Even Congress Can’t Take Itself Seriously

by Hannah Stokes ‘11

It was an embarrassing day for both Congress and Stephen Colbert on September 30, when the television host showed up on Capitol Hill to give “expert testimony” on immigration. When the moment finally arrived for Colbert to address Congress, he couldn’t resist making jokes, which made light of an issue that deserves complete seriousness and detracted from his overall message. His publicity stunt was a huge waste of time and taxpayer dollars, in addition to being very inappropriate. There are too many vital issues facing this country for Congress to be wasting its time listening to celebrities who claim to be “experts” on issues they know relatively little about. Apparently, picking beans on a farm for one day makes him an expert on migrant working conditions. The opinion that Colbert’s testimony was an embarrassment may be the only thing both Democrats and Republicans can agree upon at the moment.