Sudoku: Week 1

Please print out and enjoy the Soduku puzzle below! If you press on the image below, you will be directed to a printable version. Solution:

Everybody Loves the ‘Zoo’

by Leah Schroeder ’13 If in twenty seconds of insane bravery, you can develop a relationship with a perfect stranger, tell a girl you love her or even decide to buy a zoo, it is hard to imagine what could happen in two hours.  In Cameron Crowe’s “We Bought a Zoo,” two hours is just enough time to fill the theater … Read More

Hanukkah Crossword

Please print out and enjoy the crossword below! If you press on the image below, you will be directed to a printable version of the crossword. Please do not put spaces between words. Answers: Across 4. Menorah    5. Six    9. Applesauce    11. Lights    12. Eight Nights Down: 1. Dedication    2. Hanukkah Song    3. Dreidel   … Read More

What a Kardsastrophe

by Briana Applewhite ’13 The Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries marriage was clearly a publicity stunt to increase fame for both Kardashian and Humphries. Kardashian wanted to up her status in Hollywood, and Humphries wanted to make a name for himself, since no one knew who he was before he became Kardashian’s boyfriend. The marriage lasted a mere 72 days, leaving the … Read More

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1

The newest film of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1,” was finally released about two weeks ago on Friday, November 18. The film made $139.5 million during its opening weekend and $30.3 million within the opening day. With some highly anticipated scenes like Edward and Bella’s honeymoon and the birth of their daughter, opinions about the extremely popular film will … Read More

‘The Muppets’ Offers Felt-Filled Fun

by Jack Silliman ‘13 Going into the theater I dreaded seeing “The Muppets Movie.” I thought it would be awful, it’s a kid’s movie, and its audience is not teenagers. I even thought I might have to leave early. However, ten minutes into the movie I was laughing with everyone else. The movie focuses on Walter (Peter Linz) and Gary … Read More

Battle of the Brands

The Smartest of the Phones by Shaan Verma ’13 The iPhone has been a dominator of the mobile device market since its debut in 2007, and it has since grown to accommodate more networks including Verizon and Sprint, which contributes to its continued success. The Blackberry has existed for 12 years and it has been a very strong contender in … Read More

Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival to Enter the 21st Century

by Sam Farrell ’12 Rock ‘n’ Roll, a well-known traditional production, shakes up its set list with hit songs from more recent decades. With the retirement of physical education teacher and Rock ‘n’ Roll director, Eugene Orndorff, music director Bill Evans will take over this year as the show’s only director. Daughter of Orndorff and former dance choreographer, Laura Orndorff, … Read More

CAST Bonds in Fall Musical

On November 17-19, CAST presented the musical “Children of Eden” in the Ertzman Theater. The large group of players worked hard to put on the show, and had a great time doing so through bonding and friendships new and old. During rehearsal, juniors Gai Kaufman and Julie Moustafa, sophomore Jordan Newmark and senior Joey Quinn review the script with stage … Read More

The Led Zeppelin Experience

by Michaela O’Donnell ’13 If you are someone who appreciates an array of music genres, lively venues and a memorable concert experience, then the Fillmore in downtown Silver Spring is the place to be. I didn’t know what to expect when walking into the building that held up to 2,000 die-hard Led Zeppelin fans. What I found at “The Led … Read More