets in his car and heads to the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab (APL). Weiss is one of many students involved in Sherwood’s internship program, and spends his time at the lab working on writing code for a prosthetic arm that is in development. During the drive to Laurel, Weiss … Read More

The Two Ps Brighten Horizons

by Shaan Verma ’13 and Gi Kim ’15 Students in grades 9-11 are right in the midst of learning about Sherwood’s many course offerings as they prepare to turn in their registration cards for classes next year. Two social studies electives, AP Psychology and Philosophy, challenge students to examine their assumptions about human thought, beliefs, behavior and motivation. These electives … Read More

Graduate Goes around World during Gap Year

by Sydney Morrison ’13 CJ Krauss (’12) did not go to college after high school, but somehow he still ended his first semester post-high school with a handful of college credits. Not one of those credits, however, was earned inside a classroom. Instead of attending a four-year college like most students, Krauss entered a program called Carpe Diem Education. It … Read More

A Day in the Life of: Joey Bascomb

by Jessica Carrera ’13 “We’re seniors, Jessica. Seniors, woohoo!” Joey Bascomb is one of 495 seniors graduating in June 2013, but he will be the only one with his signature matching shoes and bangle bracelets. Every day, Bascomb comes to school wearing a principle color that the rest of his outfit revolves around. Today it was blue, specifically “Warrior blue. … Read More

Aspiring Fashionista May Have Landed Big Break

by Briana Applewhite ‘13 Breaking into the fashion industry can be one of the most terrifying things promising designers have to face, but senior Emily Kupersanin seems to have already achieved this task with ease. The talented and driven senior juggles a tedious school schedule and an internship at DMV Fashion News & Events in the afternoon. Students may have … Read More

Twitter Fosters Teen Debates

by Nick Mourtoupalas ‘13 Sherwood’s Twitter community is fueled by its most audacious students, constantly booming with fresh opinions, jokes and rumors. Some students who use and observe Twitter feel that its more adventurous users can make some disrespectful comments that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Many of these comments are made in political discussions between students, especially since the … Read More

What’s In For 2013

by Katie Mercogliano ’14 As the year comes to an end, The Warrior brings you what is out for 2012 and in for 2013. Television IN: Comedies, OUT: Reality Shows New comedies like “The New Normal” and “The Mindy Project” are bringing witty humor back to late night television, and fortunately beating out pointless reality shows. Music IN: Ilana Del … Read More